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Imperative differences between telemarketing services and inside sales

Posted by Kavita Deuri
telemarketing services

The spectrum of outbound calling is crucially divided into the varied standard of services. Such as telemarketing services, appointment setting, verification, and survey made for organisations are to name some. However, our concern today is not about the services provided by an outbound call centre. The main aim of this blog is to knuckle down the discrepancy of telemarketing services and inside sales.

Multitudinous call centre services for a prolonged period of time have embroiled telemarketing services, making it an agitating event for customers worldwide. Telemarketing services have traveled the long road of success chasing customers the hard way. In the year 2014, the Federal Commissioned has registered almost 3.2 million complaints regarding telemarketing calls. But the upright task to sustain and deliver efficient services to enormous organisations by dialing random contact numbers to pitch their product and service has eventually helped streamlined sales target. Inside sales follow the same procedure. Therefore, it is hard to find out the difference between both of them on the surface level. However, if you dive a bit deeper into the ocean of call centre outsourcing services it’ll apparently occur that both these services are unrelated in a few ways. 

Processes involving high volumes of cold-calling to engage potential customers and consolidate follow-ups in order to convert leads to actual buyers are known as inside sales. Telemarketing is generally the term used when the agent dials a random number to simplify product details and build incisive customer relationship.

This blog is an inclusive of all the significant details and differences of both the services explained precisely for better apprehension.

  • The tide of random calls

Companies tend to buy email and contact list from pre-defined call list found in Google or other search engines. Just type in “buy telemarketing call list” and the page is plagued with innumerable search results. Just like buying email list many companies rely on buying contacts to send promotional messages, videos or infographics to a random gamut of people. This process does not sure fire that each and every contact is working; instead, these are the people that have very rare chances of hearing from your organisation. The telemarketing services that seek randomness is a significant feature and the tendency to buy contact list from service providers is the result many people get unnecessary cold-calls from several organisations.

A site selling contact list will probably try to lure you by stating that their list of contacts has enough money to purchase your products or services. But is it worth the salt? Just having enough money isn’t adequate; it does not mean that someone will actually purchase the item you are selling.

A proper inside sales organisation will never risk purchasing contact list as it does not guarantee decent prospects. Instead, the marketers will try to find eligible customers with the help of internet searches, different referral mediums, or cradle those prospects from other sources. Further to this, outbound call centre who proficiently deal with inside sales does not arbitrarily call those potential leads, they tend to examine and extricate crucial information to reach out the best leads who will perhaps become an authentic customer in remote future.

Telemarketers use stringent scripts that constraint the ability of speak freely with the customer and thus real performance rate decreases.

On the contrary, a good inside sales team will try to understand the obligation of a customer or generalise his/her predicament to fix the deal.

  • Evict the robot, it will snatch your job

Communicating robots are hampering the businesses of call centre services. Most telemarketing companies UK  are deploying robotic features entirely to handle outbound calls. The contact numbers are randomly dialed by the software and who speaks to the patron is a pre-recorded voice message.

The trending system of auto-dial has made it easier for marketers to automatically dial simultaneous numbers, however, making it hard for customers to analyse from where the call is coming from thus creating issues for problematic enforcement.

According to various studies, robocalls are not popular among institutions that provide felicitous inside sales call because deploying this technique will never lead them to grasp on efficient stakeholders.

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Therefore, to sum things up we can say that conventional telemarketing is the perfect exemplification of insensitive outbound selling technique. Calling hundreds and thousands of customers who does not demand your product or service is meaningless. It is an unproductive proposition for any sort of businesses. Companies must instead double up their training methods to accommodate excellent inside sales team who has the ability to build customer relationship by conducting proper background research of the prospect.

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