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RPA: A Blessing for BPOs!

Posted by Prachi Priya

Business process outsourcing companies are multitasking firms where the agents are required to be efficient enough to handle the monotonous functions. If you are willing to build your career as a call centre agent, you need to be prepared to answer repetitive calls all day.

Nevertheless, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) has altered various functions for the BPO Company. Earlier outbound call centre and inbound services used to be the guardian angel wherein the BPOs revolved around these services. However, the same has changed with time and call centres have transformed to become contact centres handing several other functions alongside customer support.

Call centres today look after the partners’ finance and accounting systems, IT functions, help desk services, HR management, and much more.

Moving on, we would like to discuss the ways RPA became the guardian angel for BPOs. Well, RPA can assist in simplifying business functions through automated support. With automation, the repetitive tasks are done by robots avoiding human intervention. The reduction in the need for manual assistance makes RPA the guardian angel of BPOs.

"Robotic Process Automation (or RPA) is a rapidly emerging technology that will fundamentally change how SSCs (Shared Service Centre's) operate, slashing the effort for routine tasks and enabling advanced cognitive applications that augment or replace human judgment in knowledge-based processes".

Deloitte 2017 global shared services survey

RPA brings several perquisites for call centres where the best of all is that the monotonous tasks are simplified with automated functions bringing enhanced results. The time saved through automation is utilized in making better strategies for business success, which is why RPA has now become an obligatory need.

Since automation helps to save the business operational expense, which is why several reports suggest that the contact centre market will be growing to $24.6 billion by 2022 globally. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, these all are because of the advantages of RPA!

For call centres, there are various real-world advantages that these businesses can enjoy from RPA.


Check out below as we walk you across the perquisites:


Updating the Clients’ Profile

Making sure that the updates in the clients’ profiles are error-free which simultaneously eases the customer interaction is hard. It used to be a time-taking procedure, however, not with RPA!

This typical task that call centres had to perform with a team of manual agents is now automated with RPA in use. Now, a bot takes care of the responsibility and updates the profile without the possibility of any error.

These responsibilities earlier were given to the most reliable agents and a huge team was set to investigate and update the profiles as soon as possible. Even after these steps, there were possibilities of error as the updates were done manually.

Nevertheless, with RPA, software robots take care of the responsibility and ease customer interactions to the best.


Diagram describing the perks companies enjoy using RPA technology. Picture source- marutitech


Data Management

Every call centre works with a pack of huge data sets. How is the data managed? Well, managing all customer data in-house with the help of agents is like a nightmare and great havoc. However, an automated system having less necessity for increasing operational cost and repetitive hiring and training is like a blessing.

Customers at various times may ask the agent to repeat some details or may ask for their previous buying details or anything else. In such a situation, if the call centre functions on manual assistance, the situation can be alarming for the agent. However, the same when handled by RPA is hassle-free.

When agents are not spontaneous, the situation might become pissing for the customer leading to deteriorated customer satisfaction. This is one great reason why the use of RPA is obligatory.

With RPA, businesses can analyze and cross-check data from multiple sources. These sources later provide assistance in interacting with the customers easily without the hassle of miss-managed data. Such advanced technology helps to avoid the dissatisfaction of both the employees as well as customers.


Assistance in Developing Summary Scripts

Bots are designed in a manner that they can draw inputs from incoming calls. With the help of these inputs, bots help agents work on the drawbacks of the company.

With the help of automated bots, outbound call centre and inbound support agents not only hear to customer inquiries but listen and understand the problems with the aim of bringing productive results.


Summary scripts help the employees in focusing on customer issues and resolving them on-time. The repetitive concerns from multiple customers are heard and resolved diminishing the threat to customer satisfaction.

By easing the problem-resolution process, businesses get the advantage of customer-oriented calls where they get to interact with the clients and understand their requirements better. Eventually, it helps to bring better results for the business.

After all boosting productivity is easier when the business knows its pain points and works on the same.


Customer Behavior Prediction

Since the software robots can analyze and interpret customer data, thus they are great at resolving any issue easily. Automated systems have a great way to simplify data management and make the essential information available to the agent anytime, thus it eases customer-business interaction.


With more machine learning devices, it will become easy for call centre companies to know the customer requirements, which further helps in advancing the business systems of the client accordingly. Thus, if you are willing to outsource and feel puzzled over authenticity, don’t worry, you can outsource without a second thought, but make sure that your partner uses the latest technology.

Call centres today have advanced with RPA systems and are all set to help your business predict customer behavior and bring advancements in services accordingly.


Customer Complaints are Easy to Respond

RPA gives the advantage of optical character recognition that helps to analyze customer requirements and complaints easily so that an appropriate response is delivered on time.


RPA helps the agents in analyzing the data swiftly to bring out an interpretation and respond to the complaints in time. Earlier manual processes were time taking and had the possibility of errors, which is why customers rely on a BPO Company that uses RPA integrated services.


Wrapping Up:

The deployment of RPA-driven software robots increases the efficiency of results for call centres. Earlier BPOs were dependent on manual agents for outbound call centre and inbound call centre services. However, today RPA automates several monotonous functions that were time taking and were hassling too.

With the help of RPA, call centres now have augmented first call resolution, call abandonment and call wait times have decreased incredibly, errors in data management is no more an issue, personalized customer service is possible, and customer behavior prediction is possible too. All these factors help to ease customer satisfaction and avoid hassles caused by monotonous manual functions.

Reports suggest that the use of RPA in call centres have boomed by 50% between 2014 and 2016, which signifies the prominence of RPA for BPOs.

So, why avoid it!

Thanks for reading!

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