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The Relevance of Outbound in Inbound Call Centre UK

Posted by Polash Borah
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The advent of the BPO industry and its popularization has familiarized the world with two terms ‘outbound’ and ‘inbound’. Both of them are integral to the various processes and functions within a business. Basically, both the terms are ambiguous in nature and as the terminologies suggest outbound is something that goes ‘Out’, for instance, an outbound call while the term ‘inbound’ is used to tag something that comes ‘In’ into a system, for example, an inbound message.

The specialization and specificity of both the terms are categorized by the ‘suffix’ term or the term that comes after these words. For instance, here in this article, we are going to discuss UK Inbound marketing which is a technique or method to draw and attract clients to products and services through content marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

Inbound marketing gives a business the ability to define and specifically target UK potential customers. With the appropriate and accurate research and targeting tactics, contents can be served to the right audience at the right time and on the right device. This attribute is the reason why a lot of marketers flock towards inbound marketing.

While inbound marketing can prove to be a potent growth promoter but many successful call centre outsourcing services providers suggest that businesses need to consolidate it with a sound outbound strategy to extract the maximum potential.

The following are the 3 Key Domains where a well laid-out Outbound Strategy can Complement a Business’s Inbound Campaigns.


1. Prospect Profiling

A proper prospect profiling is a major element for both inbound and outbound strategies. A simple interpretation of this necessity would be that, in order to make a sale a business needs to have an understanding of who they are selling to. The amalgamation of both inbound and outbound strategies into a two-pronged approach is characterized by an inherent division of labour between both the tactics.

The inbound efforts can generate content to target and attract a certain group of people interested in distinct areas on the website while the outbound efforts allow businesses to reach out directly to those people with a message specifically tailored to them.

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With the recent advancements in email automation and personalization, businesses can conduct surveys and use analytics to grasp how the prospects are engaging with the offerings, first hand. These strategies also allow the sales department to portray a clear picture of their target persona. This, in turn, provides more data on how to suitably modify the content so as to attract a more relevant audience on to the site.


2. Leverage One’s Content

A lot of outbound call centre services companies are of the opinion that one of the most basic reasons why an inbound strategy fails is because copywriters and marketers ignore what the end goal is i.e., to make sales. The main objectives of creating a content need to encompass the following components into its spine and these are: -

  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Inspire
  • Convince

Educational, entertaining and inspirational content resources can drive traffic to a site but it is equally important to persuade and convince people in order to convert the UK leads into customers and increase one’s ROI.

And it is widely observed that many b2b call centre outsourcing services companies prefer to use email over calls as it is the top lead and revenue generating channel. Using outbound email campaigns one can circulate contents in a greatly saturated marketplace and increase conversions from contents.


3. Increased Web Presence and Online Reach

Another good option to address the issue of content saturation and social media competition is to leverage other persons reach to increase one’s own.

It has been researched that the 70% of the millennial generation are influenced by referrals and recommendation of their peers. Also, influencers such as celebrity bloggers do play a major role in the branding of any product. Hence, reaching out to such channels and networks through the outbound campaigns can prove to be a big boost to the business.

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Inviting influential bloggers to write guest blogs and quotes for articles is another effective way to increase the number of website visitors.


A business can considerably fortify their growth through the judicious consolidation of both of their outbound and inbound strategies. The following points can illustrate how a business’s outbound efforts can complement their inbound campaigns.

  • Outbound campaigns can give a clear picture of the prospects and their engagement behaviours.
  • Outbound emails help circulate content to the right audience.
  • These email campaigns can also help recruit appropriate influencers to extend the reach.
  • It is vital in finding guest writing opportunities to increase thought leadership and enhance brand cognizance. 

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