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Top Technology Trends to Improve Customer Experience

Posted by Taniya arya
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Today’s customer-centric approach is fueling organisations to keep an eye on latest trends that have potential to transform or disrupt their business operations. In this era, every business wants to collaborate with technology, which is supported by structured data, enhanced by sensors and completely automated by connected devices to render customised experience to their customers. 

Undoubtedly, we have seen some exciting innovations in 2016 right from Oculus virtual rift to  Tesla’s driverless car that still continuing to bring sensation among the rivals. Today, innovative  leaders are trying extremely hard to deliver exceptional customer experience (CX) to truly differentiate themselves from competitors. With technology-led innovation, consumers are getting confident that major brands are going extra miles to ensure that their expectations are met. 

"According to a post on Gartner, it has found that 89% of executives believe that customer experience will be their primary mode of competition by the end of this year."

Listed below are the top exciting customer experience technology trends that will play an increasingly important role for companies in the forthcoming time. 


Omni-Channel Service:

It is a quite exasperating task for any customer to repeat problems to multiple customer care agents. An Omni-channel approach is a key to turn frustrated customers into contended ones. Although, it is not a new concept but the approach is still in its infancy. Unlike moving beyond with simply adding a channel, effective and ingenious Omni-channel service in the near future will be based on past interactions and consumer data to render a flawless experience across multiple service channels. It is no longer for companies to just respond to customer queries. They have to respond quickly and with the relevant information to ensure that their customers are contended. Most importantly, companies must deliver the experience in a way that it fosters long-lasting relationship with the customers. 


Augmenting Personalisation through Big Data:

This new technology is transforming the way businesses operate and communicate with their customers. Big-Data will help companies to derive more operational efficiencies from existing investments.  It examines a broad range of sources that not only includes structured information like customer purchase interactions, customer relationship management (CRM) data, intelligence from industry partners, but also unstructured data which comes through smorgasbord of social media networks. By leveraging Big Data, businesses looking forward to multiplying their revenues can handle customers like individuals and build strong customer relationships. The result of this personalised experience is extremely in favor of a business as a customer is more likely to buy products/services in future. It enables brands to envision what customer will ask for and help them improve customer interactions. In addition, Big-Data allows businesses to identify customer pain-points and passion-points more effectively. 


Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the name implies is the technology that tries to imitate human behavior and thought processes. In this tech-oriented age, it is no more the preserve for giant IT firms, as small and medium-sized companies are increasingly adopting it to a great effect. With AI, companies offering outsourced call centre services can learn more from their interactions with customers so that they will further foster customer care team with more useful information. Interestingly, more advanced AI systems will strengthen decision-making ability just like a human to provide quick, actionable responses to an individual customer. The development of AI will have great impact on contact centre industry as it allows businesses to scale through individually-relevant conversations and automate business process completely. 


Leveraging Instant Messaging to Offer Real-Time Communication:

It is true that exceptional customer experience depends heavily on a brand’s capability and/or power to communicate with its customers in a real-time environment. With the help of key insights garnered through Big-Data combined with artificial intelligence, businesses offering call centre outsourcing services will have an opportunity to collect quick feedbacks. This further boosts a more effective communication with customers in a real-time environment. But companies should put endeavors to shift from traditional communication environment to a technology-oriented environment. In addition to providing customer support online through social media, instant messaging from mobile is a critical channel to consider. Today 2.5 billion people across the world use mobile apps– and this figure is expected to reach 3.6 billion by 2018. Although the number of mobile users are increasing rampantly, but still there is a host of businesses that are reluctant to adopt messaging as a medium to expand their customer communication. Being the most dominant communication channel in today’s workplace, mobile instant messaging is expected to deliver a vistas of opportunities for businesses across all domains in 2016 as well as in the years to come. 

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As brands progress into customer-centric model, they will consistently explore new ways to delight customers. The end result of adopting new trends will be a positive experience for both customers and businesses.

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