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How to Boost Call Centre Services for E-Commerce Firms!

Posted by Prachi Priya
call centre services for ecommerce firm

E-Commerce customer service solutions are all about offering splendid call support services to online customers who connect to the business service through online platforms. E-commerce firms get themselves registered online so that they can connect to far-reaching audiences easily. Online platforms help companies connect to their providers easily, saving time splendidly. With the rising need for online retail platforms, even call centres today are using numerous platforms to offer stupendous customer support services to them.

Post the introduction of E-commerce firms, the shopping experiences have revolutionized. Today, people shop online and call the answering executive in case there is any issue post/prior shopping. Online shopping experiences have made several tasks easier, with doorstep availability of services hassle-free. However, some potential shortcomings highlight the need for the business to have a customer support executive, so that customer request is heard on time.  Since customers’ are the business brand ambassadors, thus no company accepts any threat to satisfaction. It is thereby imperative to answer customer issues without much delay to maintain satisfaction levels.

Moving further, it is apparent that not all E-commerce firms have a team of in-house agents to handle the customer support responsibility, thus these companies think of outsourcing to an external partner. An outsource call center firm can handle the call answering responsibility along with other outsourced functions with the help of a team of experts on-board. All call centres in UK have a team of professionals, thus they tend to handle the call answering services splendidly without the threat of customer dissatisfaction. Nowadays, companies can also outsource their required secondary functions like banking and finance responsibilities, IT support, etc. to an external partner. 

Outsourcing the secondary responsibilities, the E-commerce firm can focus on in-house service handling, thus outsourcing is not a new thing anymore. Since E-commerce organization has much to strategize to reach the customers’ heart, thus secondary responsibilities are often outsourced. The modern retail business is expected to be spontaneous, which is why the best practices to boost the customer support service is indispensable.

If you are a BPO firm and want to boost our customer support for the E-commerce sector, what are the things to consider? Well, the strategy to strengthen your e-commerce customer service lies in some factors. Delivering great customer service isn’t easy, but some ideas can support to gain leads better and to retain loyal partners.

Check out the Best Practices for Call Centre Services to Enhance Performance for E-commerce Firms:


Proactive Support Service

Every outsource call center firm willing to enhance solutions for its E-commerce partner needs to understand that a proactive customer support solution is the key.  When the customers feel that their partners take an initiative and go the extra mile to anticipate and resolve concerns, loyalty prevails forever.

E-commerce is all about making services available to the customer online, and proactive support here is the best way one can win the customers’ hearts. Answering customer concerns spontaneously over messages, emails, or calls gives a feel that the provider considers the customers’ complaints.

Thus, all call centres can enhance support for E-commerce firms by keeping the customers’ informed always, never missing up a follow-up, avoiding call/email/text abandonment, monitoring social conversations to proactively respond easily, and identifying frequent issues to resolve the concern forever. This way, retaining customer loyalty and enriching brand image is no more a concern.

An Omni-Channel Support

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This is one is the most obvious one! E-commerce businesses cannot rely upon a limited channel for customer support. This is the reason an omnichannel strategy becomes central. If you wish to enhance your customer support service, communication through platforms like the business website, social media, email, phone, etc. is important.

Omnichannel support helps the business reach the customer through all possible platforms diminishing the chance of missing any potential lead or customer. It is evident that customers nowadays use multiple platforms and to reach the leads’ on time, it is vital to get across all channels.

Call centre in UK try to identify the customers’ preferred touchpoints, their journey, and thus a consistent service delivery on the same helps to boost satisfaction levels. After all, customers appreciate a partner, who is available when needed!

Ensure Self-Service

Call centre services for E-commerce companies can enhance themselves, with self-service options. Not all customers are interested in getting answered by agents and waiting in queues to get the technical issues resolved.

Well, call centre companies can add detailed FAQs to help the customer in being on their own self. BPOs can take help from their partner E-commerce companies to make sure to have a detailed FAQ on billing and payments, detailed scripts on easy to understand conditions of the business, advice on issues encrypted in a video format, a descriptive knowledge available on the website about shipping, guarantee, delivery, etc.

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This way self-service options help customers deal with their problems easily without the need for a call centre agent always. Such a step also saves the outsource call center firm from high call volumes and helps keep the customers in their comfort zones too. Call centres earlier had to handle multiple inquiries all day to resolve the concerns. However, the problem is resolved with self-service solutions. Your E-commerce partner will undoubtedly love the solution!

Real-Time Assistance

E-commerce companies can enhance their support to the customer with real-time assistance. Call centre in UK already helps several E-commerce companies in handling their call support along with other secondary responsibilities. If you are an E-commerce entity and look for a company that promises 24X7-service availability, make sure you look for a partner with a live chat facility.

For the call centres willing to boost their productivity in the E-commerce sector, live chat assistance is indispensable. 79% of customers prefer to have a live chat facility, so why avoiding it!

Live chat helps the call centre in times when a manual agent is unavailable. Not only is this, but live chat support helps to make 24X7 services available, as the bot never needs to rest or go on a break.

Action on Customer Feedback

Most E-commerce firms outsource their customer support responsibility to an external partner so that there is no risk to the business function and an expert handles the secondary responsibility.

All E-commerce businesses cherish to boost satisfaction levels, so that customer loyalty is never threatened. As companies today struggle to maintain satisfaction levels, how can call centres simplify their processes for retail companies.

Well, adequate action on customer feedback is significant. What is that?

Well, the action is measuring customer feedback regularly, checking customers’ experience change, checking improvement in the products/services, and drawing insights to deliver a better customer experience. Why is there a significance in customer feedback consideration?

In order to boost E-commerce services, it is imperative to judge customer feedback and bring in changes accordingly to woo the customers’ interest. Customer review also brings in a positive image for the company, thus, it is important to focus on the same and improve the business drawbacks, so that positive reviews bring in more leads automatically.

Customer Journey Tracking

Every outsource call center firm that wishes to augment its services for the E-commerce sector needs to identify the customer journey first. By customer journey, we mean, understanding the customers’ buying and search patterns to get an understanding of their requirements.

Later, this journey can be decoded to understand the customer better, reach them with the required services before time, and even resolve the possible concerns even before they occur. This way, call centres can help retail firms know their customers better, thus augmenting the chance of boosted customer satisfaction.

For the call centres that wish to improve their service quality and earn a name in the market, such an activity can help build a brand name and sustain in being the best-preferred outsourcing partner. After all, every business prefers to have a partner who understands the customers’ nerves!

Leveraging Automation

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To boost the business’ efficiency as a good customer support partner for the retail sector, automation is the key.

To deliver excellent E-commerce support service, call centres need to use automation to simplify customer reviews and draw insights from the same using data analytics. This way knowing the customer requirements on time is easier, thus the hassling task of manual testing of customer requirements is no more a concern.

Automation can also be used to handle email notifications, inventory management, and invoicing. Manual services for the same would be frustrating, which is why automation is the guardian angel.

Ending Statement:

Call centre companies that aim to uplift customer service for their E-commerce counterparts need to consider the above-discussed factors.

Adding to more pointers to be kept under consideration for excellent service deliveries are focusing on connecting the E-commerce platform with other tools, providing support options inside the business application, checking consistency in customer service, giving users multiple contact options, etc.

If you have more ideas, please comment and help everybody know more!

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