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Improving Customer Satisfaction with Contact Center AI!

Posted by Prachi Priya

Delivering exceptional customer service today is not easy when the customer’s expectation is growing day by day. New technologies are being introduced to make the work tasks simpler, however, the same is raising the competition bar. Companies are using the latest technologies to woo the customer making it obligatory for competitors to introduce something better to gain back their customers’ satisfaction.

In this article, we will talk about tips to boosting customer satisfaction and ways outsource call center firms offering inbound call center support and outbound call center support help in the same. Companies generally search for a reliable call center outsourcing company to handle customer support when they want their in-house expertise to focus on other major responsibilities.

However, with the technological revolution changing services to the market, Contact Center AI is the new market requirement. Contact center AI is transforming services for the call centers and is helping them to uplift customer experience for the clients in a better manner.

This paradigm shift of call centers to contact centers and then to Contact Center AI have introduced two main features:

  • Virtual Agent
  • Agent Assistant

Well, these two features introduced with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) help contact centers with a common goal, i.e. - improving customer experience.

These agents and assistants work with automation and help call centers augment their operational efficiency.


First of all call centers transformed to contact centers where they also helped clients with other service handling apart from call support. Clients could now outsource finance and accounting, help desk services, telemarketing, IT services, etc. along with customer support to a contact center.

Whereas in contact center AI was later introduced to create a better conversational experience that has not been experienced ever before. This modernization has brought several perks for businesses as it simplifies attempts to gaining customer satisfaction.


Virtual Agent:

These agents help BPOs deliver 24X7 services to the client by automating basic interactions. For a caller having a technical issue, a real-time call transcription facility is available. The basic interaction that is to be conveyed to all inquiries is automated here.


Agent Assistant:

Here AI helps the agents with continuous support transcribing calls in real-time. AI here understands and predicts the callers’ intent and guides the live agent with an effective way of answering callers. Agent assistant use recommended blogs to answer customers in a better manner.

Companies that generally opt outsource call center facilities look for efficient outsourcing perks. Well, they have several perks to enjoy with a modernized contact center AI at the help.

Moving on to something better, the Dialogflow technology is the latest introduction to the market that helps to simplify answers to the customers, therefore boosting customer satisfaction.

Now, what is Dialogflow?

Well, it is Google Cloud’s core technology that creates conversational experience across all devices and every platform. Dialogflow helps with building interfaces, i.e. - chatbots and conversational IVR (Interactive Voice Response system). With the help of these, a business can communicate with the users easily. Here the users have access to Google Cloud Support and a service level agreement (SLA) for production deployments.




To understand better, here is how Dialogflow helps with seamless customer-business communication and enhances customer experience astoundingly:

  • It is powered by Google machine learning.
  • It makes it easy to build serverless applications.
  • Dialogflow brings enterprise knowledge.
  • Delivers automated phone services.
  • It easily deploys across all platforms and languages.
  • It is designed for a voice-first world.
  • It helps to boost customer experience with built-in analytics.
  • Easily understands users’ sentiments.
  • Dialogflow relies on automatic spelling correction.
  • It is used to support customer service, commerce, enterprise productivity enhancement and IoT devices.


Here we team up the ways Dialogflow enhances conversational experience:


Agent Validation

Dialogflow helps virtual agents improve the customer experience. It provides the agent's feedback and a list of errors to help them out with easing their interactions with the caller. The technology alarms any issue found in the business that may be causing inconvenience to the customer and asks the business to resolve the same ASAP!


Entity boost-up

Dialogflow helps contact centers augment their NLP (natural language processing), which ultimately assists with precise and enhanced conversational experience.

With so many perks introduced with Dialogflow, your contact center will start witnessing better results in processes with the time you use it. Earlier both the inbound call center and outbound call center support used to be the guardian angel. However, with the introduction of these technological perquisites, call centers revolutionized amazingly.


This is why Matt Kravitz, Director of Viewer Experience at Hulu says, “To deliver on best-in-class viewer experience, we need to respond effectively to our viewers whenever they’re reaching out to Hulu for help”.

Even Mira Lynn, Head of Conversational AI at GoDaddy says, “GoDaddy uses Dialogflow, a core component of Contact Center AI, to power our conversational self-help experience. It furthers our ability to provide exceptional care and guidance to our customers, both digitally and while interacting with our customer care Guides”.


Wrap Up:

Call centers have transformed to contact centers helping businesses meet customer’s needs easily. However, the demand to uplift customer experience has always been a challenge. This is why Google Cloud introduced Dialogflow to help outsource call center companies in meeting their clients’ requirements on-time.

Contact Center AI, a better version of call center services was introduced to provide personalized customer support. Adding a cherry on the cake, Dialogflow is today helping companies enhance their services astonishingly.

Conversational experience with Dialogflow update has grown better. The biggest benefit contact centers enjoy with the new technology is enhanced natural language processing, which helps to bring accurate and natural conversational experience.

Thanks for reading!

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