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5 Phrases Successful Call Centre Agents Never Say

Posted by Sakshi Sharma

Generally, the agents employed in a call centre outsourcing company are trained on various aspects in order to foster a sense of righteousness in them. After hiring, the agents go through rigorous coaching sessions to attain the understanding of various statements which should be said to customers. Right from politeness to courtesy, numerous etiquettes are instilled in the representatives in an attempt to make them conversation-ready. As inbound call centres are responsible for addressing the numerous concerns of customers, having agents who are mannerly becomes a necessity. Though the agents of such setups are always bombarded with information pertaining to their ideal behaviour, the don’ts list is hardly discussed. It is vital to have an understanding of what needs to be said, but the sense of what shouldn’t be said is even more essential to have.

There exist certain statements, which cast a negative impression on customers. As the agent-customer interaction can prove out to be the turning point from the business perspective, inbound call centres need to pay specific attention to ensure that the communication stays on the positive note. This is where the necessity to outsource to a known call centre outsourcing firm arises. Agents of call centre India and call centre UK are proficient enough to maintain your customers’ satisfaction. As not all agents are well-acquainted with the phrases that should be never said to customers, here is a list of top 5 statements which call centre agents should avoid saying at all costs.


“I’m going on a break”

There is no denial to the fact that agents might have to take necessary breaks but telling customers straightaway that they need a timeout and want to leave is the epitome of rudeness. Making the caller feel inconvenient should never be the objective and such statements only do that. Idyllically, the customers should get the same level of importance irrespective of the time at which they’ve called.

Better Alternative: “May I pass your call over to a colleague?”

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“I don’t deal with that”

It is of utmost vitality to understand here that customers seek the assistance of inbound call centres only when they aren’t able to find solutions to their problems. Saying a no without guiding them to the concerned department will only aggravate the anger of customers. Though one must never make callers wait, but telling them straightaway that you don’t deal with it is a big turnoff. Rather than making them feel like a burden, it is better to transfer them to the person who holds the potential to address their concerns.

Better Alternative: “Our other department handles this issue. If you permit, then may I transfer your call to the concerned team?”

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“Relax/ Calm down”

This statement fuels the fire of customer’s anger beyond limits. Generally, callers shout only when they feel undervalued and commanding them to do something like managing their emotions is one of the worst things that any call centre employee can possibly say. Instead of asking customers to relax, it is better to rephrase the same thing in a manner which doesn’t belittle their fury.

Better Alternative: “I can surely resolve this issue for you, only if we can deliberate it in a calm manner. Thank you!”

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“I’m new here”

Coming as a no-brainer this is a big no-no that every call centre outsourcing company should teach its agents. Though everyone is new to a setup at some point of time or the other, saying it directly to the customer means that they wouldn’t be taking the suggestions seriously and would expect the call to get transferred to someone more knowledgeable. Also, the statement can be perceived negatively by them as well. At such times, the newly recruited agents of inbound call centres can seek the help of more experienced resources.

Better Alternative: “As I want to give you the best guidance, I’ll need to consult a colleague to provide the same. Please stay on the line.”

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“I don’t know”

If there’s a list of possible blunders which kill the conversation in inbound call centres, then this one will top the list! It is vital to understand here that customers don’t expect agents to know all answers, but giving close-ended responses like these only spoils the confidence of customers.

Better Alternative: “I am not completely sure about that, but I can certainly find out the answer to that for you.”

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The reason behind the ever-growing prosperity of successful inbound call centres isn’t that their agents are aware of the things which need to be said to customers, but the fact that the representatives hold the knowledge of possible spoilers which are a complete no-no for clients. Usage of the aforementioned phrases highlights the brand in a negative sense and creates a difference between the company and its most prised possessions, customers. Cutting these conversational blunders should be the first step of every call centre outsourcing firm in UK and call centre India if they wants to build a brighter future for itself. 

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