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How Can Call Centers Skyrocket their Revenue?

Posted by Prachi Priya

Over thousands of companies all over the world rely on call center services for effective business performance. Not all companies have in-house experts sitting in cubicles to answer high volume calls. Small companies always look for an outsourced expert to help in augmenting customer satisfaction. Hiring experts demand huge capital investment, which is not the cup of tea of every organization, which is why outsourcing is in demand.

We have always heard that outsourcing is cost-effective, but have you ever thought what it takes to operate a call center? Top call center companies in India and around the world spend on supervision, shrinkage, occupancy, attrition, and overhead. Nevertheless, are the call centers paid according to these expenses?

We visualize call centers as our cost-saving tool, however, a business should not outsource with just cost benefits as its core aim. It is equally essential to check whether the provider for support is capable of fulfilling the business requirements or not. Ultimately, the end-results help to boost business sales and therefore, focusing just on cost-saving measures would not bring success.

Today’s technologically proficient epoch has much to offer to the call center’s efficiency. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) gave Chatbots to help call centers serve the customer’s in real-time and even boost satisfaction by instant answering. AI resolved the issue of call abandonment that earlier deteriorated customer satisfaction with agent unavailability.

Not only is this, but call centers also benefit from Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Virtual Reality, and Analytics. Along with the advanced technologies making service handling easy and instantaneous, ‘sales through service’ help to boost revenue for the call center. Although the emerging technologies dominate the call center industry, however, increasing ‘Sales through Service’ will always be the foremost key to success!

Customer requirement pattern is changing rapidly, so leveraging sales through service for boosting revenue enhancement is optimum. We have always talked about how call centers help businesses lift their services, but today it is all about driving revenue generation for call centers. Check out:

  • Make customer service contact center as the business profit center.
  • Generate revenue through customized offerings.
  • Sales manager as the call-answering agent.

Why are these verticals essential to augment revenue for call centers? Well, top call center companies in India and around the globe accept that sales accentuated through service enhancement is the main tool to success for a call center, marking the significance of the above metrics.


However, If these metrics are not enough, Check out as we have an In-depth description on ways to sell more to Customers:


Query resolution

The idea to go an extra mile

First call resolution

Up Selling

Sales through Service

Improving first call resolution

Call back rate

Check on-call dropping, average call handle time

Not pressurizing the customer to take expensive services irrelevantly

Checking conversion and referral score

Checking the average time of calls

Customer satisfaction

Call back rate

Conversion rate with call handle tenure

Average call handle time


Interpreting user-friendly patterns to provide the same

Agent and customer satisfaction

Agent satisfaction and revenue per call

First call resolution

Table describing the Revenue Generation metric for Call Centers

Talking on what else can help to vend more to users; here is what the customer support teams need to do:



When a call center succeeds in selling more, it boosts its revenue generation. Up-selling works on the same idea!

Up-Selling has agents at work who introduce customers more of the expensive products and persuade them to buy it. The process is an attempt to boost profits, however, using the same try on every call can harm the business image.

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After-Sale Assistance

To enrich the call center revenue, it is necessary to take after-sale support seriously. Your loyal customer will remain loyal and buy from you again only if you stay connected after the sale as well to solve their query. Brand image and word of mouth consideration play a significant role in boosting revenue, thus focusing on its improvement from after-sale assistance is important.


Brand Recognition

Brand awareness is an essential tool that affects the probability of excellence of revenue generation. Since in-house tech experts may not have the expertise in call answering, thus to maintaining brand quality, outsourcing to experts is significant.

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It is essential to maintain service quality with experts on board, as it improves the business referrals to others, which eventually helps to augment sales. Up-selling can bring negative impact at times, however, brand awareness helps to gain new customers.


Be User-Centric and Sound Credible

Have you ever wondered what pulls customers to your business? Well, it is nothing but their interest in your business product and service!

If you are a service provider handling multiple calls every day, understand the customer requirements, and interpret it to deliver user-friendly services to lift sales automatically.


Further, the efficiency of the Call Center Manager also plays a significant role in Revenue Generation. Here is how she/he affect Revenue Statistics:

  • Managers help to keep an eye and provide a scorecard for executive review.
  • Managers take care of the business KPIs.
  • They make sure that the hiring strategy is as per the business requirements.
  • They look after the incentive program.
  • They take care to check the features used and advance the same with changing market requirements.
  • Set goals for revenue generation.
  • Take care of a regular review system.

Top call center companies in India stress over the importance of an efficient call center manager on board to boost revenue generation. Call centers around the world accept the datum that when agents take care of customer needs and look after fulfilling other requirements sincerely, it boosts the customer loyalty and probability of buying new services.

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McKinsey thus says when call center agents meet the customer requirements and look after taking care of other user-friendly services, the customers’ chance to take service from the business again increases.

Thanks for reading!

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