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5 Must-Have Call Centre Tools To Deliver Customer-Centric Support

Posted by Taniya arya
Outsourced call centres

Patterns of customer behaviours have changed dramatically over the past decade. For call centre companies operating today, becoming more customer-centric is not just a feel-good mantra, it’s a preliminary business requirement. Organisations are expected to surpass customers’ expectations at every interaction to bolster customer experience. For this, they are hiring more qualified & skilled agents, providing them with intensive training, and continually providing feedback to their team to augment the level of customer service. 

According to a report by Harvard Business Review, “40% of customers surveyed have revealed that they would stop doing business with a company that offers bad customer experience”

This study proves that providing sub-par customer service not only slashes down the ratio of customer retention and loyalty but also harms the business reputation. If providing excellent customer support sounds menacing, fear not. With the help of right call centre software, tools, processes and team, organisations can adopt a customer-centric approach to render support with relevant ease.

According to Right Now Technologies, 86% of customers are willing to pay up to 25% more for a better customer experience. 

Listed below are top 5 tools that call centres can use to provide top-grade customer-centric support:


Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

With interactive voice response (IVR) technology, a support team can record professional greetings and route customers to the agent who can handle their issues in the right manner. For example - technical calls to technical support agents, VIP customers to the most skilled agent, and Spanish customers to agents who are proficient in speaking the Spanish language. This will increase professionalism and boost customer experience-before they interact with anyone from the team. On top of that, when all callers are routed to the right agent in the right department, call centre agents will be more proficient at solving particular issues and addressing specific needs of the customers that they are assigned. As a result, customer service will get improved and customer satisfaction will also get enhanced.

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Automatic Caller Information Screen Pop:

Routing the customer to the most appropriate agent is just the first step to render great customer support. With the help of efficient call centre software, agents can view the callers’ information on the computer screen when they call. In this way, your support team will know everything about the customer including name, display picture, company, job designation, email address, contact number and social media addresses before they answer the call. This will enable agents to cater to personalised experience to each customer. 


Call Conferencing Software:

Nothing is worse for a customer than repeatedly explaining their issues to different customer care reps. In this customer-focused business world, no customer wants to be kept on waiting and explaining their issues again and again right from the beginning. Outsourced call centres can eliminate this problem with the help of call conferencing software. When an agent is struggling to find an answer or solution to a customer query and would like to take the help from the senior call centre agent, they can do conferencing and deliver the fast resolution without having to transfer the call. This increases service quality and improves customer satisfaction rate.


Call Recording Software:

Call monitoring is an important aspect to ensure the utmost quality of customer services. Undoubtedly, having call monitoring capabilities are good, but are not enough for busy managers who don’t have time to listen to agent calls in a real-time. The solution is call recording software. Managers aiming to increase the service quality and boost agent productivity at an outsourced call centre will find that call monitoring software is an essential tool for leveraging the quality. Call recording allows managers to keep track of agent performance on call, irrespective of the fact when they work or where they work. Managers can listen to the recorded call with the help of software and provide appropriate feedback to their team to adjust the changes accordingly.


Real-Time Data Analytics Tool:

To deliver amazing customer support services, call centre agents are required to follow comprehensive metrics. Providing call centre agents with a real-time data analytics tool help in boosting customer services. This tool displays real-time metrics such as service level, average hold time, number of calls in queue, etc. and allows each agent to improve their performance with minimal management feedback. In addition, this tool helps managers to make data-driven decisions based on comprehensive metrics. 

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All these tools are essential for outsourced call centres that provide customer support services. Embracing a customer-centric strategy is imperative for any company looking forward to enhancing the customer service, customer loyalty and revenue streams. With the help of the right tools and little efforts, companies can render top-notch customer services in no time. 

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