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Do’s & Don’ts to conduct effective Pre-employment Screening

Posted by Rahul Garg
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No one can deny this fact that employees have always been the face of companies of all sizes. To maintain the business’s credibility, it is paramount to appoint the ideal candidates that can take the business to the next level with the help of their dedication and skills.

With the time, hiring the right candidates has become an arduous task because 58% of interviewees provide fake personal and professional information owing to the greed to make the dreams come true. Moreover, this percentage almost gets doubled at the time of recession. From the business’s perspective, this aspect isn’t good at all.

Apart from that, organisations often drop the idea to conduct pre-employment screening by themselves in order to prevent the negative consequences of making a bad hire. To solve the enigma of appointing ideal candidates, most of the business owners make contact with BPO firms to avail employment verification services.  

Do you want to conduct pre-employment screening without making any blunder? Have a look at the following points that will explain what you should do and what you shouldn’t:


Do: Always Verify Criminal History

Usually, small business owners ignore the importance of the criminal background check and that’s why they always face the hassle of employee theft at the later stages. On the other side, MNCs always opt for BPO firm’s employment verification services to prevent all the issues that can affect the momentum of business’s ongoing success.

The reason why we are suggesting to crosscheck the criminal history of the potential employee is there are many cases in which company’s classified information get stolen and misused by the employees. Consequently, many business owners have lost their loyal customer’s trust and faced a mammoth financial loss.

So, if you want to conduct effective pre-employment background screening, always verify potential employee’s criminal history. For the reliable results, you can even contact UK call centre to avail TPV services.


Do: Know about Educational History

Do you know the crucial aspect that business owners usually care about at the time of interview? ‘Candidate’s experience.’ Because of the same reason, most of the companies usually ignore the educational history of the potential employees.

This aspect always invites unnecessary issues at the later stages. This is so because there is a high possibility that the appointed candidate may not match the standards of existing employees, which, in turn, leads to unreliable results that can affect the business’s productivity. That’s why it is paramount to know about potential employee’s educational history.

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Apart from that, many job seekers show fake educational documents owing to greed to get the desired profile, high salary, and so on. This factor automatically strengthens our point why it is imperative to crosscheck educational history.

So, if you are willing to conduct a pre-employment background check on your own, never forget to verify prospective employee’s educational history. You can even cut all the hassle by simply availing BPO firm’s employment verification services.


Don’t: Ignore Candidate’s Rights

Do you know the biggest mistake that companies make while running the pre-employment background check on their own? ‘Thinking that job applicants are powerless.’ Because of this delusion, companies usually violate the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) policies, which, in turn, always leads to legal issues that can cost them a big chunk of compensation.

As per FCRA policies, companies cannot conduct a pre-employment background check without the permission of the interviewee. In addition to this, the employer has to explain the reason behind the disqualification in a written letter to the interviewee. Moreover, a candidate can challenge the decision if he/she feels that the reason isn’t valid.

To secure the business’s bottom line, it is significant to get the candidate’s permission in writing. To keep the legal issues at bay, it is always advisable for the business owners to join hands with UK call centre to avail third party verification services.

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Don’t: Hire in-house Staff to run Background Checks

From the business’s point of view, we do understand that it is very crucial to have a cost-saving approach. But it doesn’t mean that you should let your guard down.

Usually, companies hire in-house staff to conduct pre-employment background screening. This aspect sometimes leads to the wastage of money and resources because running a pre-employment background check isn’t an easy-peasy task.

To bolster business’s bottom line, it is always suggested to contact BPO firms because they not only bring the hidden information to the light but also offer supreme employment verification services at the budget-friendly rate.

So, drop the idea to conduct in-house pre-employment background checks and make contact with UK call centre as soon as possible if you don’t want to leave a room for any type of verification errors.

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