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Top 5 tips to enhance Customer’s Live Chat Experience

Posted by Rahul Garg

For any business, the biggest asset is customers. Therefore, it is vital to meet the expectations of customers. In today’s digital era, customers prefer to avail the desired services via live chat. Obviously, other popular channels like voice and email are still on the customer’s favourite list.

The factor that draws the attention of customers towards live chat support is the ease of getting a quick response. So, it is vital to offer phenomenal chat support services to boost the business growth. Owing to this, BPO firms get approached as they have always been known for their prodigious services experience.

Furthermore, it is imperative to enhance customer experience during the interaction as that’s how you can increase the average number of brand advocates.        

Do you want to enhance your customer’s live chat experience? Have a look at the following pointers that would act as a boon for you:


1. Make Use of Emoji’s

A human touch is a major reason behind why customers rate the voice channel so high. From the business viewpoint, handling a huge mound of customer service queries only on telephone channel is next to an impossible task.

That’s why call centre companies of UK, Australia, etc. make sure that support agents assist customers in a personal manner during the interaction.

In order to enhance the live chat experience of the customers, it is significant for the agents to use emojis. In addition, this will make sure that no sentence gets misconstrued by the customers. Consequently, the possibility of quarrels gets reduced automatically.

Emojis can easily increase CSAT score, which, in turn, leads to better business’s productivity. So, if you want to offer the best chat support services for the sake of long-term success, it is advisable for you to contact any reputed BPO firm.


2. Reduce the typing speed

It may come as a surprise to you that how reducing the typing speed can enhance the CX levels. Owing to the goal to impress the customers during the chat session, sometimes agents try to type fast. From the business’s perception, it seems appropriate.

But the possibility of getting adverse results gets increased when agents start making mistakes in terms of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This factor cannot be overlooked because small mistakes always make a big negative impact on the CX levels.         

For the sake of better CSAT score, it is suggested to reduce the typing speed during the chat interaction with customers. In order to increase the pace of chat conversation, here are a few tips that should be taken into the consideration: 

  • Automated messages should be used while answering common questions.
  • Typing indicator should be used to prevent silly mistakes.
  • Stick to the point.

Note: Ellipses (the three dots at the end of a sentence) must be avoided as they never leave a positive impression.  


3. Keep away from ‘Caps Lock’ Key

CX levels always get affected when agents don’t treat customers properly like using rude tone during the call. During the chat conversation, when agents write the whole sentence in the capital letters, customer satisfaction score gets decreased.

It is so because whenever you write in all-caps, it denotes that you are yelling. In addition, it also increases the number of online negative reviews which is not good for the business’s health.     

So, it is paramount for the chat support agents to keep away from the ‘Caps Lock’ key.

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4. Be Empathetic

Empathy could be the X-factor that can enhance the customer’s live chat experience for sure. Solving product or service related queries will only help in maintaining the retention rate. For the high CX levels, it is significant to consider customer’s problems as your own.

Therefore, it is vital for the agents to sympathise with customers at the start of the chat session and make apologies on the behalf of the company. This will definitely leave a long-lasting impression on the customers, which, in turn, leads to the strong brand image.


5. End the Chat Session Properly

In the business world, it is believed that your chat support services will only be appreciated if customers feel positive after the conclusion of chat interaction. That’s why it is very crucial for chat support agents to end the chat session properly.  

As far as live chat experience is concerned, the ending is equally important as the beginning. So, it is highly recommended for the agents to not be careless while concluding the chat session. Here are some suggestions that will help the agents to end the chat session in the best possible manner:

  • Thank the customers for sharing their problem with you.
  • Ask the customers whether they have any other query or not.
  • Say goodbye after wishing customers a good day ahead.

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