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Why there is a Need for Employment Verification Services

Posted by Taniya arya
Third party verification services

As competition is growing in every sphere of the industry rightfromhealthcareunits to IT companies, it becomes very difficult for job aspirants to get the desired jobposition. This scenario impels many aspirants to choose wrong pathin augmenting their career. While, there are some candidates who selects the right way and move step by step to achieve their goals. Job aspirants who have chosen the wrong way might be harmful for your organisation.

Why it is important?

This might be happen that candidates with false background pursueinappropriate activities in the organisationwhich results into loss of confidential information and business project. In addition to this, it might have negative influence on your business image. No company in this business world wants to compromise with its credibility and dignity in the marketplace. The best way to eliminate the candidates with forged details is to conduct a thorough verification.

There are numerous reasons why candidates present false details tofill the gaps in their resume. It includes maternityleaves, pursuit of their own business, involved ininappropriate activities, and incarceration.Some smart job seekers fill these gaps by extending their previous job’s start and end dates. In order to prevent your company from such fraud candidates, pondering about third party verification is the most reliable solution.

According to various researches and reports, it has been found that more than 50% resumes cover falsified information or details. Many businesses lack in proficient in-house resources that are capable to conduct a thorough verification or employee screening. As a result, companies can make mistakes in hiring and become the victim of fraudulent cases. Previously, many companies have not conducted any background verification, but the latest scenarios have opened their eyes.Nowadays, companies areopting third party verification services to get their employees data verified.

Importance of data verification services

Confirming job candidate’s previous work experience is one of the crucial background checksthat every employer should conduct in order to prevent from the nasty consequences of hiring bogus candidate. Employment background check does not only reveal an insight about the job stability, but also highlightsloyalty towards previous employer. Employers should compare what information a candidate has presented in their resume with the actual information whichcomes out from background verification. Herein, employment verification services plays the major role in conducting the comprehensive verification of the data furnished by a candidate.

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Data verifiers in the third party verification call centrehave a set list of questions that they ask from to each former employer wherein job application has worked:

  • Exact dates of employment: start and end date
  • Amount of wages or salary
  • Job roles and responsibilities held with the organisation
  • Were they on time?
  • How was their attendancerecords?
  • How did they get along with other employees in the company

Hiring experienced staffs to conduct verification is not only a cost-effective option, but also a prudent choice that enables your company to select the right candidate. Besides checking past work experience details, these skilled data verification agents conduct a thorough examination of theeducational details. They get in touch with theschools/ colleges/ professional institutions from where a candidate has earned certificates and degrees. Once the mail or call hasn’t verified from the college or institute, then that candidate is not verified for the specific job position.

Data verifiers also check the criminal records about a candidate by contacting the secret sources. They go through the social records and criminal history to check whether the candidate isgenuine or not. This verification procedure willhelp companies in selecting the right candidate.

Don’t become the victim of fraudulent attempts, always acquire third party verification services to recruit genuine candidate.

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