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Why are availing Call Centre Services beneficial for Business?

Posted by Rahul Garg

‘Do what you do best, and outsource the rest.’’

                                                                                                —Peter F. Drucker

For any business, securing a stronger relationship with customers is the first priority. This is so because customers are the pillar on which the business stands. In a nutshell, no customers mean zero profit.

Unlike multinationals, small or medium-sized companies think that they can handle customer service requests by running an in-house call centre. Owing to this delusion, they fail to keep up with the competition and face a colossal financial loss in the end.

Of course, we aren’t saying that running an in-house call centre is a bad decision. The factor that makes the difference is whether you have the required resources and experience or not. Generally, it is believed that multinational companies get success because they have a lot of money to invest. But the truth behind their success is that they know what they should do and what they shouldn’t.

To make the business successful in today’s hyper-competitive market, it is suggested to avail call centres services from BPO companies.

Do you want to know how BPO firms’ call centre services could be beneficial for your business? Have a look at the below-mentioned pointers:

1. Better consistency during peak hours

The number of customers starts increasing when the business grows. With every new customer, the responsibility of providing quality support service gets increased on the business owners’ shoulders.

However, managing customer service queries isn’t an easy task to do because of the fluctuations. Here, running an in-house call centre doesn’t seem the best choice for business owners because overstaffing could be harmful to the business’s bottom line whereas understaffing could lead to the mismanagement of queries.

So, it is advisable for business owners to get a specialised service provider on board as BPO companies can easily deliver reliable solutions during the peak and off-peak hours. Are you wondering how BPO firms can ensure high consistency as support requests vary so frequently?                    

Well, BPO firms monitor previous customer service interactions in order to be prepared for the oscillations of support service requests. Owing to their capability to predict upcoming traffic of customer service queries, they manage support agents to the perfection. As a result, BPO firms render quality support service smoothly. 

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2. No more call abandonment

Do you know the medium that customers usually prefer to make contact with the company? Thinking about email? Well, you are wrong here because customers mainly make contact by placing a call. Industry reports also buttress this fact by telling that the telephone medium is preferred by 60% of customers.

Dealing with a myriad of customer calls could give an exasperating experience, and ignoring support service requests could create a negative image of the brand. In order to prevent the hassle of call abandonment, BPO firms’ services are generally advised to avail.

BPO companies can easily handle customer call traffic as they have been doing this for more than 10 years. Furthermore, BPO firms could turn customers into the brand advocates as the former know how to provide impeccable resolutions swiftly.

3. Improve the business’s bottom line

Keeping the focus on core competencies is obviously important. But ignoring customers’ queries could lead to the downfall. This is so because customers are the factor that can take the business to the new heights or put it in a hole.

To manage support requests properly, it is imperative to have proficient agents, avant-garde technology, etc. However, bringing such resources could affect the business’s bottom line significantly. Moreover, there is no guarantee that in-house staff would meet the customers’ expectations during the interaction.

Here, availing call centres services from BPO firms could be proved as the best ever decision. This is so because call centre outsourcing companies have vast experience in handling support service queries, and that’s why they are the first choice of global organisations.

4. Make the business available 24/7

There was a time when solely providing support service during the business hours was enough to keep customers happy. Nowadays, this tactic doesn’t work anymore, and the most cited reason behind that is customers want companies to be available round-the-clock to solve issues. In the business world, customers’ wish is deemed as the command for the organisations.

However, being available round-the-clock could be difficult for the business owners because of two reasons:

  • The operational cost would be amplified.
  • Core business activities may not get proper attention.

Here, the significance of BPO organisations gets increased because they offer around-the-clock support service at the nominal rate.

So, if you are an owner of a business and willing to live up to the expectations of your customers, it is recommended to choose an outsourcing partner as soon as possible.

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