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How do Inbound Call Centres keep the Average Response Time in check?

Posted by Rahul Garg
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For businesses, it is extremely important to keep customers happy and valued so as to secure a long-term relationship. A fast response is a factor that can make customers feel that you really care about them. According to industry reports, furthermore, low response time is the most important attribute of good customer service. The notable factor is that swift responses improve customer service experience by 40%.

Customers, especially millennial ones start losing their patience after merely waiting for 2 minutes regarding support service. When they are done with waiting, they are more likely to drop the idea to discuss the product-related problems with a company. This often results in a negative WOM and customer defection, which can tarnish the business growth in no time.

Therefore, it is critical to keep the average response time in check to prevent the hassle of customer attrition. However, keeping the average response time low isn’t easy as sometimes the quality of support service gets compromised in the process, which consequently, raises questions on the business’s credibility.

To keep the business safe from the negative consequences of the high response time, organisations often contact inbound call centre service provider.

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By means of this write-up, we are going to tell how inbound call centres keep the average response time in check. So, let’s get started:

1.    Highly trained customer service agents  

The quality of customer service purely relies on the skills of support agents. This is so because competent agents always assist customers in such a way that ensures the deliverance of outstanding support experience. If industry reports are anything to by, knowledgeable support agents improve customer service experience up to 37%.  

That’s why inbound call centres give top-notch training to their support agents so that customers can get impeccable solutions ASAP. This factor is vital because if agents are trained properly, they are more like to conclude customer interactions swiftly and appropriately. This, as a positive outcome, improves the average response time.

Thus, if you are a business owner and want to increase the pace of customer base expansion, avail inbound call centre service from a recognised vendor like a BPO firm.

2.    Prodigious self-service

To give a prompt response, the volume of customer service queries should be minimal or mediocre. This is so because if there is a myriad of support requests to solve, waiting time will be high obviously. It leads to the high response time that can affect customer satisfaction and business’s brand image.

To reduce the number of support requests, inbound call centres provide a self-service alternative to customers. This factor can really do wonders because sometimes customers don’t seek human response when they want a resolution of generic issues.

At this point in time, if the self-service option is available, they are more likely to choose it and solve basic issues on their own. This reduces the number of support requests and ensures swift response for those customers who wait in a queue to have a word with support agents.

In today’s era, providing self-service is no longer an optional choice because 69% of customers want companies to offer it as the former don’t want to be dependent on support agents for the resolution of trivial issues.

All in all, a self-service facility not only reduces the average response time but also lifts customer experience. So, if you want to offer prompt response to customers at the time of need, avail inbound call centre service of a reputed BPO firm.

3.    Authorise support agents to take a crucial decision   

Have you ever thought how call centre outsourcing companies offer quality customer service all time? No? Well, they let their support agents do the work with freedom. Owing to this, customers get satisfactory resolutions quickly, which strengthens the business’s brand image.

Authorising agents to take crucial decisions during support interactions is vitally important because if they put customers on hold to take the permission of higher authorities, this may affect the support service experience. What’s more, the average response time would be increased and that can make a big negative impact on the business’s reputation.

That’s why inbound call centres make their support agents understand that the higher authorities should be consulted only if the issue is taking too much time to be resolved. This improves the average response time significantly.

In addition, it is also ensured that agents make use of ‘knowledge base,’ ‘CRM system,’ ‘Scripts,’ etc. so that support interactions could be concluded swiftly without any dip in the quality of customer service.

After going through the aforementioned pointers, it is crystal clear that businesses can offer prompt resolutions to customers with only the help of recognised inbound call centres.

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