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Top 4 Pre-Employment Background Check delusions that Job Seekers have

Posted by Rahul Garg
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Nowadays, pre-employment background screening is deemed as one of the crucial parts of the hiring process because the resume falsification rate has been increasing with every passing day.

If industry reports are anything to go by, 58% of job candidates carry forged documents while attending an interview in the company. Business owners are also acquainted with this fact, and that’s why they often decide to avail employment verification services from a reputed vendor. Owing to this wise decision, the odds of making a bad hire get reduced to a great extent.

However, there are some delusions that job seekers have about pre-employment background screening. Usually, they believe that background checks reduce their chances of being hired. But this factor is absolutely incorrect because pre-employment background screening gets conducted only to find out whether the potential employee really has the skills and experience that he/she mentioned in the resume.

Do you want to know about the delusions that revolve around pre-employment background check? Go through the following pointers:


1. Having a criminal record means no job

Generally, job applicants believe that a criminal history can create problems during the interview process, owing to this delusion, they try to hide their personal information.

However, this move never pays off because most of the companies avail employment verification services from a reputed vendor so that they don’t have to deal with the negative consequences of employee theft in the later stages.

In order to save clients’ business, third party verification companies use their best resources so as to bring hidden information (related to the potential employee) to the light. Once the hidden information is out, disqualification is more likely to happen because business owners never appoint those job candidates that have the intention to keep the company in dark.

Therefore, it is highly advisable for job interviewees to stay honest during the hiring process. In addition, a criminal record doesn’t lead to disqualification every time.

According to EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), the employer cannot deny employment until and unless the nature of conviction is directly related to the nature of the job.

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2. Background screening makes applicants powerless

Another misconception that job seekers usually have is pre-employment background screening makes them powerless. In fact, some employers also believe that job candidates can’t do anything against pre-employment background check. However, this isn’t true at all.

As per the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) policies, the employer can’t conduct pre-employment background screening without the permission of the job applicant.

After getting the nod from job interviewee, in addition, if background check leads to disqualification, the employer has to explain the reason behind that in writing. Furthermore, if the job candidate feels that the given reason isn’t valid, he/she can take the employer to court.

Hence, it is crystal clear that pre-employment background screening makes no one powerful or powerless as it just brings transparency between the employer & potential employees.


3. Resume falsification can help to get the job

Well, thinking about to make dreams come true is really admirable, but taking the wrong path for the same is not. But job seekers sometimes lie about their education, work experience, etc. owing to the greed to get the desired position with high salary package. However, resume falsification never reap the benefit.

This is so because business owners are pretty much aware of this fact that most of the resumes available on job portals are often embellished. In order to prevent the negative consequences of making a bad hire, companies avail employment verification services from renowned BPO companies.

BPO firms’ TPV team always dig up the information related to potential employees so that the hidden truth could come out. Therefore, it is extremely important for job seekers to understand that resume falsification cannot help to get the appointment letter.


4. Background check solely shows negatives

Generally, job seekers think that pre-employment background screening gets conducted only to find out negative data against them. But this is nothing but a misconception.

It is so because employers mainly decide to run a pre-employment background check when they have almost made up their mind to take a hiring decision. In addition, background checks always help to find out the positives like academic achievements, professional excellence, etc.


Final few words:

In this era, the competition for jobs has been getting fiercer with every passing day, and it is extremely important for business owners to verify all the information (related to potential employees) before giving an appointment letter. For this, third party verification services should be availed from a reputed vendor.

For customer base expansion, we even recommend call centre outsourcing services to avail. Apart from all of this, it is highly suggested for job seekers to stay honest during the interview process because pre-employment background check can only create a problem if any information is kept hidden.

Thanks for keep reading our blog till the end!!

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