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Future inbound call centre: Bots working alongside call centre agents

Posted by Kavita Deuri
inbound call centres

What does the future hold? Who knows?

Are the bots taking over human or working alongside human to make the world a better place to live in? Well to answer this question we have to wait until the year 2049 or maybe more. However, there is a fear among contact centres regarding machines. Because most of the inbound call centre services are taken over by automated machines. These machines are installed with futuristic abilities to call customers and suggest then initial solutions while going through a stream of frequently asked questions. To some point, it is horrifying for call consultants who tend to lose their jobs due to the emergence of robotic features. Apart from all the negative aspects a silver lining is spotted within contact centres to implement futuristic inbound call centres. Go through this blog and you will find out the significance of an automated voice within a call centre.

According to a recent report made by PwC discovered that the robotic machines will take over the jobs of every customer service consultants by the end of 2030. But they are unsure about the Artificial Intelligence impact that will befall contact centres.

Whereas on the other hand Aspect Software put forwards an analyzation that the automated technological frame will not hamper the call centre workforce instead empower them to gear up customer service. Moreover, this particular institution reassures companies that the installation of automated technology will allow an organisation’s customer service centres to deliver prompt support and help their representatives to elevate workforce in order to maintain grandeur amenities and bolster the business bottom line.

How will chat bots help contact centre agents?

Handling customer is not everyone’s cup of coffee! You need patience and endurance to understand their situation. Although the emergence of robotic and automated tools are digesting a lot of call centre agents job, it is crucial to note the fact that these call centres India  are just an work of art mixed with technology to serve customers that need manual work once in a while. Therefore, a call centre service provider cannot eliminate the overall manual operation to serve customers even in remote future. Moreover, agents are instead seeking Artificial Intelligence within a contact centre to handle customers in an efficient way. When there are bots handling the minor customer issues the manual force can concentrate on the complex and convoluted customer issues. Such technique help organisations align and streamline their business operations so that it can provide greater revenue value to the company.

On the other hand, if organisations are perplexed about the future situation let us assure you that although machines will take an equal part at serving customers there are chances that there battery might go low at any point in time. Moreover, outbound services like lead generation services, telemarketing services and selling products and services for a company will still be taken care of by the human force.

A survey conducted on call centre agents by Aspect found that almost 72% of the customer support service agents are content with chatbots with their organisation which makes them feel that they are permitted to gain a higher priority within the company. And 59% of them are feeling more satisfied with their jobs as the minor pressures and customer burdens are mitigated to a huge extent so that they can be committed serving more complicated customers situations.

Bots in the house!

With Artificial Intelligence just around the corner to help customer support services whether inbound call centres or the cold-calling facilities, every call centre service will seem like an another Matrix movie. There is nothing wrong in using automatic technology within a customer contact agency to mitigate the workload of a contact centre agent and enhance business pipeline. Further to this, chatbots can assure a more personalised and professional experience for consumers.

In a nutshell, we can say that the future is bright and highlighted for call consultants, customers and organisations as well. To dance along with the robots will be fun and useful at the same time. Therefore, not too late call centre service providers must initiate hi-tech robotic functions to set up a better and efficient contact centre. 

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