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5 Best Examples of Good Customer Service

Posted by Rahul Garg

“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design.”

— Clare Muscutt

In the 21st century, it is believed that customer service is the lifeline of any growing business. It is so because if organisations offer impeccable support service to customers at the time of need, the latter would more likely to stay with the brand for a longer period of time, and this will provide better stability to the business. All in all, “First-class Support Service = Contented Customer = Successful Business.”     

Here’re some statistics that would shed some light on why it is significant to provide top-notch customer service:

  • 33% of customers consider switching to another brand after just a single instance of bad support service.
  • A good support service increases the customer retention rate up to 5%, which, in turn, lifts the profit levels from 25% to 95%.
  • An unhappy customer shares his/her unpleasant support service experience with 16 individuals, which consequently, leads to high negative WOM. This isn’t good for the business’s reputation.
  • 7 out of 10 customers prefer to continue buying products/services from a company after getting a splendid support experience.
  • 73% of companies that give good customer service experience perform better financially than their competitors.

There are several call centre outsourcing companies that have set high standards in terms of delivering customer service. Here are the 5 best examples:


1. Trader Joe’s

During the winter season, a girl approached several stores so that her 89-year old father could get food on time. Due to heavy snowfall, approached stores refused to take an order. Afterwards, that girl contacted Trader Joe’s and placed an order worth of $50. Within 30 minutes, the food was delivered to her father. The factor that left a long-lasting impression on that girl is Trader Joe’s didn’t charge a single penny for the order owing to the Christmas Eve. Same ways outsourcing to call centre India can bring your business splendid customer support facility, as the country has several BPOs offering astounding services having the power to woo the customers with their on-time presence    


2. The Ritz-Carlton

A family staying at the Ritz-Carlton, Bali, had ordered specialized eggs and milk for their son (who was going through the problem of food allergies). After getting the delivery, they saw that the milk had soured and the eggs had broken.

After getting a complaint, the Ritz-Carlton manager and dining staff tried hard but failed to find the appropriate items. At that time, an executive chef remembered a shop situated in Singapore that sold the products which resort (Ritz-Carlton) was after for. So, he contacted his mother-in-law and asked her to purchase the products and deliver them in Bali.

The surprising factor is that she agreed to do it, and finally, that family got the desired products.


3. Warby Parker

Warby Parker has always been known for affordable frames and home try-on program. Besides this, it is also known for its customer service. One of the most famous instances; a customer accidentally forgot his glasses on a train, however, when he reached to his home then a replacement pair was already there. This had happened because of his sitting partner on the train, former Warby Parker General Counsel, Anjail Kumar.


4. Schering-Plough

There was a woman who was worried about her dog that had eaten seven Claritin tablets. So, she decided to call an emergency hotline where the operator informed her that she would have to pay $65 in order to have a word with a professional.

However, when the operator came to know that she was talking about Claritin, he informed her that Schering-Plough (the drug company that produces Claritin) pays the bills of those calls made regarding its products, therefore, there is no need to pay for speaking with a professional. This left an everlasting mark on the concerned dog owner’s heart.


5. Zappos

Once upon a time, a customer placed an order of six pairs of shoes from Zappos for her mother who was suffering from a medical condition that left her feet numb to pressure. After that, customer’s mother chose one pair of shoes and decided to return the other ones. For the same reason, when she (mother) called Zappos and explained why she wanted to return other shoes.

Two days later, Zappos sent her a large bouquet of flowers and wished her well. After two days of this incident, the customer and her family members were upgraded to “Zappos VIP Members,” owing to this, they started getting the faster delivery of products without any shipping charges.

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After going through these 5 customer service examples, you probably get the idea regarding why both business’s reputation and support service go hand in hand. Therefore, if you want to take your business forward and set new benchmarks in terms of profit, make sure that your customers always get unmatched resolutions during support interactions. In addition, you can also take the help of a specialised service provider like BPO firm for the same reason.

Examples of Good Customer Service Infographic


How to deliver Good Customer Service?

Well, delivering prodigious support service isn’t difficult as all you need to do is take care of some fundamental factors during customer interactions. The major resources that are required to bring a smile to customers’ face during support interactions are:

  • A team of deft support service reps.
  • A good infrastructure.
  • An avant-garde technology.

If you have these resources at disposal, just make sure that your in-house agents or call centre outsourcing partner keeps the below-given tips in mind and deliver exceptional support experience during customer interactions.


1. Be Quick

Whenever customers get in touch with a company regarding support service, they often want expected resolutions promptly. To maintain the business’s credibility, in addition, offering unparalleled solutions swiftly is paramount.

