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Four Secrets Towards fostering a Customer Centric Culture

Posted by Sakshi Sharma

The importance of customer service is known to all, and nobody is oblivion to the same. Impeccable customer service is more of a habit than anything else. At the end of the day, it is your employees who are providing these services to your customers. Therefore, it becomes even more crucial for you to foster such a setup within the organisation which is customer centric.

In order to ensure efficiency in call centres services it is central to create and promote a culture that eats, breathes and sleeps customer service. As your employees are the ones who will be coming in direct contact with your customers, therefore, it becomes even more important to make the environment so much more conducive. A positive environment which is able to nurture and engage employees is already a battle half won. Encouraging employees to have more positive interactions with customers is a sure shot way of delivering amazing services to them. Businesses that have a culture where employees themselves don’t feel valued would hardly be able to deliver good services to their customers. The repercussions of a non-conducive environment are not restricted to the employees but can be witnessed in the unenthusiastic way of serving customers. As a result, you’re neither left with good employees nor good customers.

Below there are mentioned a few tips which will help you develop a strong employee culture which teaches employees to value the customers even more.

Adequate hiring:

What you sow is what you reap— one statement which perfectly emphasizes the linking bridge between employees and customers— by hiring adequate people at the front desk you can be rest assured that they will be creating a proper environment around. In addition to that employees who are having customer friendly personalities will prove out to be much more successful in delivering better services to the clients.

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Communicating and teaching the culture:

When it comes to delivering efficient call centre services companies should clearly state their expectations from employees in an unambiguous manner. And if at all the employees fall short of delivering customer service according to expected standards then they should be duly trained so that they can be taught on how to improve the service in future.

Incentivizing the performance:

By giving incentives for the superior customer service being provided by your employees you’re not just appreciating their good work but also motivating the rest to deliver the same level of service. Bonuses, raises and occasional monetary benefits ensure that providing pioneer customer service is worth the time and effort of your employees. Monetary perks in addition to recognition and appreciation are a perfect way of keeping your employees motivated towards providing the best to your customers.

Lead by example:

Managers in an organisation should always practice what they preach. Whatever you want your employees to do, you must do that first and let them follow your footsteps. The leaders of an organisation should always exhibit that behavior which they want their employees to have.

Designing a customer centric environment is a necessity as it will teach your customers the value of providing impeccable customer support. And by fostering a conducive environment you will be able to instill the habit of customer service in your employees.

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