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AI Improving Customer Service for Indian Call Centre Firms

Posted by Prachi Priya

Exceptional customer service is still a dream for several BPOs. Offering personalized support service, being available 24X7, and nurturing customer-business relationship requires dedication and the availability of modern technologies. Most companies fail to foster a healthy relationship, as they believe in initiating a favourable transaction for a certain time only.

However, will such an attitude help BPOs in the long run? Well, offering good customer service and maintaining the same requires a good understanding of the customer requirements. Moreover, offering consistent support helps to attain supreme customer satisfaction, thus call centres' need to emphasize overall satisfaction development rather than focusing on short-term service maintenance.

To ensure a good customer experience, agents need to learn using call centre analytical tools wherein they can attend recorded calls to get an idea of the market needs. It is important to offer services in a way that the market needs, as it increases the chance of enhanced customer experience.

How can call centre in India improve their customer service?

Are the traditional call centre tools efficient?

Are the prevailing strategies enough?

Well, in this fast-paced epoch, where competitors are introducing new techniques every time, it is integral to understand the market requirements so that offering a similar service is not hassling. With the market having numerous options to choose from, call centres having rich conversational tones with interactive agents using AI-powered features have more chances to win.

Whether it is about lead generation services or boosting customer support service for your Indian call centre firm, 'Contact Centre AI' is the key today.

When we talk about Indian BPOs, we very well know that India is famous for cheap labour availability. Nevertheless, to improve customer service, AI integration is requisite. Several monotonous tasks can receive an easy touch with AI integration, so why stick to traditional time-taking methods.

AI can help human agents simplify complex cases. Not only is this, but with a contact centre AI, BPOs can augment operational efficiency, get access to virtual agents at support, use natural language processing to simplify needs, and much more.

With the power of a virtual agent conversing naturally, call centres gain the advantage of exceptional customer service delivery.

Significance of AI-Driven Services for Call Centre in India:


Enriched Customer-Business Conversation

When call centres adopt Google clouds’ contact centre AI service, understanding, interacting, and improving customer service doesn’t remain to be a dream. With AI, humanlike conversations help call centres' save expenses on hiring and training a team of agents in-house.

Human agents moreover, get continuous support from automated services, which is why monotonous responsibilities and simplified swiftly saving time and energy. AI-driven bots chat with customers just like human agents and by identifying the inquirer’s query type, real-time assistance is given instantly.

Isn’t it amazing when compared to traditional call centre services wherein customers had to wait in long queues to get their queries answered!

Availability of Virtual Agent

24X7-customer service is hard to manage for most call centres, however, with AI-powered solutions, seamless service integration is no distress. AI helps with systematic service assistance, which makes complex issues handled swiftly. Moreover, with the power of 24X7 assistance, business brand image augments inevitably.

Advantage of Natural Language Processing

Advantage of Natural Language Processing

Indian call centre companies need to read the market trends and adapt contact centre AI services to match the market level. This is because automated solutions help to understand the callers’ sentiments and bring adequate changes for that reason to maintain customer satisfaction. 

Understanding the business pain points to bring a necessary change was hard earlier with traditional answering services. Traditionally surveys took a lot of time to understand the customers’ needs and bring a necessary resolution. However, today with modern automated solutions learning and interpreting customer needs, there is no hassle.

Moreover, agents can record interactions and AI helps to keep a check on calls so that future decisions are made accordingly to bring the right customer-centric change.  

Assistance of Dialogflow

Identifying customer intent on time is hard with traditional call answering service. Traditional systems are a hurdle when it comes to efficient lead generation services too. Nevertheless, to decide what to do next, an ‘AI contact centre’ can help your company determine next steps easily.

Call centres work on their partners’ behalf, thus maintaining efficient service performance is integral for the agents. Thus, taking action with a Dialogflow helps to understand customer intent better.

In an era where customers can connect through multiple channels, Dialogflow assistance is a must.

Self Service

Self-service solutions are again a blessing for call centres. With the help of AI, agents can help their customers gaze through the business webpage to solve their queries without agents’ assistance.

Call centres can make tools and information available online like FAQs on the business webpage so that the customers can resolve queries themselves in case they do not want to contact an agent. A query-resolution video on the website can also help customers get through their issues hassle-free when the sequences to resolving concerns are explained well.

Agent Assist

With the help of AI introduction, agents of call centres can simplify their responsibilities unlike in traditional BPOs where monotonous work culture was a nightmare. With AI, agents get support during calls as bots analyse requests and offer real-time assistance that helps with swift call handling.

Google’s Contact Centre AI aims at bringing swift results to customers, as good customer experience is what matters for every business. Understanding, interacting, and indulging in positive talks is the aim of every call centre company, and contact centre AI works on the same.

Traditionally call centres were limited to answering customer queries wherein customers had to wait in long queues to get a simple issue resolved. However, with the change in systems, automated solutions help to build an easy path for both agents and customers.

Contact centre AI is all about turning agents into professionals with AI intelligence, emphasizing to handle relationships with the customer, and fostering operational efficiency.

Guess what, Artificial Intelligence is the key!

Why ‘Contact Centre AI’ for Indian Call Centre firms?

Call centre in India is supposed to be a place with the monotonous work culture. BPOs in the country are known for struggling to manage lead generation services and lead management operations. Well, this is where the need for a contact centre AI arises.

Automated solutions bring in the perks of virtual agents at support. Moreover, with the feasibility of taking actions with a Dialogflow, enabling astounding customer experience becomes a reality. Here is why contact centre AI is the next big thing:

  • Helps to avoid call abandonment issues.
  • Shorter call handling times.
  • Companies save their hiring and training costs.
  • Attrition dispute is not more a dispute.
  • Faster operations.
  • Operational efficiency.
  • Real-time data availability.
  • Quick query resolution.
  • Personalized support.

Wrap Up:

AI, the next big thing! Well, from ‘speech to text’ to ‘text to speech’ and from the availability of natural language processing to taking actions with Dialogflow, AI has revolutionized call centre experiences. All BPOs including Indian call centre firms have the aim of creating an exceptional conversational experience for the customers. Well, contact centre AI can help turn it into reality.

Why we stress upon having a contact centre AI service is because it helps to increase CSAT, deflection rates, and boost efficiency for service functionalities.

Enable your employees to offer swift assistance and be available 24X7.

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