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What are the Features of Call Centre Systems?

Posted by Sukriti Saini
What are the Features of Call Centre Systems_

Every company needs to outsource its call centre functions to a reliant call centre service provider. However, the work of a company doesn’t end after choosing the call centre, they also need to decide the features they would like to avail for their company. A company cannot decide what it wants till the time it is oblivion to the features and their relevance.

Hence, in this blog, we tell you the different type of call centre features. Take a look.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)-

This is a must-have for the call centre service provider. It is so as the calls are received in high volume and it becomes essential to have a software that routes every call automatically. This saves a lot of time and resources. The tool distributes the call according to the option chosen by the caller at the time of IVR. Any agent dealing with the problem chosen by the caller who is free is connected to the caller. This feature is so basic that it is hard to find a call centre that doesn’t have this feature.

Call Center Monitoring and Analytics-

It is very important to keep a check on the performance of the agents. If some agent isn’t performing well, the call centre service provider should know about it. This feature helps the provider in analyzing the performance of the agents so that he can remunerate and promote them accordingly. Moreover, this will also help the agent in understanding the training needs of the agents. Though it is optional for call centers to have this, but having this feature helps the call centre in improving the services they provide. Checking these also lets you compile stats be it hourly, daily, monthly or weekly.

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Call recording-

Recording calls makes it possible for the supervisors and managers to understand the qualities that their agents lack in. Moreover, this also helps the outsourcing company in keeping a record of the calls which might be demanded by the clients. Because the calls received and dialed are many, storing them becomes a bit of an issue if you would not use cloud-hosted systems. This will also save the money that you would otherwise need to spend on new hardware.

3-way calling and call transfer-

It is very important for every call centre to have this feature integrated into their systems as this gives access to thirds party. Many times a caller chooses the wrong option in the IVR and gets connected to the wrong agent. In this situation, this feature comes handy as this allows the agent to transfer the call to the right agent.

Contact Management-

This feature makes it easy for a call centre service provider to attach the important information related to every call to the call file. In the long run, this feature helps the call centre a lot. It helps the agents in knowing the history of interaction m, the problem they faced earlier and the region they stay in.

Workstation Recording-

Recording the workstation activities is also very necessary. Basically, this enables the outsourced call centre services provider to record the activities performed by the agents on their desktops. An insight into this will allow you to know what the agents are doing and how. The same will help in getting an idea of the best practices and the worst practices. These points can later be shared with the agents during the meetings.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)-

IVR stands for Interactive Voice response and this software enables the callers to direct their calls to the right agent. The IVR has automated voice, the callers have to listen to it and press the number after hearing it. This is how this function helps in simple routing. The work pressure on the agents decreases while allowing the callers to serve themselves in a better way.

Live Call Coaching-

This feature is a bliss to the call centres. It allows the agent dealing with the caller to hear the trainer in real- time without the caller getting a hint of it. This is an advanced way to train the fresh talent in a much better way.

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Predictive Dialer-

A predictive dialer is a great call centre system feature as it helps the agents in dialling numbers. It creates a list of phone numbers that can be used for the purpose of calling individuals randomly to promote the company and its products. So, the numbers and dialled and if anyone picks up the phone then only the agent is connected to the call. This saves a lot of time of the agents.

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