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3R rule of Customer Service Operation Businesses should be following

Posted by Rahul Garg

In this era where companies are involved in cutthroat competition, it is prominent to play all cards right. Besides attention-grabbing products, there is one other factor that can help to gain the upper hand on business rivals, and it is customer service. This factor cannot be taken lightly because you can maintain a relationship with customers as long as their needs are being catered to perfection.

At the present time, handling customer service operations has become an onerous task. Why? Actually, expectations related to support service are increasing with every passing day. For instance, customers want a swift response, immediate resolutions, etc. once the support interaction is initiated.

Customarily, multinationals don’t take any chances when it comes to handling support requests because they know that every minor mistake can make a big negative impact on their brand image. Therefore, they prefer to go for a safer option; bagging customer support services from reputed inbound call centres.

Unlike MNCs, SMEs prefer to take care of customer service operations on their own, however, they fail to deliver when the time comes owing to a lack of experience and resources.

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Today, we will shed light on the 3R rule of customer service operations that businesses should be following while handling support requests:   


1. Responsibility

Taking responsibility for occurred product-related issues is the first rule that business owners should follow while running the customer service department. This is important because it will not only help to maintain good brand recognition but also prevent customer defection.

Let’s understand this in a much better manner; whenever customers make contact with a company by initiating a support interaction, they expect that they will be assisted in an appropriate manner, plus, satisfactory resolutions will be offered to them in no time.

However, when support agents show a defensive attitude and refuse to take responsibility for caused inconvenience, this makes a negative impact on customers. As an aftereffect, bad reviews come out to harm the brand image. In addition, there is a likelihood that customers cut ties with the brand once for all.

That’s the main reason why specialised customer support service providers like BPO companies always instruct their agents to take full responsibility of providing quality solutions during customer interactions.    

Therefore, it is vitally important for businesses handling customer service operations to never turn their back on customers during support interactions.


2. Resolution

Delivering prodigious resolutions is deemed as the primary target when it comes to running the customer service department. This factor is cent-percent correct because if you don’t offer customers immaculate solutions in an hour of need, there is nothing that you can do to stop them from leaving your brand. Lastly, your business will reach the end of the road.

Generally, SMEs have limited workforce, obsolete technology, etc. in their customer service department, thereby, they struggle while maintaining their customer base. It is so because customers’ needs cannot be catered until indispensable resources aren’t present at disposal.

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Additionally, a streak of bad customer service experience could bring the CSAT score down and shatter the brand image. For the business’s overall health, this isn’t good by all means.

Thus, it is imperative for businesses to offer phenomenal solutions whenever customer service interactions take place. Sounds difficult? There are many established inbound call centres in the market that can offer incredible customer care service at a nominal rate.

Apart from this, here are some suggestions that would be handy while providing top-notch solutions to customers.   

  • Create a repository of solutions i.e. knowledge base in order to deliver one-stop solutions quickly.
  • Keep the CRM system updated so that splendid solutions could be delivered without making customers repeat any information.
  • Provide thorough training to support service representatives so as to improve the odds of delivering splendid resolutions.


3. Respect   

Assisting customers with the utmost respect during support interactions is paramount if you want to handle customer service operations like a dream. Even, we don’t hesitate to say that it is the key to win customers’ hearts. It is so because when you give customers the respect they deserve during support interactions, they are likely to forgive your brand for the hassle which they have faced while using products.

In addition, there is a high possibility that happy customers talk about their pleasant support experience in their friend circle, which as a positive outcome, increases the chances of getting more business. In brief, a faster business expansion will be on the cards if customers start turning into brand promoters.

Henceforth, if you are operating a business and want to ensure that customers leave with an outstanding service experience every time, strive to make them feel valued during support interactions. Or you can even cut all the hassle by simply availing customer care services from reputed inbound call centres.

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