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Why shouldn’t Firms run a Pre-Employment Background Check by themselves?

Posted by Rahul Garg

For any company, having a myriad of dexterous employees is vital because that’s the only way to increase the pace of business growth. It is so because diligent employees always push their limits while doing their work, which consequently, increases the odds of achieving business objectives sooner.

However, nowadays, getting the right candidates on board has become one of the arduous tasks for business owners. Why is it so? Here’re some statistics that you should be knowing:

  • 58% of job seekers provide embellished information in their resumes.
  • 34% of job candidates lie about their education and work experience during the interview process.
  • 33% of business closures are the result of employee theft.

To lift the chances of making a right hire, global organisations generally contact third party verification companies to run a pre-employment background check.

On the contrary, small or medium-sized firms decide to conduct a pre-employment background screening by themselves, however, they make some mistakes while doing so due to lack of experience and such blunders make a big negative impact on the business’s productivity.

Here, we are with the top 4 reasons why firm owners shouldn’t run a pre-employment background check on their own. So, have a look: 


1. To Save the Business’s Bottom Line  

From the business’s point of view, possessing a money-saving approach is really understandable. But there is no point to invest money in something that you can’t do to perfection. 

Sometimes organisations, especially small ones appoint in-house staff to run a pre-employment background check on potential employees. However, such organisations often obtain wrong information after conducting a pre-employment background screening as they don’t have an experience like recognised third party verification companies.

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Because of getting wrong information, the odds of making a bad hire get increased. This, consequently, affects the business’s productivity in the later stages.

Therefore, if you are an owner of a business and don’t want to confront the negative consequences of background screening mistakes, get in touch with a reputed 3rd party verification company and avail employment verification services.


2. To Stay away from Legal Issues 

Generally, small or medium-sized firms have a delusion that they can run a pre-employment background check without taking a permission from job candidates. Owing to this misconception, those firms breach FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) policies, which as a negative consequence, result in legal issues that can cost an arm and a leg. 

“What do FCRA policies actually state?”

Well, FCRA policies state that organisations can’t conduct a pre-employment background screening until and unless they have the permission of job applicants. After getting the nod from job applicants, in addition, if the employer runs a background check and it results in disqualification, he/she has to explain the reason in writing. Furthermore, if the job applicant feels that given reason isn’t valid, he/she can take the employer to court, which isn’t good for a business’s brand image and bottom line.

The best way to stay away from legal issues is that letting professionals i.e. third party verification companies handle the pre-employment background screening process.


3. To Perfectly Verify Candidates’ Criminal History

Usually, firms decide to run a pre-employment background check so that they can be sure about that the potential employee doesn’t have a criminal record. What’s more, whenever business owners find out that the candidate who is going to be hired has a criminal history, they instantly deny the employment. We know that it sounds correct, but believe us it isn’t.

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This is so because it can lead to the violation of EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) policies that say business owners cannot reject the job candidate (who has a criminal record) if the nature of conviction isn’t related to the nature of the job. And ignoring EEOC policies simply means giving an invitation to legal problems.

That’s why it is extremely important to conduct a criminal background check properly. For this, no one is better than third party verification companies.


4. To Keep a Business’s Reputation Secured

The growth of any company depends on one factor that is how much it is reputed in the market. To build the business’s reputation, companies avail call centres services from BPO firms so that customer can avail prodigious solutions in an hour of need. But there is one other factor on which brand image depends; “How well employees behave outside the office.”

Oftentimes, firm owners decide to run a pre-employment background check so that they can know about academic achievements, work experience, etc. before taking a hiring decision. From the business’s perception, it is really an admirable approach.

For the sake of keeping the brand image secured, it is imperative to ensure that the candidate who is going to be appointed has clean social media profiles. Thus, conducting a social media background check is essential.  Don’t know how to do it? Get in touch with well-known third party verification companies.

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