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Quadruple Measures to Reduce Customer Struggle

Posted by Kavita Deuri
call centre UK

When a customer call an organisation customer support centre to register complain or state an issue about the brand they considerately seek for simple and convenient resolutions while interacting with representatives.

However, it has been proven that the reverse procedures are true to call centre UK. A common problem among customers is re-explaining their problems again and again to the agent. Some other major issues are switching from web to phone system, staying in queue for a very long period of time, being constantly transmitted from one department to another etc. A lot of organisations emphasis on internal metrics known as Average Handling Time or AHT which are basically unsuitable for clients with subtle enquires that requires time and advanced handling skills to close the problem.

The advent of social media along with the compilation of internet has fundamentally changed the behavior of consumers. Many customers are turning pioneer preference to these social media domains to collect information rather than addressing a telephone answering services provider. Currently the present time is swarmed with Facebook feeds and Twitter trends. People regularly look up to one of these top-tier social platforms to air their state of mind or search YouTube ‘How-to-do’ videos to redeem learnability. But once the customer eventually approaches the call centre UK process they are frequently amidst their journey of customer service. Moreover, they tend to expect service at an initial level.

Here are Four Measures to get back on the Trail to Eliminate Customer Struggle and to Reduce Unintelligent Interactions in your Call Centres:


  • Vanguard Staff to Grab Customer’s Voice

No one really care what’s inside when your outer appearance is flamboyantly displayed. Call centre representatives in the UK are the shows-topper to an organisation. Train agents to speak politely to the caller to reap first-hand comprehension regarding their needs and objectives instead of depending on other mechanical lineage to connect customers and perform business surveys.

Once you are done with comprehending then incorporate the feedback from agents regarding speech analytics to grab the voice of customer. Whether good or bad the customer voice will effectually help your business realise drawbacks and improve customer experience.


  • Find out The Reason Behind your Customer Calls

Compare you website with other leading company. Does it look good? When you build your website consider the innumerable reasons why a customer wants to purchase your brand. The proposition could any strategical measure. It can be a company’s delivery evaluation, product sustenance or customer gratification, and so on. There are end numbers of customer requirement, it is pivotal for organisation to apprehend the core motive behind customer contact to improve your business goals effectively. Some company may extravagantly display their prominent domain. Audit your competitors promotional or facility proposition to surfeit consumer indulgence.


  • Practice the same Language as the Customer

Try to stand in your customers’ shoes. You will then understand how difficult it is to gain a simple answer from representatives for a simple question such as ‘when will the product reach the destination?’ Agents working for telephone answering services are ones evolving with simple answer for simple queries. Otherwise the customer at the other end of the bridge is left hanging for what seems like a very long time.

FAQs and other knowledge based platforms have helped consumers find response to basic customer errors. Moreover, share unique customer experience with each representative during training sessions to respond common issues.


  • Inspire Captivating Customer Service

The technological advancement for excellent outsourcing call centre UK has ingrained a strong foundation to reduce customer struggle and assist self-serve at times when needed. The usage of IVR has  systematise routine calls from customers such as payment of bills, booking or purchasing tickets etc. while making it an effortless struggle to engage customers. Captivating customer service is an elegant way to serve clients and handle them efficiently to improve service level.

Concisely speaking, following this few simple steps will allow call centres in the UK acquire rewarded performance and gain a cutting edge gratification to receive the next level of service with minimum effort on their behalf. 

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