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4 Sure-fire Ways of Ensuring Customer Satisfaction over the Phone

Posted by Sakshi Sharma

What do your customers get to hear when they call you? Have you deployed a receptionist to answer their queries or you provide them with the assistance of a 24 hour telephone answering service? It is known to all that the digital world has been very kind to businesses and has provided them with enough opportunities to connect with their customers better. One of the most common channels which bridge the gap between companies and their customers is the telephone. A call from or to the correct customer can prove out extremely prosperous for the business. But, when a customer calls and there isn’t an adequate entity to handle the issue, the business ends up losing that client forever. It is important to understand that missing on calls means missing opportunities to extend valuable customer support and build long-term relations with customers. Engaging customers is vital to the success of the company and as they find it convenient to approach businesses via the telephonic medium, it becomes even more important for the companies to ensure that maximum support is ensured through this channel. This blog will be shedding some light on four impeccable ways of ensuring that your customers are satisfied by the end of the call.



Many people undermine the power of an adequate greeting. But when it comes to addressing customers by means of a phone, a thing as simple as acknowledgement can work wonders. Businesses must never forget that a greeting is the chance to create a positive first impression which will determine the level of satisfaction being derived by the customer. Depending on the time of the day, gender of the caller, preferred language and other related necessary considerations, the greeting should be given.

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Set the Right Expectations:

Mostly at the time of B2B telemarketing, certain companies overpromise customers in order to sell their products. This is truly a bad practice to follow as rather than acting in the favour of the company, it makes the customers go against it. Also, sometimes it happens that just in an attempt to calm an agitated caller, agents of a UK call centre don’t give a clear indication of the extent to which they’re permitted to serve the needs of customers. All such cases increase the level of dissatisfaction among customers as the bar of expectation is set really high. In order to truly satisfy callers, it is imperative to fix the right expectations in the beginning so that they get a clarity pertaining to the services.

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Opt for a 24 Hour Telephone Answering Service:

The business world is dynamic and with each passing day it is turning even more competitive. This increasing competition makes it extremely vital for companies to be present for their customers at all times. As businesses are restricted by the threads of money and time, being available for customers round-the-clock is a difficult expectation to meet. At such critical moments, smart companies outsource their functions to a competent 24 hour telephone answering service provider who is able to address the needs of customers even in the wee hours when business isn’t operational. By providing such a convenient call centre service, businesses can come a bit closer to their customers by treating them in a way which shows that they care.

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Etiquettes are Paramount:

Nobody likes having a conversation with an uninterested person who isn’t mannerly and customers are no different. Many organisations are crippled by the disbelief that their callers won’t be able to assess things over a telephonic conversation. But this is far away from the truth as customers can sense the presence of etiquettes within a few seconds into the conversation. The tone, pitch and way of speaking are enough to drop in cues if the agent is even willing to extend genuine support to customers or not. The representatives of a brand who are in a front-facing role need to behave themselves according to the set protocols in order to ensure that customers draw maximum satisfaction out of the conversation.

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Extending impeccable support to customers isn’t a luxury but a necessity which businesses need to ensure so as to engage their clientele successfully. As customers across industries are extremely comfortable with conversing via the telephonic medium, companies need to make certain that an adequate 24 hour telephone answering service is deployed to address the needs of customers at all times. 

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