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Role of Call Centre Outsourcing in the Growth of Business

Posted by Akash Jaiswal
Role of Call Centre Outsourcing in the Growth of Business

You must be looking for an outsourced call centre when your company is continuously growing. In this process, customers can contact you frequently as your company grows. Employing a call centre outsourcing is an ideal way to ensure the continuous growth of your company.

 A call centre outsourcing is a process where a company hires a third-party firm to manage its customer services. For example, the IT help desk, sales support, order management, technical support are the best services of call centres where you can use outsourcing.

Moreover, various call centres manage inbound, outbound, and automated services. But some businesses will require more of one service in comparison to others. It completely depends on their business model.

How Does Outsourcing Call Centre Service Work?

Call centre outsourcing services help your company to minimize costs while increasing profits, all while maintaining and frequently improving customer satisfaction.

The outsourcing solution you choose will be determined by the expectations, objectives, and goals of your company. Before you choose a service, assess your expectations and make sure you're working with an outsourcer who can meet your specific business needs.

Assume, you want to get rid of your entire customer service department at your company. To meet your workflow and SLA requirements, you should flexibly delegate customer calls.

Call Centre Outsourcing works best when it can be tailored to your specific requirements while adhering to the call centre trends that users have come to expect.

Benefits of Call Centre Outsourcing

There are numerous reasons why a company should consider outsourcing as an essential solution to handle their labour problems. By using outsourcing, a company can provide better services to its potential customers.

Companies can cut the cost of in-house operations by outsourcing specific functions and reallocating funds to areas like product development or marketing. Furthermore, by outsourcing to companies with specialized expertise, your company will be able to provide better service to its customers at a lower cost than in-house.

Here, we have summarized a list of a few major advantages of using the outsourced call centre. So, have a look at them!

1. Cost-Effectiveness:

According to the survey, by using call centre outsourcing you can save up to 50% cost. From minimizing operating costs that are associated with staffing to assisting small businesses in managing agents more effectively. It helps to provide more efficient yet cost-effective alternatives to user support software, equipment, and infrastructure.

Establishing a call centre necessitates significant investments in facilities, equipment, operations, and staffing. Outsourced call centres spread these costs across a large number of clients. They benefit from only paying for the services require on a transactional or per-hour basis. Agents can be "shared" by outsourcers with multiple clients. The "shared-agent" approach reduces idle time and can provide clients with a lower cost-per-call rate.

2. Flexibility and Scalability:

When call volume enhances, then customer expectations also enhance. In that case, call centres are getting busier. A third-party vendor has the experience and resources which are essential to meet your continuously changing needs. It includes 24 house services, off-hours service, or additional agents during peak times.

3. Gain Access to Latest Tools and Technologies:

In this era, 56% of call centres intend to invest in artificial intelligence (AI), 33% in process automation, and 31% use video chat. Outsourced call centres invest in a wide range of tools and software for data collection and analysis, quality assurance, customer service, and omnichannel customer support. They do this intending to fulfil various requirements of their clients. These tools are too expensive for an in-house call centre.

4. Better Customer Experience (CX):

Agents who are solely dedicated to answering calls provide better experiences. On the other hand, in-house call centre agents are frequently required to perform double duty with other critical functions.

Whereas, call centre outsourcing is dedicated to their work and employs agents who have been trained to handle any situation that may arise. In the call centre industry, their knowledge and skills enable them to provide first-rate service.

5. Specialized and Better Staff:

If you are running a successful call centre, then it requires proper knowledge about products and/or services and skills to take care of your customers. An experienced outsourced call centre provider can provide significant insights and tried-and-true tactics. Outsourced call centres can also often provide extras like bilingual support, which is tough to provide in-house.

6. Enhanced Quality Control and Monitoring:

A third-party call centre service has essential tools, processes, and teams if there is a need for call recording, review performance, and adjustment as per requirements. Their daily, weekly, and monthly reporting are usually in charge of ensuring quality at each stage.

