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Top 6 Reasons Why an Outsourced Help Desk Call Centre is Good

Posted by Shashvat Vats
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Help desk services have become extremely significant for your business but if you are planning to maintain an in-house for the same, it might not be a good idea. Saying it otherwise, your employees get too occupied resolving customers tech-related queries and the innovative & strategic projects get overlooked.

Along with this, the emergence of numerous new and sophisticated technologies has empowered the businesses to innovate promptly in a highly competitive world. Unfortunately, a lot of companies do not have the necessary required IT resources to go hand-in-hand with the market trends. For instance, if you scramble your IT staff to remain on the top of often mundane customer service queries, it remains secluded from the other tasks it can perform for the business.

This is why an outsourced help desk call centre is an elemental requirement to make your business grow. In this blog, we are going to offer you a glimpse of the top-notch reasons that display the significance of a help desk service for your business. Let’s start by seeing where exactly the help desk service providers can actually offer aid:


Where can a Help Desk Call Centre Help?

Usually, a lot of firms does not have the process maturity, amenities, resources, and prowess to perform in-house help desk productively. An example would be the requirement to incorporate the real-time voice or web chat feature that is highly preferred by the customers. A lot of in-house help desk staff is known to not have an adequate knowledge base that comprises valuable information about previous conversation and data that helps agents use to resolve issues promptly or to render self-service for customers.

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The in-house facility for help desk service also lacks:

  • Service catalogues
  • Asset and configuration management databases
  • Remote access support
  • Workflow automation capabilities
  • Demand forecasting
  • Integration with other IT related process

A competent outsourcer can actually offer all of this and at a cost that is a fraction of the in-house facility’s expense.


Benefits of Outsourcing a Help Desk Call Centre

The benefits that come along with outsourcing a help desk provider for your business are mentioned below:

1. Curtailed Overhead Expense

If you run an in-house help desk centre, you would be requiring to pay the professionals as per full time employee’s model (FTEs). On the other hand, when you delegate this task to an outsourcing call centre, you would be adopting a ‘pay per ticket’ model. So, the cost to train the service agents, price to procure & implement the software systems, and investment incurred in infrastructure would be completely eradicated.

2. Trimmed Volumes

An experienced and efficient outsourcing company involved in providing the help desk service always concentrates on trimming the ticket volumes. The call centre’s agents ensure to do this by using automation, self-service amenities, and anticipated demand forecasting.

3. Enhanced Response Time

Since the outsourcing agents ensure to provide a stellar level of service to the customers, reduction of the overall response time becomes inevitable. Your outsourcing partner will be comprehensively responsible to meet the particular standard for ticket response and resolutions. The outsourcing call centre is known to assess and measure every ticket to see if the benchmark is met or not. If the standards are not met or SLA is missed remediation plans are instantly put in place.

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4. Prowess

Help desk outsourcing companies are in the business of IT and hence they ensure to pour money in hiring and training the best teams with service handling process & tactics, technical tools, and best-known practices. Along with this, deft help desk agents are motivated enough by the career incentive plans call centres have regarding their performance. This ensures a low attrition rate for help desk call centres.

5. Resilience

One more benefit that is provided by the help desk outsourcers is that you do not need to worry about an elevation in the demand for support. If you are holding an in-house facility for the same, your business need to stress about seeking and training more employees. The outsourcing call centres are known to scale up or down to meet the dynamic requirements. Along with this, your business only requires paying for the exact number of tickets processed.

6. Focus on the Core Bottom Line

Often it is seen that businesses do not shy away to pour in money on the extraneous functions if some technical issue arises. This makes your business lose its focus, which, in turn, leads to a downfall in revenue and productivity. The corresponding result is an unsatisfied customer base.

Outsourcing allows your in-house experts to focus on the bottom line of your business. You can handle the customer relationships utilizing the key metrics and predictive indicators by the outsourcing company.

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