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How can Chatbots Improve Customer Service?

Posted by Rahul Garg

At the present time, it is very crucial for businesses to aim for enriching customer experiences, as this would help to secure a better growth rate. Currently, every reputed BPO company is investing a big chunk of money in Artificial Intelligence, as this tech has the potential to secure high customer satisfaction.

If we talk about the major spinoff of artificial intelligence, a chatbot is the name that strikes to mind. As revealed by Business Insider, 67% of customers worldwide, in 2017, opted for chatbots to avail support service — and the number is rising continuously since then.

For businesses running an in-house call centre, it would be a great move to invest in chatbot development as customer support costs can be saved up to 30% via chatbots, and this is what Chatbots Magazine has cited.

When the talk is going over saving customer service operational costs, availing services from a prestigious call centre in UK isn’t a bad choice either.

Benefits of ChatBots in Customer Service

Here are the top 4 reasons why customers love to avail support service from chatbots. Plus, you will learn how customer service can be improved with the help of these digital assistants.


1. 24/7 customer service.

From the customers’ perspective, brands should offer solutions round-the-clock as everybody has their own preference to make contact with a company regarding support service. However, offering solutions all day and night is not easy for business owners, as profit margins will be shrunk down if customer service operations are being operated all the time.

Here only two options are left for corporations: ‘Avail customer care services from inbound call centres in UK, India, etc.’ and ‘Deploy chatbots in customer support operations.’ 

Chatbots are the perfect service representatives for those many companies that cannot provide human support around the clock. According to a survey conducted by MyClever Agency, 64% of customers believe that chatbots offer the best 24/7 assistance. Therefore, it is vital for businesses to bring chatbots in customer service operations and delegate simple tasks to them in contemplation of securing continuous assistance.


2. Immediate responses.

After initiating a service interaction, customers seek an immediate response so that there will be no need to stay on hold. For brands, it is extremely important to keep the average response time as low as possible.

If industry reports are anything to go by, 75% of customers abandon their initiated support interactions after waiting for a couple of minutes. Most of them don’t come back to avail desired solutions to their queries, and this points to high odds of customer defection. As we know, business growth cannot be improved when the customer attrition rate is on the rise.

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Here, chatbot integration seems like the only and best choice. If the MyClever Agency’s survey is to be believed, 55% of customers love chatbots owing to the ability to give instant answers, while 37% of customers hail chatbots for their immediacy.


3. Seamless deliverance of detailed answers.

These days many support channels are available from which one-stop solutions can easily be availed. However, customers’ preference in terms of service channel changes according to the complexity of issues. For instance, the voice channel is chosen for the solution of trivial issues, while email dais is selected when the situation is critical.

There was a time when customers had to involve in the to-and-fro of email support interactions in order to get solutions to the complex issues. Since the arrival of chatbots, however, the scenario is changed completely as these digital helpers promise seamless deliverance of detailed answers. This points to twofold advantages — ‘Significant time savings’ and ‘High CX levels’.

According to emerging reports, 35% of customers appreciate detailed answers given by chatbots. So, invest in chatbot development if you own a business and want to deliver impeccable customer service. Or you avail customer care services from a reputed call centre in UK.  


4. Easy communication.

After initiating a service interaction, customers wish to be involved in a meaningful dialogue with support agents and expect no fuss during the conversation. But sometimes, human support agents annoy customers owing to their extrovert personality, inability to resolve issues promptly. From the business’s point of view, this isn’t good at all.

There has been a tremendous improvement seen in chatbots, as they are getting smarter with every customer interaction, and all thanks go to natural language processing and machine learning technologies.

The factor that makes chatbots worthy to get customers’ appreciation is an assurance of easy communication. During customer service interactions, chatbots stick to the point, which as a positive consequence, leads to the delivery of quick and splendid resolutions. Needless to say, this is good as long as customer satisfaction is concerned.

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Ease of communication really matters for those customers who don’t like to spend too much time on support interactions and prefer faster, less ambiguous conversation. According to Invesp, 51% of customers rate their interactions with chatbots easy and positive.


Final few words:

In this day and age, it is paramount to dwindle customer effort as that’s how a strong brand image can be built. To slash CES (customer effort score), you need something that guarantees low response time as well as low resolution time.

While going through this write-up, you got to know about some stats that was all about customers’ interest in using chatbots. These digital support assistants truly save time and reduce customer effort. As per the survey conducted by Oracle, 80% of customers will wish to be assisted by chatbots by 2020.

Inclusion of these digital assistants is no longer optional as it becomes essential for running customer service operations with flying colours. By dint of chatbots, businesses don’t only secure high customer satisfaction but also uplift brand loyalty, which signals to better business longevity.

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In case you don’t want to invest in chatbot development but wish for soaring CSAT score, availing customer care services from call centres in UK is the only choice left.

Thanks for reading! 

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