7. 24x7 Service:

Every customer wishes they could pick up the phone, send an email, or enter a webchat session and speak with a live customer service representative at any time. However, most organizations do not have the resources to provide around-the-clock availability.

But, with call centres on both sides of the globe, outsourcers can provide service that "follows the sun"– and at a much lower cost than in-house.

Several Services of Outsourcing

No matter, you work in a small company or enterprise, you can easily scale by outsourcing services such as call centre services.

Here, we summarized a list of a few services that can be used in outsourcing. Have a look at them!

1. Inbound and Outbound Call Services:

You can include all types of customer service like inbound and outbound call centre service in outsourced call centres. A customer service that handles multiple channels communication methods by a contact centre, they are cable enough to fulfil all the customer’s requirements.

In this process, the workload can vary between inbound and outbound. So, in that case, you can choose to outsource either or both.

In an inbound call centre, agents typically focus on client service. Whereas, in an outbound call centre, agents typically focus on sales and achieve the practical targets in the same area.

2. Telemarketing:

Few companies have enough resources to run an effective telemarketing campaign. Call Centre Outsourcing can be the most cost-effective alternative if telemarketing is the ideal technique for your organization, especially if you have a significant call volume.

3. Lead Generation:

The main focus of lead generation is to create demands and generate customer interest. In this section, you must identify the most likely prospects for future purchases.

Following call patterns and collecting relevant sales call data and reporting makes it easier to generate demand. The right contact centre solution can assist you in tracking specific data, identifying keywords, and conducting sentiment analysis.

It will help you to identify the new customer’s needs and generate more targeted campaigns.

4. Technical Support:

Do you need to relieve your in-house staff of some of their responsibilities? Then, you can hire a company that specializes in support services to provide technical support. Because they already have all of the tools which are needed for the job. These experts are often able to answer questions more quickly.

3 Best Components that Help to Outsourced Call Centre

When you have decided to outsource your business function, then you can handle your call centre more easily. And, you can also take the complete benefits of the outsourcing process.

Here is a list of a few best components that help you to handle a new call centre.

Prioritize Technology

1. CRM

You can easily handle your call centre with the help of customer relationship management software (CRM). It permits your call agents to have a cleaner, more streamlined workflow

2. Monitoring of Performance:

You'll need a mechanism to ensure that quality is maintained. And the approach for sales or customer support is consistent from agent-to-agent when you provide services off-site.

3. A Communication Solution:

A well-maintained, seamless, and efficient communication solution will ensure that your personnel is appropriately equipped. And they are also trained for the job at hand while also effectively resolving client complaints.

Of course, any old phone system or solution that allows agents to receive calls and reply to online requests or questions would suffice. However, this is merely the bare minimum. A genuinely efficient communication system will allow you to centralize all of these channels in one place. It assists with coaching and training, lower operating costs, and much more.

Your company will be more responsive to change if you can add and remove agents from a contact centre in seconds rather than days or weeks.

All Procedures and Workflows Should Be Depicted:

Regardless of the service your contact centre provides, it is critical to stay organized when handling a large number of calls and messages.

Assist your agents in structuring their processes so that errors are kept to a minimum and updates can be added quickly.

Keep the Most Critical Issues In-House:

Finally, call centre outsourcing will free up your time and resources so you can focus on the most important issues and opportunities—but only if you use a call centre solution that is suited to your new business model.

For example, You may provide primary support from your home hub while delegating more basic or common inquiries to overseas facilities.

You can personalize the process by directing which calls are assigned to which agents using call routing.

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Call Centre Outsourcing plays an essential role in the growth of the business. It provides various services to its potential customers. Outsourcing is less expensive in comparison to in-house processes. They offer 24x7 service which is very helpful for the customers.

Before, starting a call centre service, you should have complete knowledge about its best components, team structure, and all the services. A complete knowledge helps to enhance the company’s revenue. And also helps in generating qualified leads.

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