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Incentive Plans to Augment Employee Performance!

Posted by Prachi Priya
incentive plan

Augmenting employee performance is the biggest task for any company. To improve performance, boosting the employees’ morale is significant. When the employees stay happy and satisfied, they tend to augment customer support service, lead generation services, and other responsibilities too. However, how can companies augment employee performance?

The answer is “An Incentive Plan”!


What is an incentive plan?

As obvious as it sounds, an incentive plan is the business plan to motivate the employee to work better. In today’s highly competitive and monotonous work culture, you will hear most employees complaining of less flexibility and lack of interest in their job. What is the result? Well, it will lead to in-efficiency in performance and declining business brand name.

This is the reason, companies are introducing incentive plans to boost the employees’ mood and to push them to give their best. These plans are the business technique to show value to employees and avoid attrition disputes. Augmenting staff’s morale seems to be the toughest task today; however, there is a way out!

Employees try to give their 100% when they feel their service provider thinks of them. Thus, a structured incentive plan can help!

However, at times, employees need a positive push to help them go through tough times. Employees appreciate it when the company thinks of them and introduces an incentive plan for their progress.

Imagine your company to be a BPO firm offering B2B lead generation service, would you ever wish to dissatisfy your staff or customer. Well, dissatisfying either of them can bring detrimental effects to the business health, thus a check on both staff and customer satisfaction is obligatory.

All start-ups and even well-established firms look for an outsourcing call centre partner, as they want professionals on-board. However, if the outsourced company’s agent is not satisfied with her/his responsibilities, they will not be able to deliver adequate results to the partner.

Consequently, irrespective of deteriorating the business brand name, companies need to work upon employee satisfaction so that the results are favourable. Since there are numerous partners associated with a call centre company, thus maintaining staff satisfaction and a check on attrition is indispensable for BPO firms.

Thus to help these companies augment staff satisfaction, we have some attractive incentive plan ideas to help businesses boost employee performance. Check out with us:

  • Play a quiz for the best performer of the month and award the winner the best parking spot for the next month.
  • Incentives are not always about money, however, you can gift the best performer concert tickets. Trust us, the winner will love it!
  • Every employee loves incentives and when a company offers regular plans for the same, she/he will give an extra effort to win. How about offering an early release? Well, sometimes, even the CEO loves it!
  • Play games rewarding the agents who augmented the business lead generation services. Reward them with an opportunity to come in late the next time, and see how well your team will perform. Coming late helps beat those Monday blues, so there would be a tough battle to win the race, which eventually profits the company.
  • Provide work from home for a day and see how well your agents perform from home.
  • Incentivising plans have always included increasing the break times for a week/month. It is an easy way to boost employee performance and companies can check the same practically. After all, post an interactive break, everyone would get back to work willingly.
  • Gift cards, spa sessions, food coupons, salary hike, etc. are some immortal ways to win the employees' hearts and push them towards boosted performance.

Various companies do not understand the need for them to have an incentive plan. However, when they look at the employee satisfaction levels of the competitor, they tend to understand the changes to be made.

Alter all, when the employees are happy, companies can think of boosted customer satisfaction, thus a check on the staff’s needs is obligatory. Imagine your company being a b2b lead generation firm, lead qualification would be your ultimate goal, however, you cannot attain the same without maintaining employee satisfaction.

Moving forward, if we talk about job dedication, what can companies do if their employees are not willing to work for a day? This is the reason why most companies want to keep their staff motivated by providing an incentivizing plan to gear them up to accept the challenge and attain success.


Businesses that have a regular incentive plan for their employees benefit in the following criteria:

  • Motivated employees
  • Increased earnings
  • Employee Loyalty
  • Augmented team efforts, etc.

Next, you must have come across questions asking why incentive plans are essential for every service provider. Well, when we talk about the need for an incentive plan, it is important to know whether everyone is clear about the structure of an incentive plan.

Well, to help you out, here we compile a list of things that help companies structure their incentive plans for employees. Check out:

  • Think about what your team needs to work upon to enhance performance and make an incentive plan accordingly. While structuring the incentive plan, it is important to know the aspects where the company lacks and create an incentive plan for the same. This way agent takes part in enthusiastically and gives their best.
  • Structure your business incentive plan thinking about what you have to accomplish soon. It helps in meeting targets easily.
  • Check whether the customer is happy or not and try to know the requirements to uplift the business services accordingly.
  • While structuring the incentive plan, take care of the teams’ morale too. Doing so it is easy to decide ways to interact with the staff and take decisions on boosting business performance.

Structuring and bringing in practice an incentive plan is not easy for even the experienced outsourcing call centre firms. Every company has to check the repercussions before getting to a decision, which is why checking the incentive plans are crucial. If companies decide an incentive plan without thinking of its consequences and the present need, it may not bring adequate results, thus a check is obligatory.

We have always talked about customer satisfaction and ways companies strengthened with increased loyal partners. Well, less have we noticed that employees bring in more leads and loyal partners, thus incentivizing them is important.

Wrap Up

To bring the best from the incentive plans, it is essential to give employees achievable tasks.

If companies have incentive plans based on something that the staff seems impossible to achieve, it creates a negative image of the business in the minds of the employee. The staff should feel valued with the plans, as they work hard to achieve the best lead generation services for the organization, thus their requirements have to be prioritized.

After all, employees are the ones who run the business, thus their safety, reputation, and integrity is the responsibility of the business.

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