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Why are WFM Tools Necessary in Call Centre Companies?

Posted by Sukriti Saini

Just like every other industry, call centre industry also faces stiff competition. In order to withstand such competition or maybe stay ahead of the competition, they deploy various latest technology, infrastructure, brilliant employees and what not.

However, even after managing and maintaining everything perfectly, they fail to grow. Wondering what the possible reason of that could be, they end up realizing that the loophole is in their workforce.

But when you have already hired the best candidates for each job position then what could be going wrong? Is it the lethargic and passive behavior of your human resource?

If yes, then in order to control the large workforce that your office has, the only thing you can do is keep an eye on them through KPIs and other WFM tools. Not doing so isn’t an option as maintaining the attendance and keeping a check on the performance of so many agents individually is practically impossible. The tools to track attendance and time, administer payroll, plan career, manage talent and similar are very helpful in managing the workforce efficiently. While the tools manage the team well, the KPIs keep a check on their performance.

The tools and software free a call centre services provider from the added strain. It frees his mind as every aspect of WFM gets automated and error-free, the authorities can better focus on making plans to excel in the domain. Also, the call centre personnel maintains their performance.

There are many other benefits of putting WFM tools and software to use in your call centre companies. Keep reading to know what they are.

Makes agents more efficacious-

The reps work efficiently as they know that certain KPIs are employed to check the performance of employees. This makes them more vigilant while they are in the office as they know that now their manager will get to know how diligently they are working. No agent will work absent mindedly.

On the other hand, without these measures, your call centre services in UK will get affected as if not all, some will start working lazily.

Is really cost-effective-

The management tools and software you use helps in increasing the return on investment (ROI). The agents come and leave on time and the time they spend in office is not wasted in gossiping or roaming around. The agents don’t take long breaks which in turn ensures the time they are present in office is used productively. Also, the cost of employee management cuts down to nearly 20 to 25 % because of these tools. 

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Improves customer experience-

The customer experience improves due to workforce management due to obvious reasons. When the agents start adhering to the office leaving and coming timings and break timings, the office work gets more time. Also, when the office team is disciplined, your call centre in UK improve automatically. The agents deal directly with the customers of your clients and when they put their best foot forward to handle every customer, the customer experience gets better with each day. In short, this uplifts the rapport of your call centre in the industry. As a result of which the companies looking for outsourcing their call centre functions turn up to you rather than going to your competitors. 

Saves a lot of time-

Managing workforce is inevitable for every business and that is why no call centre services provider can thrive in the industry without doing it for long. But doing it manually without the help of tools and software is very impractical as it consumes a lot of your time. Using the WFM tools automates every function related to workforce management. This leaves you with ample of time which you can use in doing more productive things.

Raises the morale of agents-

The workforce management also has the provision for employee training. Good training sessions help the agents in boosting their confidence and morale. When they are being told the latest updates in technology, more effective scripts, tips for improving their communication skills, even more, they start doing their work in an even better manner. All this improves the repute of your call centre as well.

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Lastly, use WFM tools and software to monitor the working and to ensure that every function is being carried out smoothly by your human resource. Never use it so robustly that it ends up making the working environment unpleasant and suffocating for the workers. 

Nevertheless, now that you know the benefits and how badly your company needs it, use it now to your advantage.

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