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The Rise of BPOs with Modern Call Centre Technologies!

Posted by Prachi Priya

One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.

Jim Rohn

All mid-sized and developed call centre companies crave for something different and a new idea every time. This is because customer demand keeps on changing and businesses have to be up-to-date to be in the good books of the client.

Well, as every call centre company has to handle customer support functions for most of the clients, they need to know the latest trends to attain customer satisfaction.

The changing technology trends are the key to supreme customer satisfaction, thus every call centre service providing firm needs to make sure that it has the adequate technology in use.  Your competitor might be using the latest tools and maybe winning your lead’s heart, thus do not leave any chance and learn all about the latest techniques to augment customer experience and to boost sales for your company.

Rising customer expectations can be met with the use of technology trends, so why risking customer satisfaction! The major issues that deteriorated customer experience were rising call hold times, monotonous work systems, lack of professional answering the agents, lack of expertise, threat to data, and slow systems. Nevertheless these drawbacks can be minimized with technology trends in use.

Want to know about them?


Well, here we list the technology trends that you must know. These are great for call centres and have helped this industry augment in this time of changing systems. Check out:


Call Centre Technologies boost up with Digital Systems

BPO companies aim to deliver supreme customer satisfaction for the clients they are working for and new digital channels can help deliberately in the same.

Digital growth is the new trend for call centres as most of the customers are available on social channels looking for services on the same. Thus the modern digital systems are the key to better customer experience.

Don’t you look for a service provider over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram to check and buy from them? Well, this is where digital systems have modernized functions.


Source- thenextweb

Earlier calling services were the only way for call centres to reach the prospects. Nevertheless, today, digital systems have modernized various aspects of call centre functioning. Not only is this, but the customers too look for a provider who has the knowledge of the latest trends and can be accessed over digital systems.

In 2020, where everything is moving towards digitalization, the use of latest technologies is a must. Avoiding the same, companies may be losing the loyal partners to the competitors.

Thus using social mediums and other digital payments and online platforms to connect to the customer is obligatory.


The Cloud Model

Call centres companies today are at boom for a big reason because they have integrated the cloud-model to their functions.

With the help of cloud systems, a call centre company can make their agents available to help the customers 24X7. The cloud technology helps the agents access the business systems over a remote network accessed through internet connection.

This way, in times of a pandemic, or a situation where the agent is not able to come to office, the call support functions can be easily handled remotely without any hindrance.


Source- apogaeis

Earlier such a technique was not available where agents could perform business functions without physical presence. Previously, call centres had to have agents on-board to take care of the monotonous functions, nevertheless, today a cloud model technology takes care of remote functions.

This is one big reason why most companies are also promoting Work from Home (WFH) as they can handle most functions without any issue.

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Artificial Intelligence in Call Centre Technologies

Most of the technology trends that are reshaping the call centre industry have their roots with AI. Why so?

Well, this is because AI has revolutionized the technologies with an automated touch and has made the monotonous functions simpler.

Artificial intelligence helps call centres by collecting the data from the customer interactions and then analyzing the same to bring results that can help in further development.

Such an automated measure to simplify business functions was not available before. This is one main reason call abandonment, call queues, and late problem resolution were major setbacks of call centres.

However, with automated AI technologies, call centres have resolved these shortcomings. AI also helps with Chatbot services.

These bots are artificial answering agents who can answer customer queries over texts, email, and calls through an automated system. Call centres just have to integrate the answers to the most frequently asked questions in the bots’ system and the bots answers the callers thereafter with auto-generated answers.


Source- salesforce

Moreover, the technical questions that the bots cannot answer are automatically transferred to an expert live agent so that customer satisfaction is not at risk.

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Isn’t the technology amazing and is a great way to boosting customer satisfaction?


Voice Recognition

AI-based voice biometrics systems introduced are like the guardian angel for call centre companies. These help to secure the data threat issues with automated services and make their voice as passwords.

Isn’t it an amazing way to secure cyber threat concerns? Well, it is indeed and over the top the omni-channel services secure it more.


Proactive Marketing Systems

This technology helps to decide customer services depending on the requirements the user shows. With the help of proactive marketing, agents get to know the real-time customer desires and by using the same information, the adequate advancements in business functions are easier to make, thereafter boosting customer satisfaction.

This technology helps to move as the customer demands moves on. Customer requirements keep on changing which is why meeting the same is essential to keep up with the market demand. Call centres feed up the agents with real-time information of the customer needs to be extracted through proactive marketing systems, thus gaining customer satisfaction is easier.

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Advanced Self-Assisting Tools

Monotonous functions have always been a drawback for call centre service providers. It is the major reason why every call centre company faced high attrition leading to repetitive hiring and training compulsions.

Nevertheless, tools like FAQs and tutorials help to educate customers easily and resolve their non-technical issues without the need for a live agent. With such advancement, most of the call centre functions are simplified with an automated touch leading to a huge support to BPOs.


The ground for call centre technologies identifies self-assisting tools as one of the best time-savvy tool that help BPOs with easy service performance.

In the time to come, most companies will switch to self-assisting tools as firms know that it can help to free most of the in-house staff from the repetitive job of answering similar queries again and again.

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After all, it is essential to give time in crucial business development functions, rather than wasting time in un-productive responsibilities.

Thanks for reading!

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