But when customers are kept waiting for a long time span, this makes a big negative impact on their support service experience, which consequently, results in poor reviews. Hence, if you are catering to customers’ needs on your own, push your limits and offer satisfactory solutions quickly during support interactions.

It is imperative to note that the quality of support service shouldn’t be compromised in the name of swift delivery of solutions because this would only increase the odds of customer defection. Make sure you check out the call centres of UK and call centre India to outsource your customer support, as they have some experienced crew at work.

Here’re some crucial tips that would help to reduce the average wait time:

  • Quality training should be provided to support agents so that they can solve customers’ queries sooner.
  • Reliable call scripts should be created so that maximum customer calls could be answered.
  • Support interactions should be recorded, especially the long ones as this would help to identify those issues that take too much time to be solved.

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2. The Focus should be on Delivering Resolutions

Generally, specialised service providers i.e. Call Centre Companies win customers’ hearts during support interactions because they always strive to deliver unmatched solutions. As a positive consequence, this not only lifts the customer experience but also keeps the hassle of repetitive support requests at bay.
Contrariwise, organisations that run an in-house call centre to handle customer service queries often put their focus on reducing the AHT (average handle time). The most cited reason behind this is the intention to respond to maximum customer service queries. However, this usually brings adverse results instead of reaping benefits. It is so because the swift response would only be appreciated if customers are satisfied at the end of the interaction.

Thus, if you really want to offer commendable customer service, your focus should be on delivering unsurpassable solutions rather than slashing the AHT.


3. Keep Support Agents Happy

The quality of customer service has always relied on the competency of support agents. And support agents can deliver splendid customer service experience if they are contented with their job. That’s the main reason why reputed BPO firms always try to keep their support service reps happy.

Aside from the deliverance of incredible support experience, the other major benefit of keeping agents happy is that the problem of turnover wouldn’t arise, which simply means better business’s productivity.
So, if you want to handle customer service queries perfectly, always keep your in-house support agents happy and coordinate well with your call centre outsourcing companies. For this, you can take the following suggestions into consideration:

  • Conduct fun activities during the free time.
  • Organise skill development programs from time to time. This would surely lift the agents’ job satisfaction level.
  • Provide good incentives whenever support agents achieve or surpass their performance targets.
  • Arrange monthly meetings and invite support service reps to share their problems. Afterwards, take necessary actions without wasting much time.

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4. Let Customers Speak

Being a business owner, you should already be knowing that customers mainly contact when they are dealing with products/services-related issues. In order to keep the brand image secured, it is very crucial to ensure that customers feel positive after support service interactions. For this, customers should be allowed to speak during support interactions.

This factor, furthermore, is highly important because whenever support agents don’t let customers speak, this ruins the overall support service experience of the latter, which consequently, leads to high negative WOM.

Apart from saving the business’s brand image, another benefit of listening to customers carefully is the deliverance of faster resolution. Surprised? You shouldn’t be as if support agents let customers describe the issues, the former can easily understand the real cause, which automatically leads to the delivery of quality solutions.    

Here are some steps that explain how to handle customers during support service interactions:

  • First of all, a short & sweet introduction should be given to customers.
  • After that, customers should be welcomed to explain their issues that they are confronting while using products/services.
  • Once customers are done with describing, infallible solutions should be provided as soon as possible.


5. End the Interaction on a Positive Note

As far as customer service interactions are concerned, the ending is equally important as starting. But sometimes support agents get careless while ending the interaction, and this makes a big negative impact on customer satisfaction. This is why it is vital to deploy experienced call centre outsourcing companies for customer support, so that its experienced agents do not deliver a negative response.

It is so because customers often remember how support agents behaved during the final phase of the interaction. This means impersonal behaviour can easily affect the support service experience of customers. Henceforth, it is vital to end support service interactions on a positive note. That is not difficult as all you need to do is:

  • Ensure customers are satisfied with the given resolutions.
  • Thank customers for sharing their product/service-related issues.
  • Wish customers a good day ahead before ending the interaction.  

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Final Few Words:

Delivering first-class support service can really help to bolster customer relationships, which would surely provide great stability to the business. By writing this blog, we have not only given some fabulous customer service examples but also told some amazing tips that would certainly help businesses in winning customers’ hearts during support interactions.

For firm owners, it is extremely important to understand that a streak of lousy support service can create unnecessary problems and give competitors the upper hand. The major disadvantages of rendering bad customer service are:

  • The business’s reputation suffers.
  • CLV (customer lifetime value) decreases.
  • Customer acquisition process gets more difficult.

In brief, it is vitally important to render top-notch solutions whenever customers are in need of support service. Well, you can give chance to call centres India and UK!

Thanks for being with us till the end of our blog...!!!

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