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Why call centres in India have an optimistic impression towards global outsourcing industries?

Posted by Kavita Deuri
call centres in India

Indian call centres relish the assurance and trust of a global organisation. This country has been the first nation to stride into the call centre outsourcing industry.  Numerous multi-national companies based in the foreign land have already shipped their call centre processes to India. India, in the 21st Century, is a developing hub for several global industries. It is regarded to be an ideal outsourcing service provider. Presently, some of the world’s global Goliath organisations have their bases in India from where they offer customer related services to clients worldwide. Success stories narrated by veteran businessman about outsourcing their call centres services to India have encouraged other massive global organisations to contract out their customer services to this country. India has always been a successful leader in giving their organisations a competitive edge.

Even though other countries like China, the Philippines, and Malaysia have outsourcing amenities, but international establishments have always preferred to outsource call centres to India. Call centres India have always been the most favored location as India offers an extensive variation of benefits that other Asian countries fail to provide. Many global firms are setting up customer contact centres in India because India has a highly qualified labour force and can also provide affordable call centre outsourcing services.

A few reasons are listed below why outsourcing customer contact services to India apparently makes sense for business houses:


Highly educated labour force

India is popular for two basic reasons; one is population and the other one is tech-savvy professionals. Call centres in India have a huge number of IT literate, trained and adept technicians in comparison to other Asian call centres. Most Indians eat, breathe and excrete in English because this country has the highest number of English-speaking people after the USA. Thanks to the good institutes, Indians are well-qualified to hold the outsourcing foundation forever.

Dedicated call centre outsourcing services

Call centres India have great experience in providing proficient customer services for international organisations. Services are likely to include inbound and outbound call centre, telemarketing services, technical support services, email marketing, disaster recovery services, chat support services etc. are available extensively across every Indian call centre. IT enabled services such as helpdesk services, services related to accounting and transaction, remote network management and end-to-end processing are also hosted by the call centres established in India. Moreover, one of the best cost-effective measures for an enhanced call centres services seeker are facilitated in India without compromising on quality. Advanced and developed technology, resources, efficient labour force, operational expertise is also available in these contact centres.

Round-the clock service

International companies have been shipping their customer related processes to a trusted vendor in India because of India’s time zone advantages. Indian call centre agents are available for customers round-the-clock because of its twelve hour time difference. Companies based in the US, the UK and Australia have been able to ensure virtuous, efficient and resourceful 24*7 customer support.

Supportive Indian policy

The government of India has always been a supportive hand to the outsourcing industry. The Indian government has allowed custom free exports of capital commodities and has exempted the industry from tax on the export of ITES. Furthermore, the government of India has assisted Indians in building software technology pool that is facilitated with the latest telecom amenities and infrastructure.

Modern technology and sophisticated infrastructure

Modern technology, sophisticated infrastructure, and software to provide high-end customer services are employed for call centres India. Privatisation and reduction in the price of internet services, telecom and cellular services are experienced by the Indian call centres. These facilities have given India a chance to explore and expand their infrastructure as compared to other locations.

call centres in India CTA

Cost saving call-centre services

Nowhere in Asia or other locations will you find call centres that provide you contact support services for an effective price without compromising on the quality. The Indian call centre services are fifty percent lower than the US or the UK. Low-cost manpower which is available in India allows global organisations to outsource their services without negotiating the quality of service. Cost efficient measures have encouraged myriad international companies to outsource their services at a great value of money.

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Assuring proficient organisational skills, experience and time management services call centres in India have outstretched the industry in every nook and corner of India. Confidante with the international organisations and global firm, Indian call centres have never failed to sustain the intimacy of business growth. 

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