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Call Centres Post Pandemic!

Posted by Prachi Priya

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty in the lives of people resulting in masses being jobless and businesses coming on the verge of bankruptcy. Nevertheless, is it the end?

Well, humans can do anything and so can they find the vaccine for COVID. Thus, there is nothing to worry about because things will be in place. It is important here to look for adequate measures to keep the business going through this tough time.

Call centre in UK has taken various measures to keep their company working as BPOs are the most affected industry due to the pandemic. UK call centre stress upon the fact that BPOs need to integrate cloud-based functions because non-cloud service providers will ultimately die in such times when the agents are unable to attend office and work physically for the company. This is why the world today is promoting remote working!

In such hard times, even the employees want job security which is why they look forward to a provider who takes care of their needs and understands the significance of work from home (WFH). Call centre UK, therefore, emphasizes the necessity for companies to move on to online measures so that in case of a natural disaster or a pandemic, the business can help itself grow the same as before.

For call centres, it is essential to move on to cloud-based solutions because the cloud helps to take care of the business functions with just an internet connection at the agents’ remote working place.

Cloud makes all the relevant information available over an internet-based platform where agents can perform the regular answering services by accessing all information through a password.

The platform is secure and BPOs can rely on it for data security. Moving ahead, businesses are curiously thinking over the future of their organization post the COVID pandemic!

Well, there are many misconceptions regarding the future of the business world in the time to come. Nevertheless, along with some limitations, owners can help their organization flourish by following some simple hacks to business development.


Post lockdown there are some changes that businesses need to work with. Here are the things that will affect the organizations:


Low Targets

If we go on the percentage describing the growth rate for the BPO industry, it will be around a 4-5% revenue growth target in the time to come. The result of the pandemic will undoubtedly lower the targets; nevertheless, businesses can regain their lost identity with time.

Call centres can reassign tasks to employees to avoid cutting jobs. Although the industry will have to face some challenges at the initial level with low targets and demand, however, it is essential to keep the business growing amid the same resources.

It is equally essential for companies to integrate cloud-based solutions as soon as possible. Managing the call centre functions in lockdown with a non-cloud BPO company is not only a nightmare for the business but also for the employee. So make sure that if you are re-opening or willing to establish your own call centre in UK, you do not avoid a cloud-based solution.


Boom of Automation

Post the pandemic; call centres will leverage automation to regain their lost trust as well as to maintain expenses on some manual functions. Automated services have already been doing their rounds for several industries and same it is for the BPO companies. Automated AI bots have done a lot to simplify the business functions and the time to come will witness some remarkable benefits of AI in easing the call centre operations.

UK call centre firms confirm the use of AI-based systems to simplify root level functions and they even state that AI now is a need which can’t be avoided in recent times.

Post lockdown, AI-based solutions will earn better demand, especially in the call centre companies. Since in times of a pandemic, agent availability becomes almost impossible, this is why AI-based solutions will win. This is because AI bots help the business move forward in hard times without the need for a live agent.  


Newmarket Knowledge

Post lockdown, call centre in UK feel that they will get access to new market areas. By the new market, we mean that the new era post this pandemic will witness some new business ideas and some new companies willing to outsource their secondary functions.

Thus BPOs need to be ready for the same as small business startups with a new idea will boom in the time to come. New call centres will also emerge amazingly as they will learn from the lockdown shortcomings and will enhance their opportunities well.

Thus when we talk about the face of BPOs post lockdown, it is not only a negative face always. This is because the companies that already had cloud-based solutions survived and those that did not have the same learned a lesson to keep themselves up-to-date.


Reduce in Operational Cost

The call centre UK feels that companies will reduce their spending to manage expenses. Since the pandemic has made survival tough for several call centre companies, thus 88% of firms as per a survey will limit their expenditure to meet the unexpected expenses caused in the pandemic time.


Source- outsourcingportal

Companies will also revise their budget and make new strategies for business development as the lockdown tenure has taught a lot.


What is ahead?

Making projections about the future is near to impossible. Nobody knows what next is waiting for us just like the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, being ready for even the worst is essential, so that an unwanted situation does not land the business into trouble.

The only good solution at such times of a disaster is to wait for the right moment and limit the expenses that can be utilized later. For call centre companies that are mostly labour-intensive, the pandemic was a nightmare. However, it is time to return to reality and learn from negative experiences.

The next time there is such a threat, businesses should not be on the verge of extinction as they were now!

Thanks for Reading!

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