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6 Call Centre Best Practices You Must Adopt before it’s Too Late

Posted by Sukriti Saini
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The call centre outsourcing industry is thriving more and more each day. There are ample of job opportunities for the public, partnership opportunities for the call centres and the competition is cut-throat. However, even when everything is in the favor of every call centres services provider, there are some concerns in the mind of each of such company holders. Two of the basic concerns are the high employee attrition rate and low customer retention rate. Adoption of the best practices mentioned below might just help you in getting ahead of both of these concerns. Take a look.

1. Assess agents at the time of the interview:

Agents are the lifeblood of every call centre, they represent your client to the customers. That is why it becomes important for every call centres services provider to ensure that the agents they recruit are quite competent and motivated to serve the customers in the best possible manner. Hence, prior to appointing the agents, you should evaluate those using competency-based approaches. In this, a group would be required to work together. This will help in selecting the best candidates out of the lot. If you are looking for a call centre provider, outsource to call centre India and UK, as these are a safe and result-driven references, which will never leave you regretting for your decision.

2. Use Call Monitoring & Recording:

Besides training the agents assiduously, it is also essential for the call centres services manager top keep a check on the performance of the agents. Hence, the call monitoring and recording software & tools should be leveraged. The managers should use these tools to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the agents, and should use them to either assign the tasks according to the ability or hone the skills they lack in. If an agent is very diligent, he can be assigned the third party verification services task.  Doing so improves the customer experience and the agent’s willingness to work in your company, thereby reducing the attrition rate.

3. Communicate with the agents:

Just like you need to make the customers feel important to keep them happy; you also need to make the employees feel important to keep them happy. So, don’t just stay hooked to the software & tools for evaluation and point out the mistakes of the employees, talk to them. Schedule meetings at least once a week. Speak less and listen more; hear what the agents have to say, listen to their problems, their suggestions and ideas.

4. Take customer feedback into consideration:

If you want to improve customer experience, who would be better than the customers themselves? Never ever overlook the feedback given by a customer. The customers might personally message you or voice their feedback through a social media post. Just make sure to not to ignore any and also provide the solution to their problem and change their aggravation into contentment. If you do not have experts available, look for efficient call centre outsourcing partners.

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5. Pay attention to the important metrics:

Keeping a track of all the KPIs and metrics is good, but using all of them to analyze agents will leave you perplexed. So, learn to be specific, use only those metrics that really matter. The metrics like call abandonment rate, average hold time, agent schedule adherence, average handle time, first call resolution should be prioritized.

6. Avoid making negative statements:

Instill this point in your agents mind as soon as you can. It is very essential for them to use an upbeat tone, powerful phrases, and proficient language. Call centres services provider should draft the script using positive and polite statements. Words and sentences that are negative should be avoided. For instance, a statement like “I am putting you on hold.” and a statement like, “I am sorry, I am not best person to answer this problem, kindly allow me to transfer your call to my senior. Just wait for a minute, your patience would be highly appreciated.”, both will have a different impact on the customers and every call centre outsourcing company needs to remember this.

Apart from the aforementioned points, best practices also include training your agents, sharing with them a career progression path, creating a welcoming environment, empower them and motivate them to work efficiently by rewarding and appreciating them.

Additionally, to ensure customer satisfaction, each customer should be valued, offered quick solution and should also be treated in the best manner. 

Also, remember that at the end of the day it is you who knows better what works best for their call centre. So, take some time to analyze the loopholes and work towards improving them.

All the efforts collectively will help you achieve a better working environment for your agents, which in turn, will definitely lead to better customer services.

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