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Does Innovation in Call Centres Pay Dividends? Time to Ponder!

Posted by Rishabh Arora

Call centres are a complex vertical. Understanding its dynamics and the process that goes into its successful functioning has often come across as a tedious task for most. Many academicians and industry experts have stressed on innovation as one of the prime contributors to success in call centre industry. Big organisations often tend to shy away from operating an in house call centre, let alone innovation in this area. Such organisations believe that an in house call centre will deviate them from their core set of operations and often opt for outsourced call centres to handle customer queries. Such call centres with expertise in this vertical stress on being innovative and creative as fostering such an environment will reap in huge rewards for them.

Let us now ponder upon some of the reasons as to how inculcating an innovative mindset can work wonders for our organization.

Brainstorming activities

Expert telemarketing companies UK need to encourage brainstorming activities within their call centres. Such an activity will not only infuse a sense of belonging for the employees, but will also make them aware of the thinking process of people working around them. Such an encouragement of coming up with innovative ideas will not only broaden the horizons and lead to an overall development of the employees, but will also play a pivotal role improving upon the current set of processes. Outsourced call centres with encouragement towards innovative ideas are receptive to the concept of conducting this activity on a regular basis.

This activity is renowned for its sheer ability to garner collective genius. Such activities allow people to introspect upon their own ideas and understand the thought process of people around them.

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Encouraging mistakes

When we talk about significance of infusing an innovative mindset among employees, the outsourced call centres also need to be receptive to the idea of mistakes. Such call centres need to embrace the reality and encourage them to commit fair share of mistakes. As long as these mistakes lead up to something great, mistakes need to be encouraged. Telemarketing companies UK understand the fact that mistakes are nothing but stepping stones to success.

At the same time, these call centres also need to weigh in the risk and rewards while encouraging mistakes to improve upon the processes. It is important to note that organisations need not go overboard with the idea of innovation as it might also result in churning out a huge chunk of profits for such companies.

Listening to the customers is the key

It has often been said that the best ideas often come from the customers you serve. Listening to the customers can often lead to the most innovative ideas. Telemarketing companies UK embrace this fact and have accepted that making apt use of customer feedback and listening to their ideas have led to some of the most remarkable ideas. Such an activity will not only lead to new ideas but will also make the customer feel important in the entire scheme of things.

It should also be noted that not listening to your customers will certainly lead to declining sales as the customers will go elsewhere, where their voices are heard and enacted upon.

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The right people

Innovation on any form requires the right mindset and limited set of skills. It is more of a human-driven activity. The set of skills required to come up with innovative ideas can be developed and acquired over a period of time, but having the right set of people will make all the difference in the world. The outsourced call centres looking to innovate should bring the right set of people who are passionate and adaptable about the whole idea of innovation in the industry.

It is important to note that the right set of open minded people with experience and expertise in call centre industry will do wonders to the whole concept of fostering innovation.

Creation of goodwill

Innovation in call centre industry creates a lot of goodwill for the outsourced call centres working for their clients. Such an effort sends a clear signal to the market that the call centre is not just willing to go the monotonous route to success but is willing to travel the extra mile for making the process a resounding success. Such an effort works towards creating goodwill in the market for them.

Such an effort is bound to pay huge dividends for such call centres and will also play a key role in bringing new processes from the existing set of clients.

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It can be inferred from the above discussion that fostering a culture of innovation is key to success in the ever so competitive call centre industry. It is imperative to create a culture where innovative ideas are promoted and are visualized as one of the key components of organisational success. 

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