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Do’s & Don’ts to create perfect Call Scripts

Posted by Rahul Garg

‘‘Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.’’

- Frank Ocean

In the business world, it is believed that hard work is the key that can help to fulfil your desires. In order to create a positive image of the business in the customers’ mind, it is significant to take care of every need be it small or big.

Voice channel is all time favourite choice of customers. That’s why it is paramount to make sure that customers always get the pleasant calling experience while interacting with a company. For the sake of brand image, business owners contact reputed call centre outsourcing companies of UK, Australia, etc.

BPO firms mostly explain the importance of customers to agents so that the quality of support service doesn’t get compromised at any cost. Apart from avant-garde technology, there is one other tool that often helps in assisting customers; ‘Call scripts.’

If you are thinking that why BPO firms rate call script so high, here are the benefits:

  • High consistency.
  • Boost agents’ confidence. 
  • Decreased training time.
  • Improvised productivity.
  • Helps in increasing customer satisfaction score.      

So, it is crystal-clear that you must have reliable call scripts in your hands so as to enhance the calling experience of customers. Here are some do’s & don’ts that will help to create perfect call scripts:

Do: Make the call script conversational 

To leave an everlasting impression, it is significant to assist customers in the best possible manner. For the same reason, reliable call script is very necessary. If the call script is conversational, agents can easily deliver unmatched customer service or vice versa. This is so because the quality of customer service somewhere depends on the reliability of call script.

Do you want to know how to make call script conversational? Well, you don’t have to be creative as you can do that by simply not adding jargons or technical language.

Sometimes call centre outsourcing companies don’t make call script conversational and because of that support agents struggle during the customer interaction, which consequently, affects the brand image.

In addition, there is no point to use those words or language that customers may not understand because it will only ruin the effectiveness of the conversation. 

Apart from that, it is suggested to support agents to practice call scripts during the free time. This factor is vital because whenever agents use scripts without doing any practice, they often sound stilted during the customer interaction. As a result, this makes a negative impact on the CSAT score.

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Do: Add a clear description

Often, customers have a general query related to products or services. Owing to this, customers place a call and expect that agents would provide the required information. But the calling experience of customers gets ruined when agents don’t have the proper description of products or services.

Apart from decreased CX levels, this also hampers the brand image. This isn’t good for the business’s overall health.

The major benefit of adding a clear product or service depiction is the average number of questions that customers ask during the interaction gets reduced, which, in turn, leads to better business’s productivity.

In a nutshell, a clear description should be added into call scripts. This would also be beneficial for outbound telemarketing companies while creating sales scripts.

Don’t: Include unnecessary questions 

In order to make certain that everything goes well during the customer interaction, BPO firms try to provide the best call script to support agents. For the same reason, BPO firms also add those questions that are less likely to be asked.

Due to superfluous questions, the length of the scripts gets increased, which as a result, creates unnecessary problems for agents during the customer interaction. At last, this ends up in low CSAT score.

Therefore, it is suggested to call centre outsourcing companies to never include unnecessary questions in the scripts. To make the job of support agents easier, topics of scripts should be organised according to keywords. 

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Don’t: Neglect support agents’ opinion

Including support agents in the script creation process has always been the most effective way to create reliable call dialogues. Still, many BPO firms exclude support agents while creating scripts.   

Support agents always have a fair idea about the loopholes of scripts because they use these on the regular basis. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that agents are the one that can help to rectify the hidden errors of scripts.

Hence, it is highly recommended to BPO firms to arrange a meeting with support agents at the end of the month so as to keep improving the quality of customer service.        

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