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Promoting Call Centre Services with Social Media Strategies!

Posted by Prachi Priya
Promoting Call Centre Services With Social Media

In the age of digital systems, customers have moved on from the traditional schemes to reach service providers through modern methods. Earlier it was all about on-call conversations with the potential partner that led to finalizing a business service. However, today there are modern ways to reach the service provider.

Social media platforms today have gained significance and its introduction has brought new ways for the customers to reach their providers easily. Customer dissatisfaction was a great concern earlier with issues of long call waiting in traditional answering services.

However, with the introduction of social mediums, business-customer communication hassles are resolved. Now social channels allow customers to leave a comment or a message for the business and the agent gives a suitable reply as soon as possible.

Earlier clients had to wait in long queues, which led to the call abandonment issues resulting in customer dissatisfaction. However, new social media strategies are helping customers authentically connect with the service providers hassle-free.  

Call centre in UK highlight that social media channels have increased customer satisfaction levels and customers love such online communication mediums. Since most of the customers today use different social channels to connect to their near and dear ones, thus it is easy for them to connect to their required business partners too and even the service providers get to stay in contact with their target audience easily.

After all, why following the traditional methods to woo leads when a far easier option can win you more clients! To help you understand how social mediums are the guardian angel of BPOs, we have some ideas.


Ways by which Social Media Enrich Call Centre Services


1. Creates a bond

Bonding with the customers is the most challenging task for any company. Nevertheless, when a company registers itself on different social channels and tries to connect with different target audiences thereafter, it is easy for them to be available to the client 24X7.

Imagine your business using Facebook and Twitter. So now, the clients using the same channel can easily get to know about your services, and thereafter they can coordinate with your agents well. Furthermore, your agents now get an easy channel to update the customer about any change in the business function. Not only is this, but it is easy to reply to customers on time and woo them with videos, infographics, content, and ads online.

Companies can also create bonds by engaging in friendly communication with the customer explaining them about the business brand. Earlier BPOs were all about inbound/outbound call centre functions; however, social channels now help ease answering services in a much-advanced manner.

To make sure that this advancement does not hamper agent productivity, call centres can train their agents to interact with customers politely by suing hashtags, instant responses, discount offers, etc. After all, a positive bond will always earn a brand name for the business.


2. Listening to the customers

Call centres can enhance their operations with adequate social media strategies.

What did call centres do in outbound calling earlier? Well, they called potential and loyal partners to understand their requirements and inform them about the business service.

Source -

Now, BPOs can use their clients’ social pages to do the same task with a modern touch. Read the customer's experience on these channels, track the issues reported by most customers, know the market trends, and thus make a strategic decision accordingly.

Social mediums can help companies uplift their processes by an on-time response to the client and by on-time service deliveries. Being spontaneous is the key here.

The earliest a business reaches the potential customer with adequate up-to-date offerings is the easiest it becomes to earn more partners that are loyal.


3. Encourage positivity

Several companies outsource their customer support to a reliable partner, as they want professionals to handle customer concerns.

What is the outsourced partners’ responsibility now?

Well, it is none other than optimum services to attract most customers. Companies offering call centre services need to encourage positivity to attract more leads. How?

Well, soften negative comments and do not hesitate from publicly responding to criticism. Deleting negative comments may give a hint that the business is not willing to answer. Thus, take such comments positively and resolve the issue to respond to the comment. Doing so, it builds a good rapport of the company and gives a feeling that the business listens to customers’ concern.

It is important to win the customer back, thus strategizing the social media messages is obligatory.


4. Change the vision

Call centres work to attain customer satisfaction for the clients and to attract more leads towards the business. Well, to do this task splendidly, BPOs can include CRM (customer relationship management) into their social media strategy.

With CRM, call centre agents can get a track of the customers/leads who called the business. Later the same information can be used to communicate well with the customers when they call again.

Using the agent's name when they call back and by asking them about their previous experience gives them a feeling that the company remembers them and values their interest, thus the business brand name strengthens.

Changing the vision of customer-business interaction can help companies earn loyal partners and all companies offering call centre services need to upgrade their ideas.

Value your partners, and you never know which idea may represent you as the best service provider before them.


5. Advertisement

Social media is a great tool for call centres to boost their services, as it helps in a low-cost advertisement of the business functions. Reaching far off audiences earlier was a tiring and time-taking task, as it included traditional outbound call centre functions, where agents called every lead/customer to inform about the business update. Nevertheless, modern technologies have simplified ways to reach more customers and their loyalty.

Call centre companies can now create a unified brand presence across all mediums with social channels allowing ease in reaching far off audiences. Companies can inform the customers easily with the help of social media and there is no threat of time issues too as the new information reaches the customer instantly.


6. Dedicated agents for different departments

Call centre in UK emphasizes giving dedicated responsibility to each agent. To uplift the business processes, call centres need to make sure that no inquiry is missed, unlike traditional answering services where several calls were abandoned.

When we talk about improving call centre services with social mediums, it is important to remember to dedicate each employee to a described activity. It can be about having a dedicated staff for social media posts every day or being available to answer inquiries 24X7, call centres can strategize their services and assure supreme customer satisfaction.

Train your call centre agents over the voice and tone to be used while writing to customers and make sure that the same is consistent. Keep a regular check initially to systematize your call centre services.

Make the agents understand the expectations of them, let them know their routine tasks, and help them when they face any issue with their first posts. This way call centres can train their staff to handle the traditional call answering services along with a good hold of social media platforms too. After all, customer satisfaction on all platforms is obligatory.


7. Sound processes

Every call centre can enhance its performance with an adequate social media strategy. Developing sound processes is one such strategy!

By sound processes we mean, training agents to use social media channels adequately. Not all agents will have the idea of how to post a comment, what to write, the tone of writing, ways to publishing news, posting ads, videos, discount coupons, etc. thus training is obligatory.

It is also significant to have a supervisor that continuously monitors what goes online and helps the agents better their responses.

Combined efforts ultimately bring success, so gear up!

To help you understand the significance of social mediums better, we have the list of global social media users around the world.

social media users around the world

Source -

Ending Statement

The digitalized epoch has empowered agents and customers with hassle-free technologies and simplified lives. The emergence of social media is like a blessing for service providing companies as they get to reach their audience easily and even the customers can now connect back to their providers in a much easy manner.

It is vital to note that the social experience has a similar importance to the calling experience for the agents, thus strategizing services on both platforms is essential. While there are minor challenges, there are numerous perquisites from the same.

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