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AI Bots Advancing Call Centre Services!

Posted by Prachi Priya
Artificial Intelligence

With the advancements in tech, Google’s human-like AI-driven call answering bot feels to be a boon for several service-providing companies. Call answering service for call centres has always been a highly significant factor where on-time availability to the customer is been highly imperative. Well, to simplify much of the hassling tasks and the need to fulfill customers’ changing demands, Google’s human-sounding AI bot is set to form trends in the market.

Indian call center firms have always been curious to know more about automated technologies to simplify their monotonous work culture. We all know that call centres have a repetitive monotonous work environment where agents are repeatedly expected to answer multiple calls all day without getting pissed off. Well, it is hard to handle tough customers with the same voice tone and with utter patience. However, with the introduction of Googles ‘new AI bot, call centres around the world can benefit from its services and can simplify service results to the customers.

Google understands the need for AI-driven solutions for contact centres, which is why it brings in its Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, which works on AI from Alphabet-owned DeepMind. The service aims to help organizations with a platform to advance and implement conversational interfaces into the in-house services. Companies like Ubisoft and Ticketmaster are already using Google's Dialogflow Enterprise Edition.

If we talk about more bots that help to simplify customer service, they are Bold 360, Chatfuel, Xenioo, Botsify, Ada, etc. With all these hassle-free chatbots eager to serve service-providing companies, it is nowadays easier to get along more leads swiftly and maintain customer satisfaction.

When we talk about phone bot for call centre services and sales, several companies do not feel like relying on automated bot-driven solutions. Well, after all, they call it a mere bot!

However, bots are the new AI-driven agents who can help with splendid customer support services, thus every business needs AI integration for 24X7 hassle-free service performance.

Predicted use cases for chatbots

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How is Bot Helpful?

Bots have several advantages to bring in for call answering service provides and the ways it proves to be your business guardian angel is because:

  • Replying and sending feedback calls to the customers is easier with a bot. AI-bots never forget a missed call/inquiry.
  • With the help of automation, much of the costs on in-house repetitive hiring and training of agents is no more a concern.
  • Call volume is at check with bots on-board.
  • Seamless integration is not a dream.
  • Task automation is easier to save time and energy on monotonous functions.

With a varied range of benefits that AI chatbots bring for your business, companies also believe that bots in some time will replace humans! Well, bots were never aimed at replacing humans or eating up job opportunities, rather were made to simplify monotonous responsibilities so that live agents save time for productive responsibilities. Bots work to help human agents simplify hassling repetitive functions and help them focus on mindful responsibilities. The technical responsibilities that a bot cannot handle like answering a technical query is often forwarded to a live agent automatically, so there is no threat from chatbots handling the business functions and agents being extinct.

The future of customer service is with automation, so companies thinking manual services are the only way to meet customer requirements need to gear up to meet innovative market trends. AI on the contrary will never replace humans; rather will be an asset helping human agents simplify monotonous tasks.

As per a survey by Oracle, “80% of businesses said they currently use or are planning to use chatbots by 2020.”

Not only is this, but Gartner believes “By 2020, 85% of our engagement with businesses will be done without interacting with another human. Instead, we’ll be using self-service options and chatbots.”

Moving ahead, let’s discuss how some power-packed benefits of bots ease customer service operations:

24X7 Call Answering Service

Maintaining a team that offers 24X7 service availability is tough. Not only for start-ups but also for well-established firms, it is hard to afford 24X7 service availability for the customers. This is where chatbots help. For the companies dealing in call centre services, chatbots help to offer customer support services 24X7.

Bots are never at sleep, thus can offer splendid support services even when a live agent is unavailable. How about answering the customers instantly? Well, it is a dream for most companies, as they would love to enhance their customer satisfaction with instant answering services. AI-driven bots do not require holidays, nor are frustrated handling multiple calls all day, thus they are the best when it comes to handling high call volumes repeatedly.

Bots are automated programs that understand and interpret interactions to find a relevant answer to give to the customer. They are typically internet robots that aim at simplifying repetitive jobs.

As per Facebook, around 50% of customers say they’re more likely to shop with a business that they can connect with via chat.

Experience chatting with a Bot

High-Resolution Speed

Chatbots have become famous amid Indian call center firms because it brings high query resolution speed. Customer service when handled by live agents does not bring instant query resolution perks. Well, this is the reason, bots are becoming preferred by answering agents, as they bring in quick answers to the customers.

Bots tap into the database and search for resolution instantly since they can interpret and analyze results after. However, the same instant answering is tough for live agents, which is why most companies today eagerly wish to have a bot by the business side.

Reduced Operational Expense

With Googles’ bot and various other bots being introduced in the market to simplify customer support responsibilities, the need for an automated system has increased. Operational expenses have always been a thing to keep in mind while outsourcing customer support responsibility to call centre services, and nowadays, a BPO company with automated services is the need, as automated solutions help to save many bucks.

Since hiring and training live agents repeatedly demands investment, which is why looking forward to bots that also assure accurate answering to the customer has become common.

Language Assistance

Chatbots bring the advantage of handling multiple clients with varied languages all day, thus Indian call centre firms emphasize chatbots use more. Global companies that have to deal with multiple clients around the world appreciate the use of bots for customer support, as it has eased support services to much extent.

Earlier it was a nightmare to handle international customers for call centre companies. However, today, BPO firms also tackle support services of companies’ offshore with the help of chatbots. The language hindrance is no more a concern with artificial bots.

Accuracy in Answers

Customer support is highly imperative for service providing companies that have to maintain a repo in the market. This is where bots become the guardian angel, as they deliver accurate answers to the customers without getting frustrated with multiple calls all day. So, why avoiding bots and sticking to traditional systems even when the monotonous answering responsibilities can be simplified!

The increasing workload and need to be spontaneous to the customer increases the potential chance of inaccuracies and customer dissatisfaction. However, bots never dissatisfy you with any dissatisfactory answer to the customer.

So are you integrating bots for non-productive responsibilities?

Self Service

Some customers want themselves to be their masters. Not all customers are interested in calling the agents or maybe emailing them for assistance. This is where bots help companies with self-service solutions.  

With the help of machine learning, bots can direct customers without the need for a live agent to assist them to solve their queries. With such an advantage, boosting customer satisfaction becomes all easier!

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