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Which are Top Metrics that Boost Help Desk Call Centre’s Productivity?

Posted by Rahul Garg

It is a fact that call centres are the backbone of IT industry because they help in rendering astounding customer service to keep customers happy. This factor not only offers stability to the business but also ensures a long-term association with customers.

Nowadays, most of the companies try their best to provide high-quality products. To win customer’s trust and loyalty, most of the business owners join hands with a reputed help desk call centre. In addition to this, help desk services are very important as technical issues can strike at any time.

Do you know why help desk call centres always succeed while rendering phenomenal services? Do not waste your time in thinking, as the answer is ‘Metrics.’ Well, some top metrics always bring the best results to the table.


Do you want to know which metrics help the Help Desk Call Centres in Boosting the Productivity Levels? Have a look at the following pointers:


Response Time

Nowadays, most of the business owners are acquainted with this fact that customers always expect a prompt response. To render better help desk services, companies usually contact BPO firms to outsource call centre services.

Do you know which aspect helps every help desk call centre in rendering unparalleled services consistently? Any guesses. ‘Response Time.’

This metric plays a significant role as it helps the supervisors or managers in knowing how much time help desk agents usually take to respond to support requests.

The influence of response time metric is irresistible because it directly affects the customer satisfaction level. This means whenever response time is increased, CSAT score starts decreasing or vice versa.      

Here are crucial aspects that always help in tracking response time:

  • Average Response Time: This shows average time that help desk staff takes to respond to requests.
  • Time to First Response: This shows average time that customers have to wait for the first reply.
  • Response Time Bands: This shows the percentage of support tickets that are answered within specified periods.

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New Tickets

This metric is very crucial as it handles the volume of incoming requests. A ticket creation report tells about the number of support requests addressed by the help desk staff on the daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

From the help desk call centre’s perspective, this metric is crucial as it clearly shows that how many help desk agents are required to handle customer’s queries. This keeps the staffing issues at bay, which, in turn, leads to better productivity.



Do you know which aspect can easily put the brakes on the help desk call centre’s productivity? ‘Large Ticket Backlogs.’

Help desk managers always try to reduce ticket backlogs as much as possible. This is so because ticket backlogs not only make a dent in the business’s reputation but also increase the customer attrition rate.

To reduce large ticket backlogs and make agents solve more tickets in less time, the help desk ticketing system is implemented.

Here we are with the two reasons that will explain why it is imperative to reduce backlogs:

  • Negative word-of-mouth publicity always is increased whenever customers do not get the desired resolutions. This aspect always results in the dip in the profit levels.
  • Ticket backlogs always put an unnecessary workload on the help desk staff. This factor decreases job satisfaction level and increases the chances of a high agent turnover rate. Consequently, productivity related issues could come at the later stages.


Predicted Backlog

Well, we have already discussed in the previous point that how ticket backlogs can ruin the business’s reputation and lead to customer churn rate. Here, the importance of predicted backlog metric takes a flight because it helps in knowing which help desk agents are falling behind.

With the help of predicted backlog, help desk managers can prepare some effective strategies that can help in dealing with the hassle of ticket backlogs that could come in the near future.


Customer Satisfaction

This is an important business metric, which  shows the happiness level of customers with the services. Moreover, the significance of the CSAT score is high as 86% of customers cut the ties with companies owing to the poor help desk services.

Usually, help desk call centres use two methods to find out whether customers are happy with the services or not:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): NPS measures the willingness of the customers to refer the brand to others. In NPS survey, customers are supposed to answer questions on a 1-10 scale.
  • In-signature happiness ratings: Adding a happiness rating in the email signature is known as in-signature happiness ratings. This always helps in getting visceral feedback because in-signature surveys are mostly shorter as compared to the NPS surveys. In-signature surveys usually give three options such as ‘Excellent,’ ‘Ok,’ and ‘Bad’ to customers to choose for giving their response.  

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