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The Must-Have Features in Call Centre Software!

Posted by Prachi Priya

Life is Uncertain! Whether we talk about business services or daily life activities, nobody knows what is to happen next! This is the reason it is vital to have an adequate plan for everything. To run a business or while performing daily life chores, we need to have plans on what to do next.

If you are a company running a call centre business, there are some features that you need to integrate into your software. To deliver adequate call support service, it is vital to have the satisfactory call centre software features. What are they?

Well, outsourcing companies in UK emphasize that the use of correct software can ease customer satisfaction. Since call centre companies are known for delivering excellent telephone answering service, most companies outsource their customer support to them. Nevertheless, outsourcing to the correct partner is the most significant!

Here are the Features to be included in Call Centre Software:

  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Skill-based Call Routing
  • Call Recording Facility
  • Call Tracking and Monitoring
  • CRM Integration
  • Live Call Transfer

Well, when a business is receiving too many calls at the same time, it wishes to have a team of agents to look after the increasing calls. Organizations can either outsource the call support to a reliable experienced partner or hire and train to answer agents in-house.

Well, outsourcing to a call centre company is better as it is cost-savvy than in-house hiring and is hassle-free too. While outsourcing, your business just needs to keep a check that the potential call answering company has adequate features in their call centre software.

Not integrating these features in the software, call centres face numerous challenges, thus make sure you have a reliable partner at support.

A pandemic just like COVID-19 can hit anytime, thus your partner has to be up with the latest technologies in use. So, before finalizing your partner check their call management system adequately.


Check out the listed features and their perquisites:


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Your call centre partner needs to have an ACD feature in its software. With the help of ACD, the automatic distribution of calls to the adequate agent is assured. With such a feature, there is no risk of call abandonment and high call wait times that ruined customer satisfaction earlier is abandoned now.

Hiring and training agents over the usage and perks of automatic call distribution can cost high. Thus, it is better to outsource the call support so that an external agent handles the secondary functions and the in-house experts are free to focus on other essential responsibilities.

The ACD feature routes call based on performance, location, least occupied and routing to idle systems.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

The IVR system helps a call centre be available at service 24X7. How?


IVR works via DTMF keypad tones that help in giving customized response to the customers.


This way call centres integrate customized responses and help your company provide 24X7X365 services. You can also call IVRs “Virtual Receptionists”.

IVR helps your business greet the customer with a welcome message. This helps to boost the customer’s experience and by managing customer-business interactions in local languages, it becomes easy to win trust too. Thus look for a telephone answering service provider who can help you with IVR facility.


Call Recording

Outsourcing companies in UK make sure to offer call recording to their clients. Why is it essential?

Well, data security is a great cause of concern. Along with the same, losing control of the business functions is again a great threat that businesses feel from outsourcing


This is why companies provide customer-agent call recordings so that the partner builds trust in the company.

Before finalizing your call answering partner, ask them whether they provide call recordings. Confirm them only once you are assured that they would work on your terms and conditions.

Call recordings help to resolve all issues that may be caused between the business and the customer by just listening to the recording.

However, call centre agents are professionals and will never let your business land up into a situation of customer dissatisfaction.


Skill-Based Call Routing

Every business needs to research the partner before finalizing to outsource. Several call centre companies perform skill-based call routing, so look for a partner that categorizes agents depending upon their expertise, language, location, etc.


This call routing is done by reading the callers’ inputs and routing the call to the most adequate agent. Thus, check that your call centre partner promises you this facility.

With skill-based call routing, you can resolve any issue easily as the query is routed to a specialized expert, thus reducing any possibility of the customer remaining dissatisfied.

Since skill-based routing can elevate customer satisfaction, so why would a company outsource to a partner who lacks this perk!


Live Call Transfer

Outsource to a call centre partner that has a live call transfer facility. With the help of this benefit, it is easy to boost customer satisfaction.

Well, live call transfer helps to transfer the call of a customer without disconnecting it. Make sure that your service provider has this advantage so that in any case where the agent is not able to satisfy the customer, the same call is transferred to an expert easily.


Without this facility, your provider will not be able to help you gain the same customer confidence as a competitor who has a live call transfer facility can win!

With live call transfer, you can also reduce call wait time enhancing customer experience for you. So look for a partner with a live call transfer advantage.


Call Monitoring

A call tracking facility keeps a check on each call, reporting the way the agent answers a caller. With the help of monitoring facility, tracking has now become easy, which was hassling earlier. 

With the help of call monitoring, the staff knows that they are being monitored and thus performs functions accordingly.

So make sure that the partner you choose has this facility and helps you perform the best. A call centre company that does not have call monitoring and tracking may land you into data threat issues, so keep a check!



Partnering a company having CRM integration, you get a 360-degree view of the callers.


When a customer calls, the caller’s information can be viewed easily. This way the agent has the information of the customer along with the problems or queries she/he has raised.

With CRM, the agent gets access to the caller’s earlier events, notes, chat transcripts, etc. which helps in easing customer experience.

Things can be maintained in a hassle-free manner with such efficient CRM integration making your services well-organized.

So, why hassling things in-house when you can excel with a reliable outsourced partner!


Ending Words:

A telephone answering service is not only about professional answering agents on-board, however, about having efficient call centre software by the side. With such software, businesses can not only earn enhanced customer experience but can brilliantly minimize monotonous functions.

So, look for a partner who believes in smart work!

Thanks for reading!

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