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Top Three Lessons From Pokémon Go For Businesses

Posted by Taniya arya
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By now you have probably heard about Pokémon GO, the free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic Inc. This innovative mobile app has taken the world by storm. With its augment reality (AR) platform, Pokémons have been appearing everywhere all across the globe from rivers and puddles to restrooms of colleges, and users of the app have spent their maximum time in catching Pokémon and training them to be the superhero. 

A recent report from Similar Web, a digital market intelligence company, has pegged that Pokémon GO has outshined the famous Tinder, in terms of downloads and Twitter, in terms of daily active user base respectively. 

This astonishing mobile-based gaming app launched by Niantic Labs has created so much hype among the startups striving to carve a niche in the competitive marketplace.  Pokémon GO represents many lessons of business insights which many of us might have read or at least heard of – it’s only unique in terms of its functionality to make use of a wide array of ingenious digital technologies where many businesses talk the talk, Pokémon GO walks the walk. To put it simply, it really doesn’t depend on how educated you are or how many fancy degree you are stacked with. Beyond any restrictions, Pokémon GO has flourished as the outstanding development platform to transform the world in 2016. 

Now, you might be thinking why the number of downloads of this action-packed game is still sky rocketing? What exactly has Pokemon GO done to hook almost every individual across the globe? Well, the simple answer to these questions is that it has tweaked the rules of customer engagement that lead the world in this modern era.  


In this blog post, we have enlisted the top 3 lessons of customer engagement that any business, be it hospitality segment or call centre outsourcing company can learn from this smash-hit.  


Work on Engaging Customer Experience on the Smartphone:

Everyone has a smartphone in this advanced generation. Great smartphone presence is very important for any product that hopes to rule the market, and no one has grasped this better than Pokémon GO. Herein, the important lesson is to build an amazing customer experience on the mobile that can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere.  Importantly, it must be said that the app was launched on both iOS and Android powered devices, thereby targeting a mass audience and widening its horizon from the very first day of its rollout. In addition to this, another factor that has contributed to its wide success is that it uses mobile devices that have features like GPS, mapping systems and camera. 

Embrace Omni-Channel Customer Experience:

This widely popular app works on Omni-channel approach to render the best customer experience by filling the gap between virtual and physical world. By integrating social sharing built-in extensions and plug-ins, this app makes the most out of the smartphone. Omni-channel approach delivers seamless experience across all mediums. This game has enabled users to move from one Poke Stop to another and visit multiple stores to catch and hold of a Poke Monster. To put it simply, any business can pay Niantic Labs (Pokémon GO founder), and make their spot like a Poke Stop, thereby drawing footprints, and eventually making healthy return on investments. SMBs can leverage this outrageous amount of engagement on Pokémon GO and convert it into huge traffic, which in turn can increase their sales. 


Customization is the Key to Enhance Business Performance:

Whether you own a travel agency or run a call centre outsourcing business, your main objective is to drive business revenues. Interestingly, this comes through customer engagement. So, to thrive your business, you have to offer customers with the complete privilege to create their unique experiences. This simply means that your customers should have the freedom to customise content and configurations. In this way, you will be able to engage more audience. Pokémon GO has embedded this feature and enabled its users to personalise their avatar, and name their own Pokémons in the way they want.   

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In this high-tech world, people are heavily dependent on technology and that’s why inclined towards businesses or platforms that deliver enhanced customer experience. This game provides us with a glimpse into the future where augmented reality can create an amazing customer engagement, which in turn, can drive rewarding outcomes. Therefore, businesses should take a leap to the virtual reality bandwagon, before it becomes a commonplace for other competitors. 

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