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6 Acute Capabilities of Automatic Call Distributor

Posted by Kavita Deuri
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A call centre is just another hob snob industry where chaos has an ultimate name called “incoming calls”. The skilled professional technicians have regulated several components to make inbound call centres fail-safe institutions providing high-quality incoming service. One such component is Automatic Call Distribution also known as ACD. It is the process of directing incoming calls from customers to the most desirable call consultant who can respond to the customer’s requirements judiciously. The ACD component enables the capability to distribute incoming calls grounded on pre-defined instructions that comprise of directing calls on the basis of skill, FIFO, and precedence. In supplementary, ACD system comes with pre-unified CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that allow customers the opportunities of self-service and assist them in attaining the suitable department hassle-free.

Automatic call distributor plays a very significant role for an inbound call centre to streamline the interaction process between the customer and the right agent. Despite its effective expediency ACD is underestimated.

Here are a few capabilities of an ACD listed below:  

1. Routing calls to the right department: Neither customers nor agents want to waste their time on unnecessary queues. With the help of IVR and CTI the customer calls are predetermined and routed to the right agent or the precise department. Agents specialised on specific domain preferred by the customer is the one to whom the incoming call is directed and it is the agent’s responsibility to assist and solve customer complications.

2. Instant response to crucial customers: According to the pre-defined information if a very substantial customer of the company calls they are listed as the most important people and are assisted immediately. The VIP callers are instantly routed to the most suitable representative or in case if the agent is not present on the desk or is unavailable, then ACD expedites the issue by placing the caller at first on the waiting list.

3. Amalgamation with CTI: CTI along with ACD element allow agents to check the customer’s history before receiving the call. The customer past interaction with the call centre and other customer details are visible on the monitor of the agent. This way the representative knows exactly what could be the customer’s issue and there are high chances of leading an influential and meaningful discussion with the patron.

4. Linking numerous locations: Organisations associating various services from inbound call centres heavily relies on the ACD system because it can seamlessly direct incoming patron calls to agents that aren’t desk-bound or dwelled in a different whereabouts. Thus, the agents located in different destinations have the convenience of working together as a collective team to represent a single brand.

5. The aptitude of a call-back facility: With the help of ACD if a customer is unable to communicate with the specified agent he/she can opt for call-back facility instead of waiting for the agent to speak to you. Every incoming call is recorded to retain the service level of various outsourcing call centres and therefore the agent is accountable for making calls to the customer who has opted for call-back facility. Further to this, the agent must assure the right time to call the customer.

6. Training agents through monitoring calls: ACD allow contact centre managers to manage the call monitoring system that the manager can put extra efforts to train and coach the agents.

Therefore, speaking concisely in terms of ACD for eminent inbound call centre service we can conclude that directing incoming calls to the contact centre representative who has the best hand on a specified domain is what the customers seek. Customers are likely to hate when their calls are transferred from one agent to another to solve the problem. Therefore, an automatic call distributor system can improvise customer gratification by routing calls to the right agent at the right time seamlessly. Highly responsive customer service is likely to boost your bottom line business revenue and channelise every call in an order which is quite a stratagem procedure for agents as well.

The euphoria of an ACD is responding customer calls at a fast-pace to the suitable agent will definitely enhance the probabilities of first call resolution. Moreover, the customers will get his complications and perplexities resolved without leaping from one agent to another department.

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