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Why is Search Engine Marketing Indispensable in a Pandemic?

Posted by Prachi Priya

At times of any global pandemic, it is hard to keep regular control on business functions and a check on SEO efforts as usual. Surviving at times of crisis is hard especially when a disease becomes a human tragedy!

Nevertheless, businesses need to keep working until the virus threat ends to avoid survival concerns. This is where the need for continuing SEO efforts becomes indispensable.

You must be thinking that at times of a pandemic, the country goes into a major lockdown, so how can companies keep working as regular. Well, organizations today are digital and with technological advancements, there are many options to help the services function brilliantly off-premise. Companies in today’s era need to be ready for work-from-home facilities so that online measures help your business avoid lockdown threats.

As the global economy witnessed a subsequent downfall with the COVID-19 threat, it signifies that every country needs to be ready for any kind of pandemic always.

At the time of a human tragedy like the Coronavirus threat, businesses are becoming winners and some are not able to survive. This is the reason companies need to work on their search engine marketing efforts repeatedly to avoid any lockdown affect business growth.  

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What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an internet marketing strategy that helps companies boost their website visibility using paid advertising. SEM helps companies grow in this competitive era with strategical advertisements online to woo the potential customer.

Since the market is full of competitors, it is important to offer on-time, new, and out-of-the-box services. When a pandemic hits a country, most people are forced to be in quarantine, which is why businesses need to keep themselves stabilized with SEM that helps to promote business products and services online.  

At times of any tragedy like Coronavirus, everybody has started looking for things online. Whether it is daily grocery or other essential things, online is the king!

After all, nobody wishes to risk their lives visiting stores when they have an online facility. Thus, make sure that your business is not stopping SEO efforts. Online services help a business grow fast even at times of downfall.


To know more about the reasons businesses need to continue their search engine marketing efforts at such tough times, check out the reasons below:


Want cash? Do Search Engine Marketing!

When a country’s economy shuts down by a human tragedy, cash becomes the king. To make sure that your services reach the customer, SEM can help. Both paid and organic search engine marketing helps your customer get what they want through online mediums.

With the help of SEM, it is easy to generate leads and sales and connect to the people who are actually in need of the business-related product/service.

Taking for example, the restaurant bookings have massively collapsed after the virus outbreak. Nevertheless, this does not mean these companies will stop providing services and ads or working on their SEO. There are other way outs to reach the customer and get them reminded of the offerings. Thus, keep your search engine marketing efforts alive!

Even if people are quarantined and even if the economy is facing a downfall, the need for basic amenities will always be alive. This is where your online business can flourish and can even help the masses avoid chaos.

Thus, investing in an SEM program can anytime win for your business!


You can Measure Search Volume

Yes, you heard it right! Using SEM strategies, your search becomes measurable.

With SEM strategies at job, businesses can easily get to know the customers with immediate buying intent. It is equally essential to differentiate amid the customers that are in instant need to those who can wait because it makes deliveries easier.

At times of a life threat like the Coronavirus outbreak, the buyer behavior has changed along with the requirements. Therefore, companies need to look into mass requirements and make sure that the ads reach the customer on time.

Recently the demand for hand sanitisers rose vigorously, which also revealed the news of fake sanitisers being sold in the market. Picture source-

With the fact that the demand for your product can rise anytime, your SEM has to be commendable to make your website reach the audience on time.


People search in scarcity

Ever imagined people fighting for toilet paper! Well, yes, it is true. Recently a video went viral where women in a supermarket in Australia were seen fighting for toilet paper. This is what you can call The Corona-effect!

People have also sold out Hazmat suits from Amazon showing their fear from the virus. This also indicates that at times of such crisis, people opt searching products from businesses online.

Not only is this, but no sooner Amazon ran out of these suits, other sellers raised their prices!

Source- junglescout


Well, obviously, not everyone relies upon stores at such a time of tragedy. Thus, people search for online services, which is why businesses here need to utilize search engine marketing well.

In times of an economic downfall, there can be a scarcity of several things. Thus, SEM helps to know the customer requirements through multi-channel support and eventually helps businesses reach potential customer on time.  

What do search engine marketers do?

Well, the marketers look into the scarcity of the products/services and start ranking topics around the same. The SEO professionals also run campaigns explaining the things that are hard to find and ways to get the same.

This way they rank their page as it gets most views and can probably reach the customer if their requirement meets the business sales pattern.


People will Anyway need Products and Services

The world is not getting over, so the demand will never be extinct.

Since SEM paid or organic is the best way to reach the customer, thus, companies need not stop their SEO efforts and try keeping in contact with the clients, so that they reach them instantly when there is a need.

We are not saying that SEM is the ultimate fix, nevertheless, at times of crisis; small loopholes that businesses generally avoid can help them survive.  


Think positive!

It is important to think positive always!

Why are we insisting to continue SEM efforts is because eventually things will be normal after sometime and if you do not continue with your website’s SEO regulation frequently, the potential customer will turn to your competitor.

This is the reason it is important to get your customer reminded of your services always. SEM can reap benefits for you to enjoy later, so make efforts in downtimes.

Get started!

Thanks for reading!


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