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4 qualities Customer Service Agents must possess for better CX Levels

Posted by Rahul Garg
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In this customer-centric world, the credibility of any business depends on the quality of support service. This is so because the level of support service tells how much you are willing to take care of customers’ needs. This factor cannot be taken lightly because customers don’t waste much time in cutting the ties with a company after having a streak of unpleasant support experience.

To ensure that nothing can harm the customer base, business owners generally bag call centre services from established vendors like BPO firms.

Willing to handle customer service department on your own? Make sure that your support agents possess the following qualities:           


1. A positive attitude

In customer service, a positive attitude is everything. It is so because the job of support agents is quite challenging as they deal with from chatty customers to irate ones throughout the day. Without a resilient attitude, it would be very hard for customer-facing employees to improve their productivity and lift CX levels.

Furthermore, both reputed inbound and outbound call centres want their agents to possess a strong attitude as it is vital to ensure a meaningful dialogue with customers. As far as customer service interactions are concerned, support agents can provide better assistance if they don’t lose their confidence after listening to products/services-related criticism.

Thus, if you are handling customer service department by yourself, instil your in-house support agents with confidence so that they can serve better during customer interactions. Or you can simply cut all the hassle by availing call centre services from a reputed vendor.

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2. Great listening skills

Sometimes, the relationship between customers and a company seems weird as the former contacts the latter when there is a need to resolve product-related issues. After taking this factor into account, it shouldn’t be tough to understand why it is significant for business owners to stay at their best whenever customers make a contact regarding help.

When customers place a call, they want a company to hear properly and take suitable actions to obliterate the explained issues. That’s why it is very crucial for customer service agents to possess great listening skills. Owing to the same reason, specialised service providers like BPO firms, inbound call centres, etc. cultivate listening skills of their support agents.

Moreover, if support agents sharp their listening skills, they are more likely to succeed in lifting the CX levels. How? Well, if support agents pay attention to listening during customer interactions, they can understand the root cause of the glitches, which as a positive consequence, leads to the deliverance of first-class resolutions. This strengthens the business’s brand image and uplifts the CX levels.

Therefore, if you really want that your business grows with better speed, improve listening skills of your in-house support agents during training sessions or simply avail call centre services from any well-known vendor for the same.

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3. A capability to improvise                

Every now and then businesses that handle support requests by themselves fail to deliver even after investing a big chunk of money in infrastructure and technology. The major reason behind that is they don’t have savvy support agents, unlike specialised service providers.

Of course, things like CRM system, knowledge base, call scripts, etc. play a crucial role in rendering quality solutions, but you cannot rely on them every time. Sometimes, in addition, it is prominent to bring experience into play to deliver better assistance.

Oftentimes, frustrated customers demand to speak with a supervisor when they don’t like the way that support agents are employing to assist. At this point, it is very important for agents to improvise their way of assisting because unnecessary customer escalations often raise questions on the business’s credibility.

All in all, improvisation is the quality that support agents must possess for the sake of high CX levels. Here, we would also like to suggest to not run an in-house call centre as any silly mistake could cause negative WOM. In short, call centre services should be availed from an established vendor.

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4. Empathy                    

Empathy is the quality that customer service reps must possess. It is so because when you empathise with customers during support interactions, it makes them feel that you really want to lend a hand. What’s more, this diffuses customers’ anger and keeps the CX levels stable.

Additionally, customers always want to have a word with courteous agents, no matter which medium has been chosen for the interaction. Thus, if you are operating a customer service department, here are some suggestions that you should give to your in-house support agents:

  • Customers should be allowed to explain issues without any intrusion.
  • After listening to explained issues, customers should be assured that top-notch solutions would be delivered.
  • Customer service interactions should be concluded on a positive note.         


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