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4 Customer Service Catastrophes You’re Probably Unaware About

Posted by Sakshi Sharma
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“Customers” – one word which envelops the whole world of businesses in itself. If they are happy, your business is going to be at the pinnacle of success and their dissatisfaction would lead your business towards the dark depths of despair and melancholy. The importance of customer service has already been emphasized upon enough and preaching any more about how vital it is for you to keep these deities happy is irrelevant. You can do every bit of what rests in your capabilities to ensure that you’ve made the best product for your customers. A good product may attract customers but customer service is something which will retain them.

In this age of extreme competition, businesses are focusing on their core activities and are contracting out the rest to others. Call centres outsourcing has risen from the ground and has manifested itself into this gigantic industry to everyone’s surprise. The main focus of this industry is to provide impeccable services to customers.  As businesses and call centres are getting engaged with routine business tasks, sometimes they aren’t able to witness what is happening exactly under their noses. In a quest to create everything superlative, businesses lose sight of the probable mistakes which they are making when it comes to servicing their customers.


This post throws some light on these blunders, and it lists four customer service mistakes which can prove out to be disastrous for your business.


  • Being Reactive, Instead of Proactive:

One major problem with businesses, especially when it comes to call centres outsourcing, is that they react to what the customer complaints about instead of taking due measures so that the customer doesn’t has to come up to them, in the first place itself, to get the problems resolved. Customers generally disassociate themselves with a brand when they feel unappreciated. By taking proactive measures on a continuous basis, you reinforce the feeling of importance within your customers. The practical solution to this problem is that you should undertake some uninterrupted measures like customer loyalty schemes, reward programs and periodic feedback requests which will help you in retaining your customers’ trust and allegiance.

  • Thwarting Phone Calls:

Majority of customers like to talk to a real person over the phone but some of the hesitant when it comes to receiving calls from companies. The reason? Customers strongly dislike being kept on hold and repeating details. Do you want to know a perfect recipe to annoy your customer? Well, make him/her call you, explain everything, then put the call on hold and transfer it further to another person, who ensures that the customer goes through the same hell again by repeating every detail yet again. Because of this reason, it becomes imperative for you to choose an expert out of the host of call centres outsourcing companies. A possible solution to this ruckus is IVR. By investing in a system which empowers your customers to call you, input the required information and then get directed to an executive who’s readily available to serve the customer in the best possible way. IVR offers an effective and evocative self-service experience.

  • Non-Personalized Services:

Gone are the days when customization was treated as a privilege, which was reserved for some. Now-a-days, this privilege has transmuted itself into a necessity. Customers expect that service providers are well aware about their details, right from names to purchase patterns and other history. Playing the same old flute of generalization is a sure shot way of attracting customer dissatisfaction. This viable expectation of customers can be met by deploying an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology.  This tool is extremely beneficial in delivering customized services to customers.

  • Disengaged Employees:

You must be wondering that the topic being discussed was of customer service, from where did employees crop up? Well, customer service can be as good or bad as the people who provide it.  If your customer service is in catastrophe, it would be unsurprising to expect that employees are in cataclysm. You can rise from this quicksand of peril by introducing specifically designed products which fosters enthusiasm and passion in employees. If you take care of your customer-facing employees, they will surely take care of your clients.

Yet another fact which may interest you is that poor customer service costs UK businesses approximately £11 Billion. Still confused about what needs to be done? Avoid customer service blunders and give your best to your customers in order to secure their faith and your money.

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