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Why is Live Chat Preferred Over Voice?

Posted by Prachi Priya
Live Chat Preferred Over Voice

Customer service is the backbone of the business; thus, outbound and inbound call centre companies are adopting live chat support services to enhance customer experience.

In today’s digital age, live chat is more likely to attract customers to a website, as it offers real-time support. As per eMarketer, 63% of the customers return to a website that offers live chat support.

So, does your website offer live chat service?

With the rising significance of live chat, more UK based call centres are adopting it. A report by BoldChat highlights that 31% of the US and UK’s online customers shop from a website that has live chat. Since live chat is convenient and has the power to help businesses grow, companies are realising its significance.

Benefits of Live Chat on Website and Why It Preferred Over Voice?


Live chatting is convenient for the users. The perks that it offers are:

  • Helps to connect customer-agent instantly.
  • Allows customers to multi-task.
  • Negligible wait time.
  • Saves conversations for the future.
  • Offers real-time assistance, etc.

Time Advantages

The best way to grow a successful business is by augmenting productivity in less time.

Check out the time taken for query resolution over voice, and social mediums:

Time taken by the agents to answer calls:


Time taken for social media response:


Companies can close more than 60 customer tickets in less than 60 minutes with the help of a live chat. So, why stick to traditional voice, text, and email service for customer support.

The time saved with live chat can be used for business development, making live chat the best approach. As per a report by ICMI, 46% of the customers look for live chat, while only 29% and 16% go for email and social media simultaneously.



ROI Enhancement

Every business looks for ideas to minimize cost and maximize revenue. Positively, live chat can help you boost ROI. Live chat tools bring in numerous benefits making them the best communication channel.  

As per reports by Econsultancy, 83% of customers prefer to buy from a website that supports live chat. Furthermore, a report by Post Affiliate Pro highlights that 23% conversions increased with live chat available on the website.

Consequently, would you rather lose sales with a lack of live chat availability or increase conversions with real-time assistance with a live chat!

With the increasing demand for instant query resolution, live chat over voice channels has gained a name, as it is the key to augmented business ROI.

Long-term Relationship

Satisfied customers do not switch to competitors, so enriching customer service with live chat support services are a necessity. As per reports, around 89% customers do not want to continue business with a company that lacks live chat support. Moreover, 96% customers willingly pay 25% extra to those customer service companies that have the latest technologies on-board.   

This is one big reason most outbound and inbound call centre companies are opting live chat service. When customers feel they have a partner offering instant customer support, loyalty strengthens.

As per reports by GetFeedback, customer satisfaction increased to 73% for BPOs leveraging live chat service. So, embrace a long-term customer-business relationship with live chat.

Ending Statement:

Live chat is receiving appreciation all around. The ability to work pro-actively while a customer is browsing the website makes live chat the best-preferred communication channel. The customer support preferences are changing, thus businesses need to react accordingly.

As per a study by SuperOffice, the fastest response with a live chat was within 7 seconds! This real-time assistance is the reason for more customers looking up to providers offering live chat support services.

Does your company offer live chat support? If no, this is the best time to start! Some of the best live chat apps in the market are ZenDesk,, etc.

Hope we were able to help you with some information on the rising significance of live chat. What are your views on the significance of live chat support? Do share in the comment box.

Thanks for reading!

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