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4 Hidden Live Chat Mistakes that Support Agents aren’t aware of

Posted by Rahul Garg

In this hyper-competitive era, business owners avail call centre service from BPO firms because of two reasons — to keep customers happy and to stay ahead of competitors. BPO firms of UK, Australia, etc. always try their best while rendering customer service through various channels such as telephone, email, live chat, etc.

With time, the live chat support service has got the attention of customers, especially the millennial ones. If reports are to be believed, 73% of customers have placed live chat support service on the first position of their favourite list. This fact should be enough to understand that this digital channel has a special place in the hearts of customers.

To attract customers towards business, it is vitally important to offer unmatched live chat support service. For the same reason, global companies prefer to outsource chat support service.

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To ensure a long-term relationship with clients, BPO firms tell agents to enhance the live chat experience of customers. However, sometimes chat support agents fail to do so owing to some hidden mistakes that they often commit during the customer interaction.    

Today, we are going to tell about some live chat mistakes that seem trivial but make a big negative impact on the CSAT score. So, have a look at the below-mentioned pointers:


1. Writing sentences in passive

In voice channel, your tone decides whether customers will feel positive about the interaction or not. Similarly, in live chat, your way of writing sentences decides whether you have the calibre to impress customers or not.  

BPO firms often instruct chat support agents to never write sentences in the passive voice because of two reasons and that are:

  • Passive writing obliterates the human touch that customers often want to feel during the interaction.
  • Passive sentences may create confusion for customers, which consequently, could lead to reduced CSAT score.

Therefore, it is vital for chat support agents to avoid passive writing during the customer interaction as that’s the way to keep the CX levels stable.

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2. Asking too much information at once

Most of the business owners outsource chat support service so that customers never come across any hassle while availing the desired resolutions. Owing to live up to clients’ expectations, BPO firms tell customer service agents to solve chat support queries in a jiffy. 

But the silly mistake that chat support agents commit is asking too much information from customers at once. Due to this mistake, CX levels get reduced, which as a result, raises questions on the credibility of the business.

Apart from that, there is a high possibility that customers may require extra time while explaining the queries at once. This can increase the duration of a chat session and thereby the business’s productivity could suffer. During the customer interaction, therefore, chat support agents should ask only important information one by one.


3. Using canned messages carelessly

As per the industry reports, 79% of customers opt for live chat support service because it offers prompt resolutions as compared to other channels. The tool that helps BPO firms to render an impeccable live chat support service is ‘Canned messages.’ With the help of this tool, it would be very easy to maintain consistency and speed simultaneously.

But a careless approach while using automated messages could also bring the adverse results that can tear the business’s reputation apart. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that canned messages work as a double-edged sword.

Hence, it is highly suggested for BPO firms of UK, Australia, etc. to explain the merits & demerits of pretyped messages while providing training to support agents so that the latter don’t make any blunder during the chat interaction with customers.              

Off The Topic: It is advisable for business owners to do not run an in-house call centre to provide live chat support service because the hassle of customer turnover may arise if the expected resolutions don’t get delivered. In short, business owners should join hands with a reputed BPO firm to outsource chat support service.


4. Not ending the chat session properly

From beginning to ending, everything matters when we talk about the customer interaction. But chat support agents often put the full focus on impressing customers at the start of the conversation. Owing to the improper ending of the chat session, agents fail to leave an everlasting impression on customers.

For the sake of keeping the CX levels steady, it is imperative for agents to end the chat interaction on a positive note. This isn’t difficult to do so as all you need to do is remember the following suggestions:

  • Thank customers for sharing problems.
  • Confirm that no other issue is left to be solved.
  • Wish customers a good day ahead before concluding the chat session. 

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