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Involvement of Communication Channels in Customer Satisfaction

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Even your most loyal customers can withdraw their services if they do not get an appropriate customer service. And nothing can be more harmful to a company’s reputation than losing your most potential customer. Once the damage is done it is very difficult to undo these damages and get streamlined at such short period of time. According to a research, it is estimated that more than 70 percent of the world’s population is unsatisfied with the enterprise they are associated with due to improper customer support and bad call centre services.

It is indeed not necessary that a customer remain lifelong intact with the ventured organisation, but a customer once getting the right partner and services can business together for a very long period of time. Therefore, it is important to provide a good customer support to be in the market competition. Inbound call centres have already laid their foot in expanding and monitoring various communication channels. Here are some of the communication channels used worldwide to provide uninterrupted customer service:

Social media:

With advanced communication support and to meet the necessary requirements, an involvement of digital marketing is very important. Digital marketing and social media platforms have connected the clients and vendors or two vendors like never before. Inbound call centres lodge plenty of complaints each day and they should ensure that any complaint should be analysed and sorted within one working day. Even if the registered complaints are not entirely related to your domain, ensure your customers that the request has been escalated further to the hierarchy.

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Telecommunication support:

Telecommunication support or call services are the most preferred services to register complaints and queries. Inbound call centres from the very beginning have served their customers through call support. It is a necessary channel to satisfy a customer’s demand. Though with the increase in the number of communication channel, solving query through telephone communications has lessened. Irrespective of the geographical resistance of the customers and vendors, tele-support have already covered a major area of land. Therefore, telecommunication is the most important tool for any inbound call centres.


E-mail services are the second most favoured communication channel after call support systems. A separate department of specialised agents is involved in handling email and chat support. Though the email services might be a bit old-fashioned for the modern age, it has already served the major part in the IT sector and is still widely used communication channel. Email services are easy to handle and a quick response from the vendor’s side.

Frequently answered questions:

Self-service channels like frequently answered questions, IVRs etc, are useful to customers anywhere and at any point in time. These FAQs facilitates the call centre services to reduce the heavy burden on their shoulders and contact a customer when a serious or more complex situation occurs.

With the implementation of FAQs, a large set of a population have started dealing with the problems all by themselves. Because calling a customer care support and enquiring about the queries is a time taking process.

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Face to face chats and messages:

With the incorporation of online chat and message platforms, customer satisfaction level has increased. Artificial intelligence has taken over human errors providing and helping agents to meet the customer’s need and satisfaction level. These platforms are the most innovative channels out of all the channels aforementioned. Now the reachable queries can be solved without the human interventions which will certainly reduce the lagging time in between.

Though artificial intelligence requires capital investment they, in turn, facilitate all your services and provide an Omnichannel communication platform.


A large company has mastered the after-effects of losing a potential customer, but there is still a huge number of companies who need to understand that a single channel of communication is no more in trends. You need to play smart in order to give a competitive edge to the competitive companies. While the communication channels play a significant role in developing customer’s trust towards a brand, enticing your customers with your services is equally important.

Only incorporating various medium of a communication channel and registering queries wouldn’t do, but ensuring the customer’s that the registered queries will be resolved as soon as possible. Improving a brand’s image is very important. Everybody today is involved in business, but there are a few entrepreneurs who are known for their quality and services. Solving queries can be relatively complex as it requires patience to track and analyse the error and then provide a solving description after that. It is mandatory today to provide customers with a set of options to choose according to their comfort zone.

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