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Digital transformation: Redefining Call Centre Services and Customer Satisfaction in UK


Be it inbound or outbound, call centres are on the front lines when we talk about customer engagement. For all queries and purposes, call centre agents are the face of the company. They are in direct contact with the customers and other partner companies at any given time. In order to meet the customers' requirements and stay competitive, you need to ensure that the call answering services are right on point, i.e., the digital transformation of the call centre services should be on top priority.

New communication channels bring varied opportunities to improve customer engagement and increase efficiency. But if not properly understood they can ruin your existing brand image. It is important to properly understand the correct approach to handle the inbound call centre services and use those services to the fullest. You need to engage your customers with your intuitive and intriguing approach else there are many competitors waiting to grab your leads.

Make sure that your agents does not get clueless in front of your customers as it creates a negative impact on their mind. Don’t let your customers feel that they are not heard or understood.

Therefore, in order to stand up to customers’ demand there's an urgent need for your organisation to undergo digital transformation and improvise the way call answering services operate:

Breaking down the multi-channel workflow:

Despite the rapid rise in different communication channels like emails, chat support, social platforms, telephone remains the most widely used communication channel. Customers want to interact with the best resource available in your organisation so there's no better interacting medium than to provide your customers with the unique and personalised customer service.

But after the introduction of the digital transformation, digital platform ensures that the agents are getting the required access to the customer's information or the information they need. Digital platform breaks the chaos of managing multi-channel support system and integrate the channels to provide one unified solution. It not only provides access to a speedy customer interaction but also help in providing useful insights based on the previous communications, past behaviours, and prior purchases.

The benefits are mutual:

Digital transformations are beneficial not only for the customers, it's a win-win situation for both the sides. The digital change also offers higher conversion rates, higher efficiency, fewer chances of error and furthermore. Therefore, higher the customer satisfaction rate, more leads will be converted and greater the company's overall revenue.

We are quite familiar with the forces that drive the businesses to continue competing in the market: Meeting the optimum customers' expectations. But the real task is how to transform your business in order to provide new and exciting customer experience?

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Outline the digital vision:

Digital transformation is a step by step process. The very first step is to discover the need for transformation. There is some fundamental question that business entrepreneurs need to ask themselves:

  • Why are we transforming?
  • What will be its direct impact on the business?
  • What's the preferred insight of the company?
  • What would ideal customer services look like?
  • How far behind are we?

Answering these questions will help you to narrow down your thoughts and needs and focus on the things you really want to improvise.

Map the digital journey:

The next step is to map your digital journey and plan out the initials. In this phase, the call centre service organisations help you to identify each possible stage of operations along with customer journey and emphasise on your main task that is to plan out the most appropriate areas and strategies where you need to change or modify. It helps you to identify your priorities and where you can add values.

Determine your digital maturity:

Digital maturity determines the level of current operations and to what extent you leverage the business tools and digital technologies. It helps to identify the loopholes in the process and therefore what should be done in order to mitigate those loopholes. Digital maturity assessment is basically done to identify the pace at which you want to achieve transformational objectives.

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Review digital capabilities and data

This is the fourth stage of a digital transformation process. This step is more concerned with selecting the digital capabilities and implementing them to bring a vision to life and identifying the loopholes in your existing platform. This is the final integration of the selected capabilities to enhance customer experience.  


Incorporate digital processes to maximise the value of the employees and improve customer relationships. Undoubtedly, inbound call centres hold an irreplaceable place in the IT sector, but what matters is providing the customers with productive, efficient, cost-effective, and personalised interactions. For this, digital transformation is an actual need.

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