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The Benefits of Marketing Automation for SMEs

Posted by Taniya arya
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Need an instant air ticket to fly for a business meeting? Your phone has an app to book the flight ticket in a jiffy. Need some cash amount in the middle of the night? You can access 24/7 ATM facility to get the cash whenever you need. Forgot to fill your daily need items? You have the option to jot down the essentials from an e-grocery store without going anywhere. Technology has made all the things easier that we have ceased to notice its presence in our lives. 

Without denial of the fact that technology has completely immersed into our personal lives, but it is surprising to know that we are still performing many professional activities in a conventional, long-winded way. For instance, data accrued from VentureBeat presents that a mere 5% of businesses use marketing automation software regardless of its impeccable benefits. 


Now, you might be thinking of its benefits. The same study has illustrated that among the businesses that do use marketing automation tools has gained some benefits cited below.
• 80% have experienced growth in lead generation 
• 77% of them see high conversion rate

What is marketing automation? It comes in many shapes and sizes. It basically refers to the software that aims to automate marketing actions. With the help of this automated software, you can better understand user behavior and you can directly engage your visitors on social media. In fact, there is a wide variety of tasks that marketing automation software perform.    


In this blog, we have listed some great marketing software or tools that SMEs can leverage at every stage of the marketing funnel without creating a hole in their pockets. 


Email Marketing:

It is no secret that email marketing holds the top most position in digital marketing to drive ROI and offers your business probably the most convenient way to outreach the target audience.  As per the study conducted by Direct Marketing Association, email marketing produces a return of $38 on every dollar you spend.  Among many email marketing platform available in the market, Get Response is the best platform that features an intuitive interface, well-integrated functionality (like importing mailing lists, drag and drop email building, and DIY landing pages). Interestingly, it is a highly economical option for your business.


Social Media Listening:

Social media listening is all about understanding your users, determining what they actually think about your brand, product/service and competitors.  An exceptional tool like Meltwater is the best pick to improve your brand awareness and reach a wide audience. It performs a great job of tracking every tweet, share or mention of your brand across different social media networks. On top of that, it picks up conversations about your brand, important mentions, keywords of top management, blogs and so on that spread your brand awareness across the globe. 


File Storage and Sharing:

When it comes to data storage and sharing platforms, Box is the peerless choice. With a Box account, you can get access to a secure cloud storage service that is expandable depending upon your personal needs. From Word and Power Point documents to video files, this platform supports multitude of file formats. You can share large chunks of data within your internal team or even non-subscribers with a simple URL which can be previewed.  Moreover, it is featured with the automatic version control that helps in organising your documents and reducing errors. 


Tracking and Analytics:

All your marketing endeavors go futile if you don’t have a reliable way of tracking and measuring the impact that they have on the business. The primary way of measuring marketing impact’s on the bottom line is by tracking key website metrics that present visitor that convert into leads. If gathering web data is your major objective, then Google Analytics is the compelling solution. However, if you want to get an in-depth analysis to understand what your web traffic infers about your business, Moz is the elegant option. It gives you the actionable insights on improving your website visibility, engagement and conversions. Moreover, it helps in competitive research, keyword analysis and tracking of your website’s entire backline profile. 

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Every business should incorporate these automated marketing tools to perform better and deliver significant results. Small businesses can consider uk call centre to outsource their marketing needs.   

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