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The Paradigm Shift in Call Center Services!

Posted by Prachi Priya
call center services

Over the last decade, call centers are rapidly evolving with modern technologies. To keep the business in the forefront, it is imperative to analyse modern trends and live up to the customers’ expectations. When we talk about the innovative ideas for outsourcing call centre companies, it is substantial to accept the changes and keep the business’ product/services up-to-date to boost performance.

Implementing innovative ideas, call centers augment customer support service. The traditional call center functions required a team of agents on-board to answer customers’ requests manually. This required investment in hiring and training a team of agents repeatedly to meet the rising requirements. However, implementing today’s modern innovations help to drive down costs and simplify services to the customer.

Whether it is about outbound or inbound call centres, gaining a competitive advantage over the rivals is easy with modern technologies. Your customers might turn up to the competitor offering better support services, thus work on the top industry trends to enhance performance levels. Note that the industry trends keep on changing, thus work on new ideas to woo the customers’ interest. As a call center company, you need to revolutionize as rapidly as the technology changes.

Why do Call Center Services need Innovation?

Innovation can take the business even further. Living up to the customers’ expectations in today’s competitive epoch is tough, thus it is integral for BPOs to modernize the business operations for customer convenience.

As per the reports by Forrester, 72% of companies say improving customer experience is their top priority. Every company aims at ensuring optimum customer satisfaction, which also increases the demand for outsourcing call centre firms. Since customer satisfaction is supreme, thus more companies willingly outsource to BPOs to get their customer support responsibility handled well. This is where call centers need to work on their service execution ideas, as it uplifts customer experience.

Call centers aim at offering splendid support services; consequently, innovating with modern technologies cannot be secondary.

Moving further, there are several reasons for call centers to adopt innovations.

Ways Outsourcing Call Centre can Augment Service Performance with Innovation:


Agent Coaching

Highlighting the revolution in call centre functions, the fact that all industries need a radical transformation after a certain period needs emphasis. Accepting innovations helps to uplift service results and assists in living up to the needs of the market remarkably.

The traditional outbound and inbound call centres catered to 24X7-customer support services. The managers’ reviewed the agents’ performance based on calls. Bringing some advancements, call centres can augment processes by allowing self-coaching sessions for the agents. Yes, a manager will be available for supervision. Nevertheless, agents reviewing their calls to analyse weak points can help improve better.

Even the most experienced agent needs to learn new ideas with changing times, thus conducting self-coaching sessions can bring productive results. Accessing calls to analyse service performance helps to improve answers to the customers in the future.

With self-coaching sessions, agents gain efficiency. By analysing ones’ service hindrances, it is easy to deliver the desirable call support service. Self-coaching assists with the best feedback, so do your BPO Company offer this opportunity.

Managers giving feedback may bring different results. However, agents evaluating their performance with self-coaching sessions have the capability of bringing more valued outputs.

Multi-channel Availability

Speaking about call center services augmenting with modern technologies, the availability of multi-channel support is a must. Today’s call centres need to have agents that offer enriched customer support on multiple channels. Customers can try connecting to the business online, through Facebook, emails, or maybe texts, and the call centre agent has to be proficient in all.

Companies outsource their customer support responsibility so that experts handle the responsibility. Therefore, when call centres offer multichannel support; they can deliver enriched results ensuring boosted customer satisfaction.

It is highly significant for businesses to be available at support especially when the customers need assistance. Research shows that call centres that deliver customer-centric services and those that cater to customers’ convenience tend to augment brand image better.

As a BPO company, you need to test the channels with the highest customer availability and ensure that you have agents to offer excellent support service on the same.

Expert Agents

Innovation is the key to boosting business revenue. Not only for the outsourcing call centre companies, but this works for all industries. Traditionally, BPOs had designated agents for outbound and inbound call centres. Nevertheless, the same needs innovation by turning the employees into blended call centre agents.

By blended BPO agents’ we mean the agents that can handle both inbound and outbound calls. The market requirements are increasing, thus agents need to be proficient enough to handle various responsibilities.

In today’s massively changing era, cross-training helps to ensure supreme customer satisfaction with limited agents. Besides, it also ensures agents’ availability at the time of high call volumes. Call centres aim at boosting customer satisfaction and by cross-training, BPOs subsequently reduce wait times by increasing agents’ efficiency.

IVR Systems

Interactive Voice Response software helps call centres to interact with customers in a series of automated menus. Have you come across a voice on a call saying, “To interact with our representative, press 1”, “To register a technical issue, press 2”, etc. This is with the help of an IVR telephony software technology.

IVR helps call centres reduce call volume by offering self-service options to the customer. Self-service is all about offering the customer a set of videos, blogs, and texts through IVR technology to meet requirements without the need for a manual agent.

As a cost-friendly tool, IVR helps call centres limit expenses and boost customer satisfaction. Besides, it also boosts First Call Resolution enhancing customer experience.


Call center services receive an automated touch with Chatbot innovation. Talking about the advancements call centres witnessed with changing times, the introduction of chatbots is none other than a blessing.

Chatbots are AI-driven agents offering 24X7 customer support without the need for human agents. Bots answer calls, texts, emails via text, or text-to-speech. It uses artificial intelligence tech i.e. machine learning and natural language processing to answer customer requests instantly giving real-time support to the customer.

Traditionally outbound and inbound call centres had live agents answering customers wherein clients had to wait in long queues to get their queries answered. Nevertheless, with chatbots, AI understands human conversation and by exhibiting intelligent behaviour, it delivers an adequate reply to the query.

Consequently, call centres today have better tools to deliver stupendous customer support service. Every BPO company needs to leverage the use of chatbots rather than sticking to traditional time taking manual operations.

Sensible Skill Assessment

For the companies employing innovations to bring their call centre to the forefront, ensuring adequate skill assessment of the employees is vital.  To ensure enriched customer satisfaction, look for employees that have adequate skills to meet the market trends.

Employing an agent with less experience in the required field is not only a hurdle to efficient service performance but leads to deteriorated customer experience. Identify the agents’ skill set before hiring so that she/he proves to be an asset to the company.

Hiring adequate experts help to limit attrition, moreover, training, and bringing productive outputs is easy with agents that have an understanding of their responsibility.

Ending Note:

New trends keep on emerging every year. The time to come has a combination of human agents and AI-driven technologies boosting the call centre operations. Call center services will be a relationship hub, as a healthy relationship draws more customers towards the business.

Innovations like skill-based call routing, web chat, voice biometrics for customer data security, remote working, and IoT (Internet of Things) is all set to replace traditional BPO services.

What are you up to?

If you run an outsourcing call centre firm, you need to be aware of the new tools and techniques. After all, customer satisfaction is all we aim.

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